Well, after many days of toil, I finally finished my first commission.  As many of you know, I don’t really accept commissions.  For many reasons, the first and most important is that it takes away from my own time painting, and the second is that because there is such a low barrier to entry into doing ‘commissions’ the fees the market has come to expect is well and truly below my opportunity cost.  Both personally and professionally.  However on this particular occasion both of these criteria were met and exceeded.

I’ve always had a fondness for Epic scale armies. However ever since Games Workshop abandoned the system some 10 years ago (has it been that long!?!) the support for the models and rules has not been there.  While Games Workshop and Forge World have come ahead leaps and bounds (especially Forge World) in terms of model design, sadly the old epic range hasn’t kept up.  Until now.

All I can say now is that this army has really re-kindled my interest in this scale of modelling and wargaming.  Specifically 30k era gaming.  I’m really excited to get my hands on some 30k models in this scale and recount the battles on Istvaan III and then Istvaan V.  Epic in more ways than one.

As I mentioned in my previous post, the owner of this army wishes to remain anonymous,  however if you’d like to be put in contact with him, contact me via my Facebook page.  I’ll forward you his details and maybe he’ll share with you where he sources this magnificent models.

Speaking of, BEHOLD!


Alpha Legion Allied Detachment


Hell Blade Chaos Fight Squadron


Legio Mortis Warhound Pack


Renegade Death Strike Missile Battery


Renegade Hydra Flakk Tank Battery


Renegade Malcador Defender Squadron


Renegade Malcador Tank Squadron


Renegade Mechanised Infantry Company


Renegade Minotaur Artillery Tank Squadron (front & back)


Renegade Objective Markers


Renegade Ogryn Berserker Unit


A selection of Renegade tanks and infantry for scale


Well thats it for now folks.  Its been a really privilege to paint his army.  Thoroughly enjoyed it form start to finish.  The standard of these models is exceptional and will stand up to the most rigorous scrutiny.

I’ll be returning to uni on 02 March.  Between now and then I’m aiming to do a little bit more painting.  With any luck there’ll be one or two more posts in me before then.

Thanks for dropping in.

Questions and comments welcome.

See you next time,




Hey there,

It’s been a while since my last proper post, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about painting.  I’ve been doing a little here and there, however its been sporadic and not as focused as I like it to be.  This has been largely due to my studies.  The good news is schools out for the year!  The bad news is I won’t be able to much painting between now and new year.  Got a bit on, including a trip to New York City and Washington DC over the Christmas period.  Really looking forward to that.  BTW, if any of my readers know some cool shops I should check out hobbywise, even plastic kits etc, please word me up.  We’re staying just near time square and will travel for awesomeness!

As many of you know, I don’t do commissions.  I tend to find the opportunity cost too great.  It takes away from my own painting time too much.  However I got a very interesting request recently that I couldn’t resist.  To paint a Net Epic Renegade Guard army, with some Titans and Alpha Legion marines.  I won’t go into the background of Net Epic, but suffice to say, Epic (Space Marine, Adeptus Titanicus, et al) used to be one of the raddest games that GW ever produced.  It was in 6mm scale, and you could wage war on a scale that was commensurate with the 41st millennium.  Then GW ballsed it up and decided to discontinue it.  However, some passionate gamers picked up the system and improved it, developed more rules and army lists for it and published it for free on the internet.  Nice.

I’ve always really liked the system.  My first exposure to it was via Space Marine, and who could forget the evocative box art.  Totally amazingEESpaceMarine1991

Then of course, GW produced some expansions for it.  The one I most fondly remember was ‘Renegades’  It had that totally insane World Eater on the front cover.  It also had one of the first coherent explanations of the confrontation between Horus and The Emperor during the Horus Heresy.  Truly amazing stuff.picRenegades__Eldar_and_Chaos_Armies_for_Space_Marine

And of course that now (in)famous picture that accompanied the story describing the Emperor teleporting onto Horus’s Battle Barge at the siege of Terra during the climax of the Horus Heresy.

bw-horus-live (1)

Just sit back and take that amazing picture in.  Truly from the ‘halcyon’ days of GW

Anyway, enough of a trip down memory lane.  Suffice to say, when I was approached to paint this army, I was pretty keen.  I’ve actually painted a few 30k World Eaters in 6mm scale and really enjoyed it.  So to share with everyone this really interesting, revived gaming system and range of models, I’ve decided to document it for you all.

