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So, I finally did it, I went and brought a display cabinet for my 40k Armies yesterday.  I did quite a lot of research on what was the best choice, best value for money option, and after many months (seriously) I brought a 1800 x 900 x 450 commercial 6mm toughened glass display cabinet.  I got it from the very helpful guys are Absoe Business Equipment in West End, and it set me back $750.  It was unassembled and I had to use my Ute to get it home from (about 10 min drive from where I live)  It came in two packages and the largest one weighed about 100kgs… so yeah, it was a bit of a struggle getting it off the Ute by myself, but I managed and then set about assembling it.  Being commercial quality its built to last (a key reason why I chose it) all the fittings are robust and the base is seriously strong, with 4 castors on it too so it can be pushed around if I decided to relocate it.  The glass doors slide on ball bearing runners and also are lockable too.  So lets look at the pictures shall we?


The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comAll my models (less unpainted, which isnt many) fit only just, don’t know how many it is or how many points it all add up to, but its a lot.  Maybe someone could work it out if you get bored?

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Forge World Titans via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe God Machines.  You many not be aware, but where I live we’ve been getting some pretty extreme weather lately and as a result the Reavers Melta Cannon fell off.  I haven’t reattached it yet as I’m considering getting another Turbo Laser Blaster  for it.

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Imperial Guard 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comSo we have here most of Support Company (Snipers, DFSW, Anti-Armour & Mortars) Accompanied by a Leman Russ Tank Company, Baneblade and Macharius (I have both Turrets)

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Imperial Guard 2 via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe Light Infantry Company with Vendettas and the rest of Support Company (Recon & Pioneers)

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Carcharodons via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe good old Carcharodons

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Iron Hands 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comIron Hands with Drop Pods and Rhinos

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Iron Hands 2 via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe dreaded Hextad of The Ancients Apoc Formation, along with Landspeeders and Terminators (Who I use in Apoc as the Death-knell formation) and some Legion of the Damned

So thats it, man cave review done.  I’m pretty happy to see all the models all on display at one place at one time.

As an aside, I’ve been working on the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape boards over the past few days, so with any luck I should have an update on them shortly.

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Hello everyone,

As many of you know, FW recently released the 1st book in the Horus Heresy series : Betrayal. Like many, it’s really captured my imagination and the models that FW have released to date are nothing short of exceptional. Aside from the models the actual book has really raised the bar on so many levels for a FW publication. It’s well written, thorough, beautifully presented and the accompanying stand alone rules set and campaign are nothing short of amazing.

Over the past few months I have been steadily reading through this epic tome and every time I’ve found myself thinking of what I could paint next. World Eaters seems interesting with their amazing Primarch model or do I do a Death Guard army? But one thing keeps bothering me and has done for some time. I have these really great looking Imperial Armies that I’ve been collecting for several years now, however I don’t really have a gaming table that is up to the standard that they are painted to.

I have to admit, the thought of building and painting a gaming table isn’t a new one to me. However painting other armies and models has just been a higher priority. Additionally, the table that I’ve always wanted to create has been difficult for me to visualise and justify the cost, let alone the complexity involved in creating it. The table that I’ve always wanted to do is a ruined Imperial city. But done properly, not just a bunch of disparate ruined buildings chucked onto a 6″x4″ board with a few craters and other debris thrown on for effect. I wanted my board to have city streets, cat walks, ruined buildings and even city precincts. The thought of creating this had been quite overwhelming. Until recently.

As some of you know, my armies on parade entry featured a FW board section. I was thoroughly impressed with this section. It had great levels of detail and could provide some great narrative opportunities if I wanted to incorporate it into a regular game. So I knew that the FW gaming board sections were good quality and had many opportunities for gaming with. Then when I saw the newly released realm of battle cityscape sectors I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of some of the possibilities that were available, but still the thought of painting another army was strong.

What I really like about the board sections is that they have “foundations” for you to put your own buildings on and also feature streets etc to give the boards context when arranged together. In addition to that, each board is a mini precinct within itself. So arranged together they can tell an interesting narrative.

So after a lot if thinking and consideration, looking up reference material online and drawing inspiration from some of the amazing cities created in the 6th ed rule book I went online and ordered 2 of the 4 tile packs and a few boxes of the GW ruined imperial sectors that have become available again. Fortunately for me I used mostly price money to buy the plastic GW kits.



With any luck the boards will arrive before Xmas however I’m not holding my breath, I can imagine that is a pretty busy time of year for FW.

My plan is to create 2 x 4″x4″ city boards for smaller games and one themed 6″x4″ board for larger battles and obviously a 8″x4″ board for something a bit different.

I’ve got some really good ideas on how I’m going to approach this, with a massive cathedral and city square as the feature of the the 6″x4″ board, with a commerce district and small manufacturing precinct featured also.

I can’t wait to get started on this project and wish the board sections had arrived already so I can start building! This is going to be an interesting modelling project and I feel it’s really going to stretch me as a modeller which I’m looking forward to. Plus it’ll be great to finally have a great looking gaming table to play on with my armies and some of the amazingly painted armies my mates have.

Ok, that’s me for now. Thanks for dropping in


Reaver Titan WIP

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Titans
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Hello everyone,

Its been a long weekend here and I’ve spent the last two days working on the Titan. I wanted to get as much as I can in this weekend, as next weekend I’m moving house and I still don’t know if I’ll be able to do as much painting as I’d like to in the new place as its not as big as my current one. Whatever, so I hit it pretty hard this weekend and made a pretty big dent in it until I ran out of Iayden Darksun and tried to get the new GW substitute and its a very poor match, so I’ve had to use the bro network to try and find a replacement, and until it arrives, there will be no more painting. Sad face.

As I spent most of Sunday (8am til about 11pm) painting and building, and most of Monday morning working on the Reaver, this is going to be a pretty big post, so go grab a coffee or something….

Ok to the pics!

First up I had to get the interior finished before I could move onto any other area of the build. The interior of this kit is pretty amazing, so much detail. Sadly though, a lot of it is obscured from view. However its still important to me that attention is paid to it as its worth doing. So I began with under coating all the areas that were going to form the interior structure of the kit (previous post)

Then I started adding weathering to the kit. As most of these machines are ancient (particularly from this legion) I went pretty heavy on the weathering techniques.

Next was assembling the body of the Reaver. This was going to be a massive job that needed to be done right. So I used a lot of clamps and drilling holes in the parts for the glue to grab. Note I used epoxy resin to glue this kit together, not super glue

To get the right bond with the parts for this build, I had to use clamps to hold the parts together while the resin was setting. This involved glueing one part together at a time. Very slow process, however it yields the best results as each part has been clamped together while the resin sets, creating a very firm bond.

Gluing the main bulkhead into the main body.

attaching the weapon system “controls” to the main body

attaching the reactor and other weapon control panel into place

Finally, adding the final part of the main body…

I think at this stage I’ll put this post up and have a part two cos this one is getting a bit out of hand and there is still a long way to go. In the next part I begin masking up all of the interior sections and then begin assembling the legs and begin painting. So until my next post, thanks for looking.

Comments welcome