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So a few days ago I stumbled across a new publisher called Pigeon Publishing.  They have just started what appears to be their first publication called “Figure Painter Magazine”  From their website they describe themselves as…

Figure Painter Magazine is a new independent magazine dedicated to sculpting, painting, displaying, collecting and gaming with miniature figures from all genre’s. The magazine will have details on new releases, reviews, interviews with the industries top painters and sculptors, show reports, tutorials and a user gallery so feel free to upload you miniature images for submission and the best new image each month will receive a free resin plinth courtesy of Model Display Products.”

I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with this magazine.  Not only is its production standard very high, but the content is first class too.  What I like about it the most is that it offers a very unbiased perspective on our hobby and thoroughly covers many of the aspects associated with the hobby too, from painting, to sculpting and also has ads from suppliers that you may not hear about unless you are a hardcore painter yourself.

I often find myself looking for interesting publications that will help me become a better quality painter and grow my skill set.  When I saw this one I immediately recognised its value.  So lets take a quick look at this 56 page maiden publication from Pigeon Publishing.


This is the cover art work which features a model painted by Polish painter Karol Rudyk, Golden Daemon & Slayer Sword winner amongst many other places at prestigious painting competitions.  There is also a very interesting interview with him as their feature article.  As the name of their interview series suggest, it offers some very interesting insights into how elite painters approach their subjects and some fascinating points of view on the hobby.  FPM 2

The contents page.  As you can see, the topics covered are diverse and stimulating.  Something for everyone.  FPM 3

The first issue also features a comprehensive 4 page review of the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game.  Although I have not played it myself, I know plenty of friends that are quite into it and this review certainly highlights why its become such a popular game so quickly.  FPM 4Another interesting article is a review of various modelling shows in the UK such as Salute, Forgeworld open day and various IPMS events.  I really like this as it offers readers the ability to see how other modelling enthusiasts do business.  I’m a really big believer in looking outside your chosen corner of modelling and seeing how others apply technics and achieve effects to give you a more rounded and balanced approach to modelling.  Articles like these give readers who may only paint figurines the opportunity to explore how say, WWI Bi-Plane modellers detail their planes wing rigging to achieve a realistic effect.  This technique may then be applied to figurines bringing a new technique and take the hobby to a new level.  It also exposes readers to events that they may never have heard of before that they can visit.

So to wrap up, this is a great ePub (its only available for digital download) and the first issue is 1 British Pound ($1.66 AUD), its 56 pages of high quality content and deserves your support, so rock over to and grab a copy and head over to their Facebook page and throw them a like

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Hello everyone,

Two posts in one day! So today when I got home this was on my door step and my heart was filled with joy

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 1 via

So as you know, a few weeks ago I decided that my next project was to build a gaming table so that I’ve got some good quality scenery to play on, which hasn’t been a feature of my collection. So as you can imagine when I saw these babies on the door step I was pretty keen to open them up and have a close look at the boards.

First off, can I say that there were no breakages at all and all the sections were well packed, each section in its own individual box. I have to admit, my prior experience with a Forge World Realm of Battle board had raised my expectations high. What I enjoyed most about my first experience with their boards was the very high level of attention to detail. For example on my first board one of the emplacements had small tally marks scratch into the wall, and bits of war gear lying around too. Just little things that made painting the model a real pleasure.

