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Posted: March 21, 2017 in Mechanicum

Welcome back!

Life has been super busy recently and I’ve not had the chance to post up some completed projects.  Currently, I’m sitting in a tax law lecture, so I thought: “what a great opportunity to do a post! #procrastination

These Vultarax are very impressive models.  Now that FW is using (presumably) CAD and 3D printing to design and prove its originals, the quality of the cast, and sophistication of the designs has increased exponentially.  The detail is smooth and crisp and the kits go together well – added bonus: the instructions make sense.  I wish I’d replaced the hokey flight stands with clear rod.  I’d run out by this stage though.  

The Mechanicum’s answer to a Landraider.  I magnetised the pintle weapon (shown).  I would have liked the tracks to be seperate to the hull.  I think if FW were willing, this could have been done and would have enhanced the model significantly.  However, I suspect that their experience with the Spartan and related hulls informed the decision to make these one mould with the hull.  

Mechanicum marsupials?  

Classic random Enginseer from the GW Imperial Guard range circa 3rd ed.  Just a lovely model, it’ll be some random magos.  Ok, I’d better concentrate now

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Hello everyone,

It’s 5am here and I’m about to jump on a plane to head up to Cairns for the weekend for some gaming and hanging out with some friends.  Before I leave, I just wanted to a quick post on some new flyers I painted up recently.  The Arvis Lighter is possibly one of my favourite flyers (and even minis) in the FW range.  I really love is simple utility and lack of weapons.  It honest.  Now that you can take them as a transport option for a Solar Auxiliar army in 30k I expect to see quite a few more of them floating around.  This one I added a magnatised lascannon to it, for just a bit of offensive capability.



As you can see (like all of my flyers) I’ve replaced the GW/FW flight stand with some clear acrylic rod.  Why GW ever went with that bizarre-o flight stand they provide with their flyers is beyond me.  It lacks elegance, aesthetic and utility.  Every time I think about it (like now) I find myself subconsciously shaking my head.

The Imperial Thunderbolt Heavy Fighter.  What an impressive model.  I real modellers model actually.  So many cool little options and hidden details.  I can see why it was the subject of a diorama build in the Master Class book II.  Not only was it a please to build, but also to paint.  It also really packs a punch on the table too.





Ok, thats it for me.  I’ve got a plane to catch.

I’ve still got a few more posts up my sleeve, so stay tuned.

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Welcome back,

So I know Betrayal at Calth (BaC) has been done to death on the interwebs, I will none-the-less make my somewhat belated contribution to this vast body of work.  Firstly, BaC represents a significant milestone for GW in terms of their approach to their business model and attitude towards their customers.  It has been well traversed elsewhere, however I will add this: I welcome this new direction enthusiastically as it represents a return to GWs roots.  Were it not for games such as HereQuest and Space Crusade, many of you reading this blog would not be here today.  In fact, this very blog would not exist.  These so-called gateway games are a fantastic way to bring in new gamers, and re-energise the existing (and somewhat jaded) fanbase.  Since getting my copy of BaC I have had many an enjoyable evening rolling some dice, drinking a few beers and eating pizza.

My progress on these minis has been very slow to date.  This is partly due to other painting priorities and life priorities.  I originally intended to fully magnatise the terminators so that they could take all of the weapon load-outs available on the spures.  I even purchased extra shoulder armour and decals to achieve this.  However after seeing the size of the job at hand, I decided to scale back my ambitions, get some runs on the board and just paint up a basic squad with bolters and power fists. I may return to the other selection of weapons and paint them up, however it’s not going to happen any time soon.

I went all out on the tactical squads for both the Word Bearers and Ultramaries, purchasing the Forgeworld torso, should and helmet upgrades respectively.  I’ve never really been a fan of the embossed shoulder armour produced by GW and later FW, however after adding them to the Iron Hands    I gained a new appreciation for the contribution these upgrades make to the aesthetic and theme of the models and indeed the army.  So I went all out on them.  The Ultramaries Tactical squad is next up, so with any luck I get them painted soon-ish.

In terms of painting these terminators, there is nothing revolutionary here, however I did paint hazard stripes on the power fists as a bit of a nod to the good’ol days of the 2nd ed visual story.