Here goes

IMG_4080 IMG_4082_2

These represent objects I believe.  IMG_4083

Yes, you can believe your eyes, a 40k scale Warhound Titan, in 6mm scale, complete with interior detail.  IMG_4086 IMG_4087 IMG_4088

Look familiar?IMG_4091_2 IMG_4092 IMG_4093 IMG_4094

As you can see, tanks feature heavily in this scale…. The level of detail on these models is truly astonishing.  IMG_4095 IMG_4096 IMG_4099

Now getting down to business.  It’s actually been fun working with models made out of white metal again.  There is something peculiarly satisfying about holding a metal miniature.  IMG_4102

All prepared for painting.  IMG_4104

Some of the tanks require minor assembly.  I’ve used a 2-part expoxy resin, held in place with clamps while setting. IMG_4105 IMG_4106 IMG_4107 IMG_4109The infantry.

Well, thats it for now.  It’s late and I’m tired.  The owner of the army wishes to remain anonymous.  If you want to know where there minis were source, send me a message via my Facebook page.  I’m really excited about this army and can’t wait to start getting some paint on it.  By the way, thanks to everyone who inquired about my armies and titans I had up for sale.  They’ve all gone to a new home and are being well and truly enjoyed.

Until next time!  Bye for now


Hey Everyone,

Bet you weren’t expecting that!  Well, I’m moving house soon and re-assessing what I need and don’t need.  Although collecting these armies has been a real joy, its time to give them their marching orders and assign the to a new posting.  My plan is to put them on eBay, however a friend of mine suggest (very thoughtfully) to put them on my page first incase someone wants to buy either all of the Iron Hands, Titans or Guard.  You see, if I put them on eBay, I’ll be breaking them up.  The post code that they’ll be sent from is 4067, Australia.

So, whats on offer I hear you ask.  I’ll start with the easy one.  The Titans.

You get the Reaver and two Warhounds pictured.  If you want to see them being assembled and painted, click here and here. These Titans have been featured on Forge Worlds Facebook page (when it existed), in two magazines (national and international) that I know of and the Reaver and the Warhounds have also won awards in few painting competitions (local and state).  The internals of the Reaver and one of the Warhounds is painted too.

They’re pretty heavy and big, so if you live overseas, be prepared for a pretty hefty postage cost.  However if you’re game, so am I.

Please note that only offers over $2,000+P&H will be considered.  Expressions of interested can be made by messaging me though my Facebook page – click here

IMG_2635 Forge World Reaver Titan 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext up is the Iron Hands

It is important to note that if you buy this army complete, it’ll come with Battle Foam trays that suits everything listed below.  If you want to see this army being assembled and painted, click here and here