So lets look at a few areas that I was particularly impressed with.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 2 via

Here we see a smashed Rapier Laser platform. This is featured on the Concourse Sector. The detail is clear and crisp.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 3 via

Another great feature hidden on one side of Generatorum sector.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 4 via

Again from Generatorum sector board. A simple, well executed feature. I’m looking forward to painting this part actually.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 5 via

What I really like about these boards is they are covered in details such as these. Small patches where their are pouches, empty magazines and other small bits of random objects scattered around.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 6 via

This shot is from the Shattered Plaza sector. I’ve already been looking at photos of old marble structures in Rome and Italy to draw inspiration from so I can get a quality painting result for these pieces. It appears that there is a plinth for a model to be mounted on adjacent to each Eagle head. Rather than put a marine or something like that there in a statue form, I’m thinking of putting some sort of Daemon, or Gargoyle there for effect, similar to architecture features found on many sandstone buildings around the world.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 7 via

This is a control panel across from the main foundation located on the Primus sector. It’s like the designer intended it to be the controls for some sort of generator or other such device situated on the foundation. It gives me a few ideas…

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 8 via

I’m sure many of you have noticed this feature on the Primus Sector board. I thought I’d put a close up of it because I really like it. It appears as if its been hit by an artillery round and the back half of the Rhino has been destroyed. Again, the surrounding area is festooned with all manner of random war gear.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 9 via

The reverse angle shot of the Rhino. Good stuff.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board 11 via

Now, its all not sweetness and light. I do have two criticisms of the Realm of Battle Cityscape board sections. The first one is that like the Realm of Battle Imperial Strong Point each board section isn’t exactly 2′ x 2′. Its a little bit less. Unlike the Games Worksop Realm of Battle board sections, which are made of injection moulded plastic and are exactly 2′ x 2′. Now don’t get me wrong, these are exceptional pieces of modelling, but it is a bit irritating knowing that they are about 3mm shy of 24″. This isnt a big deal when Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape board sections will only be aligned next to other Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape board sections. But it does cause problems when you try and match them upto GW sections, like you must with the Imperial Strong Point.

My other criticism is of the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza section. The raised platform is bowed. I suspect its because its such a large surface, but it means I’m going to have to do some sort of reinforcing underneath it so that it sits flat. I’ve been considering my options and one idea that has come to mind is actually getting some expandable foam and coating the inside with it. Its not going to be easy but it will mean that the sections will be very strong indeed, capable of withstanding being trodden on and remaining intact. Another thing I’m considering is magnetising the corners so there is some positive connection between the pieces when they are on the table set up. I’ll have to give it more thought.

So overall I am tremendously pleased with these new additions. When you consider that four sections cost +/-$430AUD V’s the GW Realm of Battle Boards that cost here in Australia $450 rrp, I know which one I’d purchase day in day out. Yes the GW product is a 6’x4′ table compared to the Forge World product which is 4′ x 4′, however the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape board sections are orders of magnitude more impressive no matter how you measure it. I’m anxious to begin painting these sections, and with the prize money I got from ADFWGA Championships on the weekend ($200!!!!), I purchased more Imperial Sectors from The Combat Company so I can get a good looking table happening.

I’m hoping to hit this project pretty hard over the xmas break, so there should be plenty of updates coming shortly.

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Hello everyone,

Today the newly released Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition arrived at my place.  I was pretty pumped to get it as its been a long time coming, since 6th Ed 40k came out, coupled with the age of a few of the other Imperial Armour publications available that have some pretty ancient rules, some of them dating back to 3rd Ed.  Can I say, this book doesn’t disappoint.

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume 1 Second Edition Cover

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition is divided into 9 sections.

  • Imperial Guard Armoured Vehicles
  • Imperial Guard Super-heavy Vehicles
  • Imperial Guard Artillery
  • Imperial Guard Support Vehicles
  • Munitions of the Imperium
  • Imperial Guard Armoured Battle Group List
  • Imperial Guard Tank Aces
  • Imperial Guard Camouflage & Vehicle Markings
  • Apocalypse Rules Appendix

First up is the Imperial Guard Armoured Vehicles.  This has all the usual vehicles you’d expect to see, and some that we haven’t heard of for some time.  So all of the Leman Russ Battle Tank variants are detailed, along with some fantastic background information and the usual high quality photoshopped pictures we’ve come to expect from Forge World publications.  There are also several pages dedicated to each Leman Russ variants paint schemes, which is a nice touch if you’re struggling to decided what you want your tanks to look like.