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Welcome back!

While I haven’t been posting for some time, I have been quite busy.  Lots of painting and terrain making.  Over the coming few days/weeks I’ll be posting up pictures of what I’ve been up to.  Generally speaking, its been a bit of 30k, and a bit of Epic.

This post is one I’ve been wanting to do for some time.  Seriously.  Ever since I saw the Ferrum Mori Death Head Titan Maniple in Book I of the Horus Heresy series, I knew I wanted one.


However doing one in 40k scale is seriously crazy (I did consider it at one stage though…).

Presently, I’m going through a big Epic Armageddon phase (as well as GW boxed games – GW, you’re doing it right).  So naturally, reproducing this Maniple in 6mm was not only more economical, but also more practical.  Now, I actually bought these Titans waaaay back in August 2015!  So that is how long they’ve been sitting around in various states of un-paintedness.  As some of you may know, I’m not one for having unpainted models just sitting around.  So it really has been bothering me.

Another reason I delayed getting this Maniple finished was I heard a rumour that a 6mm Warlord was getting produced….

Ok, so lets get to the pictures.



A nice family shot, don’t you think?

In the front row, we have (from the left) Warhound Sothis, Warhound Carrion Crow, and Warhound Blood Wolf.

In the second row, we have (from the left) Reaver Dread Wake, Reaver Myrmidon Rex, and Reaver Ferrum Mori.

In the third row, we have (from the left) Reaver Mortmain, Warlord Manus Mortis and finally, Reaver Hand of Ruin.

So a few close ups.


Ferrum Mori


Myrmidon Rex


Hand of Ruin 


Ferrum Mori




Detail shot of Mortmain’s carapace


And who could forget Manus Mortis…

I hope you enjoyed looking at this as much as I enjoyed painting them.

Expect to see a few more posts over the coming days.  You won’t be disappointed.

Please feel free to leave your comments/remarks.

Until next post, take care.


PS.  I’m running a 40k Epic Armageddon competition at BrisCon this year in April.  If you’d like to come, please drop by the BrisCon website, download the players pack and register.  It’s going to be an awesome event.

Hi everyone,

Well, here we are.  For many of your reading this, Space Crusade is ground zero for you, what some may call a “gateway game”.  It certainly was for me.  I remember playing this game until the small hours of the morning when I was in my early teens.  If Stephen, Michael, Graeme and Keith are reading this blog, I attribute my lifelong interest in wargaming to those evenings spent playing this game.

Over the years I’ve become somewhat of a collector of games and minis.  Espeically Rogue Trader and 2nd Ed 40k minis and source books.   Recently I was at a friends place who had a copy of Space Crusade floating around.  We decided dust it off and roll out a few games.  Even today, it’s actually a very playable game.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I thought it would be fun to get a copy (my original copy being lost to the dim, dark past)  I’m going to give it a paint job, using contemporary painting standards and techniques and I’m sure bust out a few games from time to time.

There are plenty of examples of this game for sale on eBay, however its hard to find a good one.  After a few weeks of monitoring auctions, I found a copy that looked in pretty good nick.  At the time, I felt I really took a bath bidding on the auction.   However once it arrived, I realised that I actually picked up a copy as what you may regard as in excellent condition.  It even had a brochure on other games that Milton Bradley made back in the 1990s.

Interestingly, and much to their credit, Games Workshop seem to be going back in this “gateway game” introduction philosophy.  That is, making stand alone boxed games that give new players a ‘peek’ into the 40k/30k universe.  These boxed sets providing new players with a foundation force should they decide to explore the hobby futher and take on the more detailed rules set that is 40k/30k.  It is pleasing to see, especially after some of GW’s misadventures over the past few years.  Getting into 40k for a new gamer would be a daunting prospect at best, whereas picking up a self contained boxed set, with a 40k lite rules set that is ready to go isn’t.