Heres what you get

  • 1 x Iron Father (GW metal Techmarine, the one without a helmet only available through the online store)
  • 1 x Tech Marine (modern one with the large servo arm contraception on his back)
  • 1 x Librarian in Power Armour with force sword
  • 4 x Tactical Squad – these all come with either a Drop Pod or Rhino (the Rhino has removable top doors to accept a Razorback turret) – The heavy weapon in the squad is magnatised and will take either a Multimelta or Missile Launcher, the special weapon is magnatised and will take either a meltagun or flamer
  • 1 x 10 man Devastator Squad – all with magnatised missile launchers
  • 1 x 10 man Assault Squad with jump packs – various Sergeant arm weapon options are magnatised
  • 5 x 5 man Terminator Squads – they all have their arms magnatised and come with thunder hammer and storm shields. The other magnatised arms allow for the usual storm bolter/power fist combo with cyclone missile launcher, heavy flamer and assualt cannon options too.  There are a few chain fists in there also.  Finally, there are enough lightening claws to make up two squads.
  • 1 x Vindicator
  • 3 x Landspeeder – these have all, yes all, weapon combinations magnitised.
  • 1 x Landraider redeemer
  • 4 x Dreadnoughts – all have magnatised standard armaments that come with the kit (twin lascannons, assault cannon, missile launcher and powerfist) and also a magnatised multimelta (from forge world)
  • 5 x Iron Clad Dreadnoughts – again, all weapon options, including hunter killer missiles, are magnatised
  • 1 x Forge World Iron clad with power fists (I used to use this a proxy for Bray arth’ ashmantle)
  • 6, yes 6 x Forge World Dreadnought Drop Pods – The Lucius Pattern ones.
  • 2 x Forge World Deathstorm drop pods (missile launcher variant)
  • 1 x Forge World Storm Eagle
  • Lots of random bits, including about 2-3 parks of the GW Iron Hands upgrade kits in white metal and just general random marine parts, some Forge World dreadnought twin autocannon arms and razor back turrets (all unpainted of course)
  • Enough Battle Foam trays to fit all this in

Please note that only offers over $3,200+P&H will be considered.  Expressions of interested can be made by messaging me though my Facebook page – click here

Iron Hands Stome Eagle 4 Iron Hands Stome Eagle 1

Last but not least, the Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum)

Those of you who have been following me for some time know how massive this force is.  It’s gigantic.  Again, everything listed comes with enough Battle Foam trays to fit it all in.  Click here to see details of it being built.   Here goes…

Please note that only offers over $5,500+P&H will be considered.  Expressions of interested can be made by messaging me though my Facebook page – click here

  • Please note, that ALL, yes ALL the infantry listed below have the Forge World Respirator upgarde kit attached (helmet and back pack upgrade)  ALL OF THEM….
  • 2 x Company Command squads with custom master of ordnance, fleet and astropath plus 2 x melta guns in each squad
  • 3 x wounded guardsman objectives
  • 3 x Ministorum Priests (with Eviscerator)
  • 3 x Commissar’s
  • 9 x 10 man Infantry Squads (two squads have radios and the sergeants have power weapons)
  • 3 x Platoon HQ’s – each has a radio operator
  • 3 x Mortar squads (thats 9 bases of mortars)
  • 3 x Heavy Bolter Squads (thats 9 bases of heavy bolters)
  • 3 x Missile Launcher Squads (thats 9 bases of missile launchers)
  • 1 x Auto Cannon Squad (3 bases of auto cannons)
  • 3 x Special Weapon squads with Sniper Rifles (18 guys in total) – think sniper sections
  • 3 X Special Weapon squads with flamers and demo charges (18 guys in total) – think assault pioneers
  • 10 x Armoured Sentinel’s with Auto Cannons (yep, 10)
  • 7 x Leman Russ – All have magnatised sponsons and weapons
  • 3 x Leman Russ vanquishers – All have magnatised sponsons and weapons
  • 4 x Valkyrie/Vendetta – All have the Forge World Vendetta upgrade kits that are magnatised and the standard Valkyrie weapon load out magnatised
  • 1 x Baneblade super heavy tank
  • 1 x Forge World Macharius Vanquisher – this tank also comes with the turret that makes up the Vulcan variant
  • 1 x Chimera
  • 3 x Chimera (part painted)
  • 1 x Forge World Medusa (part painted)
  • 1 x Forge World Manticore (part painted)
  • 9 x Forge World Guard with melta guns (unpainted)
  • 1 x Lord Castallan Creed (unpainted)
  • 1 x Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken (unpainted)
  • 1 x Vindicare Assassin (unpainted)