Some of the other, more obscure Imperial Guard tanks which have been brought up to speed is the Destroyer Tank Hunter, Centaur Carrier & Salamander recon tank.

Next up is the Super-heavy section.  There is nothing really new here if you’ve been getting the Imperial Armour – Apocalypse updates recently published.  However this does consolidate them all into one book and has some awesome reference material contained within.

The Imperial Guard Artillery section is interesting.  It has everything you’d expect to see such as the Ordnance Batteries (Basilisk, Griffon ect) however it also has the new Sabre Gun Platforms, Heavy Mortar & Quad launcher (the old Thud Gun).

I found the Imperial Guard Support Vehicles section full of some long forgotten vehicles and some updates on a few increasingly popular vehicles such as the Hades Breaching Drill.  I liked the new rules for the Atlas Recovery Tank & Trojan Support Vehicle.  The Atlas basically allows an Enginseer to do two repairs in a turn (with re-rolls) and the Trojan is a transport option for an Enginseer with his Servitor body guard.  It also gives one tank within proximity the Preferred Enemy (everyone) special rule.

Munitions of the Imperium is just a fluff section with some interesting cut away pictures of the different Battle Cannon rounds on offer.

Imperial Guard armoured Battle Group Army List.  Wow!  Its been too long that this Army List has been absent from 40k.  Its back, and back with a vengeance.  I don’t know were to start with this, as there is so much goodness in this army list its difficult to just start, but lets start at the top.  HQ.

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume 1 Second Edition Armoured Battle Group

There are several HQ choices available, depending on how you’d like to shape your army list.  So you can have a Leman Russ Battle Tank (of any variant) an Armoured Fist Company Commander, or a Salamander recon vehicle.  Some interesting features of this section include specific orders for the Leman Russ tank commander, and a new Warlord trait table too.  One other thing which is interesting is that you can give special ammunition to the Leman Russ tank commander.  Some of them are pretty nasty indeed…

The Elites section doesn’t have anything too new.  We have the Commissar Tank, Destroyer tank squadrons, but now you can have an Atlas, deep striking Storm Troopers (in a Chimera) and Tech-Priest.  A Tech-Priest, in a Trojan supported by an Atlas is a massive force multiplier and adds some serious survivability to your tanks.

Troops.  Yep, Leman Russ tank squadrons, and Siege tank squadrons can take and hold objectives now.  Try moving 3 Leman Russ’s off that objective…  Tough.  There are the usual Armoured Fist Squads and Veteran Armoured Fist squads, and interestingly the Sergeant can only take a Power Sword.  Chimeras get a good going over too.  You can now take Auto Cannons in the turrets or twin linked heavy bolters.  Ouch.

Fast attack is pretty straight forward, with Sentinels, Vendetta’s & Vultures at your disposal.  Only one squadron of the flyers is available though.  New additions to this section include the Tauros.

Finally Heavy support.  You get all the usual ordnance tanks, but now you can take Armoured Fist Heavy Weapons Squads mounted in a Chimera (missile launchers can take flak missiles)  There are also Cyclops available as well as the Thunderbolt, Lightning & Avenger.

Overall, this army list was worth the price of the book alone.  Its thorough, well laid out and caters for many different army builds depending on your collection or theme.  Being a pretty serious Imperial Guard player, I’m eager to roll out my tanks and kick some ass with them.  Nice.

The final three sections of Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition deals with getting the Tank Ace’s special characters brought into line with 6th Ed, along with the Apocalypse rule sections.  The Camouflage & Vehicle Markings section is a nice addition and similar to the one in the First Edition of this book.

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition is a great addition to your Imperial Armour library and well worth the investment.  If all I got out of it was the army list, I would have been happy, but the background material, pictures and reference material all make it a solid addition.

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John Sutton, Brisbane, Qld