I have to admit, I’ve been playing a few games of Betrayal at Calth recently (I’m painting the minis, and have gone all out on them: subject of a future post).  I have really enjoyed the game play, the rule set being analoguous to 40k, however a lot easier to pick up and very manageable for new players, or veterans alike who just want a fun ‘beer and pizza’ game.  Whats more, if new players want to explore 40k after purchasing BaC, they have a solid starter force ready to go.   One final remark before I get back to the actaul topic of this post.  The game play of BaC.  I really like the “activation” style of game play, within a turn, rather than the strict turn style game play of 40k/30k.  Not only is an activaiton style more tactical (and realistic, within the confinds of a tabletop game), but it also is more interactive with your opponent and doesn’t lend itself to “alpha strike” armies that strict turn based games encourage.    Incidently, activation style game play is a feature of the Epic Armageddon system I’ve been playing a lot of too lately.

Back to the task at hand.  Space Crusade… what a cool idea.  Space Hulk lite, with all the cool baddies from the 41st millennium and three squads of tooled up space marines from popular chapters cruzing around a space hulk shotting them up!

Let’s take a closer look and refresh our memory at the awesomeness that is Space Crusade…

IMG_4197The box art.  Totally hilarious now, even comical.  The commanders face… reminiscent of the face of the Salamader Space marine on the cover of “Space Marine” (arguably the first 30k game, interestingly produced in epic scale).  Of course, the face of the Salamander on the box art, much like our man here, is irrefutably based on Al Picino’s character in the movie classic “Scarface” during that [in]famous scene “say hello to my little friend” as he fires a 40mm HEDP round from his under mounted M203 at a bunch “home invaders”  (respect to the castle doctrine).
IMG_4198Me and my buddies back in the day…  So wholesome, the looks of wraped enjoyment while ‘purging the alien’.  Space Marines: the defenders of homogeneity since 1986 (GW).
IMG_4199 IMG_4200 IMG_4201 IMG_4202The board sections, way a head of their time.  They’re showing their age a little now, but are still solid.
IMG_4203“Assembly Instructions” contained on the underside of the box lid.  Very helpful….
IMG_4233As apart of my re-boot of this game, I’m making some new bases for the models.  I’ll cast enough of these up for the entire set.  Just random bits of stuff from my bits box.  The bolter casings are from Secret Weapon.  Nice touch.
IMG_4234How far we’ve come.  Space Crusade Marine circa ’92.
IMG_4237Like I mentioned at the start of the post, the example I ended up winning at auction was so complete it even had this little pamphlet still in the box.  

IMG_4240Battle Plan: Don’t leave your boarding torpedo without one…. IMG_4241The custom dice, now a standard feature in all stand alone boxed sets.  IMG_4244Painting guides for your marines.  Pretty camp now, but mind blowing back in the day.
IMG_4245 IMG_4247 IMG_4248 IMG_4251Mike McVey blesses us with what used to pass for a painting guide.IMG_4197Well team, there you have it.  Don’t expect me to roll this one out at a great rate of knots.  It’s just a little project I’d like to keep going and drop a post on every now and again.

Now, I’d really like to hear about your Space Crusade story or, how you got into 40k/30k story.  So, if you’re reading this, drop a quick (or lenghtly) comment, I know I’d love to hear it, and I’m sure other readers would too.  So, don’t be shy.

Chat soon


Hi All,

So as promised (albeit a bit late) is the update to the Iron Hands army.  I was working on this addition a few weeks ago.  I’ve been meaning to get the photographed for some time, however time restrictions have meant that I’ve not been able to get to them until this morning.

So this tranche reinforcements consists mostly of characters and a few nice to have, but not urgent units.

We’ll start off with Forge World’s interpretation of the classic Rogue Trader era Land Raider, known now as the Land Raider Proteus.  What a great job (as usual) they’ve done.  Whilst Forge World haven’t gotten around to casting the tracks onto to the hull just yet, it’s still a great kit.  Brings back a lot of fond memories.  The plan with this vehicle is to transport the Tactical Support Squad I did with the plasma guns.  The idea is they jump out, hose something, and if they survive after that, then all good.  But hopefully in their suicide mission, they scrub out a difficult to kill infantry unit.


