Mechanicum – Reinforcement

Posted: March 21, 2017 in Mechanicum

Welcome back!

Life has been super busy recently and I’ve not had the chance to post up some completed projects.  Currently, I’m sitting in a tax law lecture, so I thought: “what a great opportunity to do a post! #procrastination

These Vultarax are very impressive models.  Now that FW is using (presumably) CAD and 3D printing to design and prove its originals, the quality of the cast, and sophistication of the designs has increased exponentially.  The detail is smooth and crisp and the kits go together well – added bonus: the instructions make sense.  I wish I’d replaced the hokey flight stands with clear rod.  I’d run out by this stage though.  

The Mechanicum’s answer to a Landraider.  I magnetised the pintle weapon (shown).  I would have liked the tracks to be seperate to the hull.  I think if FW were willing, this could have been done and would have enhanced the model significantly.  However, I suspect that their experience with the Spartan and related hulls informed the decision to make these one mould with the hull.  

Mechanicum marsupials?  

Classic random Enginseer from the GW Imperial Guard range circa 3rd ed.  Just a lovely model, it’ll be some random magos.  Ok, I’d better concentrate now

Thanks for dropping in


  1. Oh wow. Awesome stuff, the models I mean not the Tax lecture hehe. Yawn.

  2. Rictus says:

    Looking great, I like the fact you haven’t gone for a red dominated scheme on much of them.

    And yes, the later models by FW using 3D modelling and printing has improved the quality of builds, and their instructions.

  3. Warburton says:

    Great stuff. Love the wallabies!

  4. Chema says:

    Hi John. I am in a Human Resources lectura and it IS a great moment to thanks you for a great job ,as usual.
    I LOVE the miniatures of Vultarax.

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