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Fair-well to Wargamer AU

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Wargamer AU

Well, I’ve announced that I will no longer be updating my diaries on Wargamer AU.  Its a great place, and I’ve made lots of new friends, acquaintances and learned a lot too.  However, I want to have my own page, so I just decided to set it up and start blogging…  seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is a screen shot taken after I updated all of my diaries letting everyone know that I’m moving.  Be interesting to see if anything comes of this.


This is the link to my final Wargamer AU diary, Ars Gratia Artis (Art for arts sake).  Its a pretty simple diary, it is for models that I want to paint, just because I feel like painting them.  I have no desire to either game with them, or turn them into the foundation of an army.  The Legion of the Damned were the first completed project out of the the diary.

This is the link to my 4th WargamerAU diary, Deus ex Machina (God Machine)  This is the smallest of the 40k scale Titans, and its still massive.  This is easily the most complicated resin model I’ve ever assembled and painted.  I made it even more difficult for myself because of the pose I wanted it to have.  I wanted it to be mid stride as if it was running.  I’ve never seen a Warhound or any other Imperial Titan for that matter in a running pose.  They are usually just standing there… pretty boring.

This was a seriously fun project though, I have to admit.  The final result is very pleasing too…  I liked it so much I’m painting another, and another class of Titan called a Reaver.  So keep a look out for it.

I’ve only used it once in a game, and it was heaps of fun.  It really owns the board, and as I said, its the smallest of the Titans, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Reaver goes.

Here is the link to my Carcharadons Space Marine Chapter diary on Wargamer AU.  I started this army after I read the Badab War Imperial Armour books published by Forge World.  The two books basically detail the events of a Space Marine civil war that broke out early in the 32nd millennium between several Space Marine Chapters.  All together there were about 15-20 chapters involved.

The Carcharadons arrived shortly after hostilities had well and truly gotten underway.  The arrived from a region of space that no one thought was explored by the Imperium, and neither side really knew which side they were on.  Even when they did declare allegiance to the Loyalist, the leader of the Loyalist was very sceptical of their motives.

What I like about this chapter is that they are a space bourn chapter that has been in isolation for so long doing their own thing that the Imperium has “moved on”, to the point that the dialect of Imperial Gothic they speak is out dated, and much of their equipment is very old even by Imperial standards.  The Carcharadons are a throw back to times passed in the Imperium.

This army was originally designed to be 1500pts.  It too has since grown, and now has a tactical squad, and shortly another landraider will be added.

This is the link for my Iron Hands painting diary.  This was my second diary, and my aim for this army was to create a Space Marine force that is capable of total drop pod deployment.  This was a bit of an experiment for me because I often see Space Marine armies built along “conventional” lines.  ie, mechanised.  However you very rarely see a Marine army depicted for wargaming in the way that Marines most often fight, and are set up to fight.  That is drop pod deployment.

As I have an interest in Infantry intense armies, this one has 4 tactical squads in it, supported by 4 Dreadnoughts, all in drop pods. For the Dreadnoughts, I chose to use the Forge World Dreadnought drop pod mini.  This was before I know the rules for it, I just didnt want to have my Dreadnoughts deploying in the standard infantry pod.  I’m glad I selected the FW models, because the rules for them are fantastic too!

Again, this army has now grown, and has several more Dreadnoughts, Terminators and more infantry added.  I am currently adding some Rhinos and Landraiders for Transport so they can be a bit more “Conventional”…

This is the link to my 1st modelling diary at  I collected this army after I’d taken about a 4 yr hiatus from miniature painting and wargaming.  So when I designed the army and painted it, I didnt really have any contact with the wargaming or miniature painting community.  I had no paints, brushes, reference material or minis when I set out on this journey.

My aim was to reproduce in Warhammer 40,000 scale a light Infantry Company, (Brave Company in this instance).  So have 3 Infantry Platoons, a Platoon Head Quarters for each one, and a Company HQ.  In addition to this, I also wanted to have Support Company represented.  Well, the wary bits anyways.  So I made DFSW PL, Anti-Armour PL, Sniper PL, Pioneer PL, Recon PL & Mortar PL, along with CHQ.

Its a great army and a real joy to play with… its since grown in size considerable and is now well over 6000pts fully painted, with more to come.  You can see the evolution of this army uptil now at this link.  From now on though, all additions to this army will be on this site.