Next up is the Sicaran Venator.  I’m not 100% on what the meta is on these (I’ve not played 30k in quite a while), however they seem to produce a lot of bang for your buck.  You’ll notice a bit further down I’ve got a tank commander popping out of a hatch.  Thats meant to be Casterman Orth.  A nice force multiplier for the Venator.  IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4207

Casterman Orth.  Based on the Games Workshop model for Sergeant Antaro Chronus, featured in the Ultramarines codex.  I’ve modified it slightly, including Iron Hands shoulder pads, and replacing the bolt pistol with a power maul.  For the power maul, I ended up making the shaft out of brass rod, I feared that the resin one would be too fragile for day-to-day gaming.    IMG_4209

So Gav-cannon rapier platforms.  Just because they’re cool.  I magnatised the weapons incase at some point in the future I want to give them a different load out.  I put them on the GW oval bases because I think it give them a nice finishing touch.  IMG_4210IMG_4228

A librarian.  I’ve long thought that the Sevrin Loth librarian model (of Red Scorpions fame) as the best librarian model ever produced.  I’ve actually also considered doing one for the World Eaters too (for loyalist forces).  IMG_4214

With the new rules for the Master of Signals coming out regarding his command rhino, I think we’ll see more of these guys moving forward.  They can bring down some pretty serious fire-power in one turn, whilst also delaying or speeding up reserves.  IMG_4215

Yeah, this guy…  with the new rules, I’ll probably take off the jump pack and put him in a squad of destroyers….IMG_4220

Nice to have… nuff said.  IMG_4221

I really like these models.  This squad have some ray guns.  IMG_4226IMG_4204Ok, thats it for now.  I’ve been doing a fair bit of 6mm scale painting and gaming of late.  I find the scale and game play  much more enjoyable.  The models I’ve been working on are just reinforcements to my 6mm scale World Eaters.  So I may or may not do posts on them.  Just run of the mill stuff, more tactical marines, basilisks etc.  I am working on three Thunder Hawk transports, which are seriously cool models and very usable in 6mm, so I may do a post on them too.  We’ll see.

Ok, thats enough from me.

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Hey everyone,

I hope things are well wherever you are.  I’ve been on a mid-year break, and during that time I decided to do up some Mechanicum.  I doubt these will be a stand-alone force, just simply reinforcements, to add to the Xth Legion.  I have to admit, I really enjoyed painting this small force.  Super impressive models from Forge World.  Speaking of the Xth Legion, I’ve painted up some Legionnaire reinforcements for them too.  However, they’ll be the subject of another post you’ll see in the next day or so.

A few quick comments on what you’re about to look at.  Firstly, the Castellax.  Those of you familiar with the models will notice that their arm weapons are missing.  This is because I magnetised them, and forgot to connect them for the photo shoot.

Secondly, the Thallax. I went to the lengths to buy up all of the various special weapon options for this unit and magnetise them too.  So the plasma gun shown is not a permanent fixture.  Should give me plenty of options depending on the threat.

Finally, the Domitar.  These are seriously cool models.  Just get some.

Well, lets face it, the whole Mechanicum range is… so just get some.

Mechanicum Castellax Battle-Automata With Darkfire Cannon Squad

Mechanicum Castellax Battle-Automata With Darkfire Cannon Squad

Mechanicum Castellax Battle-Automata with Darkfire Cannon

Mechanicum Castellax Battle-Automata With Darkfire Cannon

Mechanicum Domitar Class Battle-Automata Maniple

Mechanicum Domitar Class Battle-Automata Maniple

Mechanicum Magos Dominus rear

Mechanicum Magos Dominus

Mechanicum Magos Dominus

Mechanicum Magos Dominus

Mechanicum Thallax Cohort Squad

Mechanicum Thallax Cohort

Mechanicum Thallax Cohort

Mechanicum Thallax Cohort

Mechanicum Ursarax Cohort

Mechanicum Ursarax

Mechanicum Ursarax squad

Mechanicum Ursarax

Mechanicum Ursarax

Mechanicum Ursarax

Mechanicum Vorax Battle-Automata Sqd

Mechanicum Vorax Battle-Automata

Mechanicum Vorax Battle-Automata

Mechanicum Vorax Battle-Automata

Mechanicum Domitar Class Battle-Automata Maniple

Ok, that’s me.

Thanks for dropping in.  I’ve got 1-2 more posts to put up in the next few days.  So come back and check them out.  You won’t be disapointed…