IMG_2038IMG_0525 IMG_0806 IMG_0812 IMG_1123 IMG_1140 IMG_1147 IMG_0988 IMG_0994 IMG_1987 IMG_1990Now, as I mentioned, if you’re keen, message me though my Facebook page – click here

I accept that the market for these armies is pretty small at these price points, however it would be nice to sell them whole, rather than breaking them up on eBay.  Hence this is my first port of call.  They all represent excellent value for money, as I’m only looking to recover the cost of the models, no time allowed for painting.  Also, please share this post on whatever other pages you visit.  Like I said, it’d really like these armies to go whole.

On a different topic, I have been painting.  Lots and lots of World Eaters as a matter of fact.  So hopefully you’ll see some posts on them soon.  However with Uni, moving house and end of semester exams (plus a trip to New York for a month at the end of the year coming up) I’m pretty flat strap.

Thanks for dropping in,

John Sutton.

Hello everyone!


Its been a while I know.  Doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking of you though.  Things have been pretty hectic to be honest.  Lots of commitments, namely family and study.  However that doesn’t mean I’ve not been doing anything.  I’ve got a few projects on the boil at the moment painting and hobby wise (more on that later).  However my World Eaters are still my focus.  Since completing the units you’re about to look at a few weeks ago, I’ve had a few games and have really enjoyed myself.  In fact, having a few games really re-inspired me.  I’m still focused on getting a pretty large infantry based World Eaters army together.  It just takes a lot of time, preparing, assembling and painting all those infantry.  You’ll be happy to hear that I can now quite comfortably field a 2,500pt force.  I’ve just today began preparing the third tranche of World Eaters.  More infantry and a Typhon…  With any luck you’ll see that sooner rather than later.  This is because I am aiming to play in a 30k tournament here in Brisbane in October and I’d really like to take a tone of infantry.  It seems the way to use the World Eaters… so much so they even have a Rite of War: Berserker Assault dedicated to the idea.


So, what do we have here in today post?

First up is a loyalist World Eater – Centurion Shabran Darr.

He’s based off of the Flesh Tears Gabriel Seth model.  I just did a few minor conversions to fit Darr’s description a little better.  Originally I really liked the head that came with Seth, however after painting it, I was pretty unimpressed with its lack of expression.  I added the butchers nails to his cranium.  
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Next up is our friendly neighbourhood Master of Signal (Centurion w/consul upgrade).  I like this guy, both in game and model terms.  Firstly, I like the D3 templates he can drop on marines heads.  Nice.  Plus, the model is pretty cool and reminds me of a Rogue Trader era model from WAY back in the day.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA These guys are just a must have for your Legion Tactical Squad.  What more can I say.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I don’t really know what I was thinking when I painted or even thought up the idea to have these fools in my army.  Oh well, they’re done now.  Legion Tactical Support Squad.  Plasma guns are cool though.  Hoses squads of marines.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Last but not lease, the work horses of the Legion, the Legion Tactical Squad.  I aim to have three squads of 20 of these guys for the World Eaters.  They’re just so versatile.  Plus they look legit on the table.  Nothing says ‘get off the table’ like 20 marines unleashing fury of the legion on a prone foe.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWell my friends, thats it for now.  I’ll leave you with a little sneak peak on a small side project I’ve got going on… I’ll do a more thorough post on it in the future, but for now….




Well everybody, thank you for your votes.  Its been a very interesting competition to be honest, however from the very beginning there has been one army which lead almost the entire way.  On a personal note, I’m very pleased with the result of the peoples choice award. I think this army not only is painted to a very high standard, but it also captures and typifies the character of a Legiones Astartes force at this points cost in the 30k universe.

Although I’m not going to reveal the full results of the poll, I will make a few comments.  Firstly, the winning army lead from the very beginning and ultimately received 32% of all the votes cast (well into 3 figures too)  There was only one other serious contender to the winner and they received 24% of the total votes cast.  The result fell away dramatically from there with all the other armies only getting a small fraction of the remaining votes spread more or less evenly amongst them.

