Imperial Navy – Arvis Lighter & Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter

Posted: March 3, 2017 in Horus Heresy, Imperial Navy

Hello everyone,

It’s 5am here and I’m about to jump on a plane to head up to Cairns for the weekend for some gaming and hanging out with some friends.  Before I leave, I just wanted to a quick post on some new flyers I painted up recently.  The Arvis Lighter is possibly one of my favourite flyers (and even minis) in the FW range.  I really love is simple utility and lack of weapons.  It honest.  Now that you can take them as a transport option for a Solar Auxiliar army in 30k I expect to see quite a few more of them floating around.  This one I added a magnatised lascannon to it, for just a bit of offensive capability.



As you can see (like all of my flyers) I’ve replaced the GW/FW flight stand with some clear acrylic rod.  Why GW ever went with that bizarre-o flight stand they provide with their flyers is beyond me.  It lacks elegance, aesthetic and utility.  Every time I think about it (like now) I find myself subconsciously shaking my head.

The Imperial Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter.  What an impressive model.  I real modellers model actually.  So many cool little options and hidden details.  I can see why it was the subject of a diorama build in the Master Class book II.  Not only was it a please to build, but also to paint.  It also really packs a punch on the table too.





Ok, thats it for me.  I’ve got a plane to catch.

I’ve still got a few more posts up my sleeve, so stay tuned.

Take care, bye for now.


  1. Dang, it’s so good!

  2. Warburton says:

    Awesome work, I really love the Arvus lighter too (I must get one one day). I can’t get my head around aircraft in tabletop games though (which is part of the reason I just stuck with 2nd edition all these years, I guess!).

    • John says:

      You’ve actually inspired me to get back into 2nd ed. over the past 6-12 months I’ve been slowly gathering up the rules, minis etc to play 2nd ed once again. Bring back the good’ol days!

      • Warburton says:

        Really!? I’m honoured to have had such an influence. It’s great fun, and most games we play with my group are lots of fun and usually come to a close finish. We have streamlined some of the more complex rules though….

  3. Chema says:

    Great job as usual.
    Thanks for share!!

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