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Posted: March 10, 2013 in Necrons
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There, I said it!

I’ve been wanting do to some painting recently of anything other than Imperium, which I focus on quite heavily… as you can see from the extensive Imperial armies I’ve collected…  So yesterday while I was in my local GW store picking up something for my upcomming 30k World Eaters I grabbed a box of Necron Warriors and thought I’d give them a hit.

I’ve long wanted to paint some Necrons having seen some really interesting looking armies painted up over the years that really capture the idea of “undead” robot warriors in 40k.  Although I don’t play, and don’t ever intend on playing Warhammer Fantasy battle, if I ever did it would have been Undead (or whatever they call them now)  I just like the idea of reanimated skelletons coming for you.  It must be the impression that Jason and the Argonauts (1963 version with the superb stop animation of Ray Harryhausen) or the Evil Dead series of movies left on me when I was much younger.

Whatever the case, I got my undead robot warrior fix and painted this bad boy this morning.  It may be a test mini for a new army, or it might be me just getting something off my chest.  Whatever it is, hope you enjoy it.

Necron Warrior

Necron Warrior 2

Necron Warrior 3

Necron Warrior 4


I have to admit, I’m quite pleased with how the Necron Warrior has turned out.  I really wanted to capture the ancient feel of background the to this army, however I didn’t want to over do it either, especially in the “glowing” department.  I’ve got some good ideas for some of the Necron vehicles too, so who knows maybe we’ll see some more of these in the future.  I actually painted two Necron Warriors however I only photographed this one because well, after you’ve seen one Necron Warrior, you’ve seen them all.  The two didn’t take that long to paint either, it took me a little under 2hrs for the two of them but this didn’t included assembly.


Thanks for dropping in, until next time