So, as voted by you, the winner is…

Army #4 – Loyalist Imperial Fists.  Here are a few more pictures of the army for everyone to enjoy.

Army 4a2 Army 41 Winner34 Winner55 Winner76



Please feel free to leave a comment congratulating the owner of this army for his fine effort and also winning a FREE ticket to the next Emperors Legions event.

As for the next event, I did mention that I many announce the date for the next one.  However I’m still working a few details out so I can not make that announcement at this stage.  Organising tournaments is a massive job!

Thanks for dropping in



Hello everyone!

Its been ages since my last post and I’ve been anxiously wanting to put this post up for some time.  However due to life etc I’ve not had the time.

Let me assure you, it’ll be well worth your wait.  You’re all in for a very special treat today, the wash up of my 30k Horus Heresy comp that I ran at the beginning of March.  The Emperors Legions.

So a little bit of back ground.  I’ve wanted to run a comp for quite some time, however for many reasons I haven’t.  Mostly due to terrain.  Also, the main reason is I want to run an event.  As some of you reading this know, I’ve been playing 40k since 1st ed, waaaaayyyy back in the late 80’s, early 90’s.  Let me assure you when I say I’ve been to my fair share of comps.  I’ve seen it all, ‘con’ style comps, shop comps, stand alone comps, the list goes one.  Well one runs, and one that had plenty of room for improvement.

The one thing that I’ve always wanted though, is for a comp that also includes the hobby and fluff side of what we do.  Also one that caters for just guys wanting to get together and just enjoy the hobby, meeting new players and enjoying themselves.  The ‘comp’ side of things is really just an after thought.  I wanted the event to be really high quality.  An event where the scenery was 1st class, same with the venue, everyones armies were well painted and effort had been put into creating them.  I also wanted to create a bit of back ground to the event too and the games that would be fought.  ‘Forging a narrative’ if you will…

So thats what I did.  It took a lot of effort, let me tell you.  But the first time you try something new it generally does.

The basic format of the event that I programmed was

Two teams (traitors v loyalists), 5, 1000pt games of 30k.  2 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon.  The event was held in a hotel on the south side of Brisbane, the event was fully catered, with lots of prizes (I’ll get to that later) and at the end of the games, there was a 30k triva night.

The first step I took was set up a website for the event.  This doubled as the ticket purchasing portal, terrain brief host (more on that later) and registration and players pack location.  I did this because of my aim to make this event to distinguish it from other competition style tournaments available.  It was a massive learning experience making it, and in the unlikely event that Jen is reading this, thanks again for showing me the ropes on doing this.

My next thank you goes to the 10 brave and courageous  souls that parted with $139AUD of their hard earned to come along to a wargaming event format that had never been tried or tested before (that I’m aware of anyway).

Thanks guys, it was very humbling that you all had that belief in me and without your support the day would never have happened.  Below is a pic of those handsome devils who came along and from all accounts, had a great day.


As a thank you to everyone that came, I made (free of charge) a set of 30k Objective markers that were exclusive to the event.

Something that I wanted to try out for the attendees was to actually send them terrain briefs on the tables they’d be playing on.  I thought this would be an interesting twist on the usual format and also enabled me to incorporate rules that you wouldn’t normally see in a game (especially a tournament) due to the players just not having time to consider them before their game.  This just meant that the attendees would have exposure to more scope in the nature of the terrain they’d be playing over, rather than just the usual ruins, or hills and craters etc.  Yes its more complicated, however they had the time to consider how their army would best perform over the terrain etc.

For the five weeks leading upto the event, each Monday the attendees received an email with a link to the next terrain brief.  Below are the 5 tables that got used, along with a (now declassified) link to the brief.


Table # 1 Industrial Sector #8

Table 11

Table #2 Industrial Sector #2Table 22


Table #3 Abandoned Adeptus Mechanicus Research Station 
Table 33

Table #4 Adeptus Mechanicus Underground LaboratoryTable 44

Table #5 Air Strip OneTable 55


The big day arrives.  I’m as nervous as ten nervous things.  So below are some photos of the set up and the play.

photo 106

The medals for ‘Lord of War'(Overall first place), ‘Magos Reductor’ (Best Painted Army), ‘High Remembrancer’ (Best Army List Presentation) and ‘The Mournival’ (The winning team of the trivia comp)photo 207

The calm before the stomp.  All the tables and admin areas set up and ready to go
photo 308 photo 409 photo 510

Play under wayphoto 611

At the last minute I also had (donated) the five etched glass mugs that went to the winning team.  They were kindly donated by Dragonfly Engravingphoto 712

Ok, so the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  The pics of the day.  Brace yourselves.

Gaming 501 Gaming 813 Gaming 914 Gaming 1010 Gaming 1111 Gaming 1212 Gaming41 Gaming102 Gaming203Gaming304

In case you cant tell the calibre of the armies present was exceptional.  The best I’ve ever scene at a tournament actually.  Here are the photos of each army, plus your opportunity to cast your ‘peoples choice’ vote

Army #1 – Traitor Mechanicus

Army 101

Army #2 – Loyalist Blood Angels Army 202

Army #3 – Traitor Death Guard
Army 303

Army #4 – Loyalist Imperial Fists

Army 4a05

Army #5 – Traitor Sons of Horus Army 506

Army #6 – Loyalist Iron HandsArmy 607

Army #7 – Loyalist Dark Angels
Army 708

Army #8 – Traitor Emperors Children Army 809

Army #9 – Loyalist Mechanicus Michael Keep army small15

You’ll notice that the 10th army is missing.  Thats because at the last minute I had a cancellation.  In the spirit of the event thought, the attendee who canceled donated their ticked.  Big respect to John M.   So the 10th player got to use my World Eaters.  You’ve all seen enough pics of them so I’ve spared you more…

Have you’re say on who you think has the best painted army.  I’ll announce the winner of the pole on Monday the 14th of April. The owner of the army will be notified and they’ll receive their next ticket to The Emperors Legions FREE.  So get voting!

So overall, the day was a huge success and everyone had a great time.  One or two players may have over indulged at the bar after the event (Danny I’m looking at you) however everyone had a great time and lots of good times were had.

So the results!

The Lord of War – M. Keep (Loyalist Mechanicus) – taking home a badass Fell Blade kit

Magos Reductor – M. Cantrell (Loyalist Imperial Fists) – taking home a Spartan kit

High Remembrancer – T. Coupland (Traitor Mechanicus) – taking home a Sicaran battle tank kit

The Mournival – The Loyalists – all taking home the Legion Praetors models

Battle competition winners  (hadn’t thought of a cool name) – The Traitors


Where to from now?  Well I plan on running this event again.  Not sure when though.  The format next time will be a doubles event with two teams of six players, two players to a team.  Three games and 2500pts over one or two FOC’s.  I may announce the date of the next event when I announce the winner of the peoples choice prize.

Well thats it folks, hope you’ve made it this far.  Thanks for dropping in.  It’s always a pleasure.

John Sutton

Well folks,

Here it is.  The last piece of scenery I’ll be building for some time.  So with out any further ado, behold!

Air Strip One -1

Air Strip One -2

Air Strip One -3

Air Strip One -4

Air Strip One -5

Air Strip One -6

Air Strip One -7

Table 5

So this board will be one of the table being used during the tournament I’m running.  For those of you that are interested, I’ve added a how to get to the venue page on the tournament website.  It’d be great to see a few of you come along.  You’re bound to see some pretty amazing armies.  If you can’t fear not!  I’ll be taking lots of photos and making a post on this blog about it in the following weeks.

Thanks for dropping in