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This is just a quick post of the Blood Letters of Khorne I finished some time ago but because of a few things (crappy weather mostly) I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph them properly.  I did these to accompany my Blood Thirster, Greater Daemon of Khorne for when I feel like running my 30k World Eaters as Chaos Space Marines.  Over all I’m very pleased with how these models have turned out.  What I like most about them, apart from being plastic, is that they hark back to the original Slaves to Darkness Blood Letters from 1st edition 40k.  I never liked the pump up gym junkie looking Blood Letters that came out circa 3rd ed.  Its astonishing to think these are plastic as the detail and “organic” look to them is very impressive.
Blood Letters of Khorne 1

Blood Letters of Khorne 2

Blood Letters of Khorne 3

Blood Letters of Khorne 4Thanks for dropping in.  Comments welcome




So yesterday I went on a bit of a painting bender and finished this bad boy off, the Forge World Greater Daemon of Khorne.  I am very pleased with the final results.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, its an amazing miniature and was a real pleasure to paint.  It also stretched me as a painter which I enjoyed.  Painting Space Marines all the time can become a little tedious and cause your style to stagnate somewhat.  So anyway, enough yakidy yak


An’Ggrath the Unbound
Blood Thrister 1 Blood Thrister 2 Blood Thrister 4 Blood Thrister 5 Blood Thrister 6 Blood Thrister 8 Blood Thrister 9 Blood Thrister 10Was that as good for you as it was for me?

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Next up something for my Iron Hands I think…

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Hey there, been a while between posts these days however I keep forging ahead spending what spare time I have at the moment on chipping away at my current project, the Forge World Bloodthirster Greater Daemon of Khorne.  What a magnificent miniature it is too, I don’t know about you but I find that my appreciation of a mini deepens when I begin to paint it, I find that I really start to look at a mini properly as I’m painting it and the more time I spend painting this mini, the more I really recognise just what an amazing figure this is.

Daniel Cockersell, in the unlikely event you are reading this post, thank you for giving us such an amazing model.  This Bloodthirster Greater Daemon really captures the violence, blind rage, power and brutality of this Chaos Power.

So the WIP pictures.  First up is the base.  Forge World Bloodthirster of Khorne 1

I’m very pleased with how the base has turned out.  This base is really a test pilot for how I intend on doing the bases for my up coming 30k World Eaters army.  Indeed, this Greater Daemon of Khorne along with about 20 plastic Blood Letters are going to be an allied contingent for when I use the 30k World Eaters for games of 40k, when they of course will be Chaos Space Marines.   Forge World Bloodthirster of Khorne 2

The mangled up Ultra Marine.  I sort of saw this guy as having been flicked aside by the Bloodthirster and then crushed beneath a massive piece of masonry or something as the Bloodthirster advances.Forge World Bloodthirster of Khorne 3

A better shot.  I was a bit reluctant to put blood on the model, as I’ve often felt that it cheapens the look of a mini because its such a hard effect to reproduce in scale.  However I gave it a shot using various oil paints and I’m pretty happy with the final effect.  Forge World Bloodthirster of Khorne 4Who’s that handsome devil?  The skin is going to take a long time on this model to get looking right.  I spent probably 3hrs on this face yesterday and its still going.  Overall I’m happy with how it looks but there are still some small areas that I want to revisit.  For those interested I’ve used oils, acrylics, inks and washes on this guy so far.  Also, the finish hasn’t been sealed yet either, so thats why it looks a little shiny.

The wings have also been finished too however they are not that interesting so I didn’t bother photographing them, suffice to say though they are massive and when this model is complete its going to be gigantic.

Ok, thats it for me now.  I’ve got a bit of time off coming up in a few weeks where I intend on hitting this pretty hard, then moving on to the World Eaters.  I’m going to be doing a separate post on the World Eaters shortly, I actually had the 5000pt army rock up on my door step a week or two ago.  I wanted to take a photo of me swimming in all the resin crack for you all, however my good sense got the better of me.  So you’ll be seeing a far more measured diary starting up for my World Eaters shortly.

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I haven’t really done that many posts on this blog that are actually a work in progress post.  Since moving from forums to my own blog I’ve mostly just brought you either finished projects or tutorials.  So I thought I’d mix things up a bit and bring you a series of posts around my new Forge World Greater Daemon of Khorne.  If you read my previous post you’d know that a good friend of mine actually gave me this model after he’d had if for a year or two and didn’t think he’d ever get to painting it.  Obviously I accepted his extreme generosity and ever since have been thinking through various ways I might approach painting this epic bad guy.  And a bad ass he is, make no mistake.  This is one seriously amazing sculpt and its a real pleasure studying the detail on it.  I really admire the talent and years of honing skill that it would take to produce something like this.

So lets get into it shall we?

As with any model this size (or indeed any model for that matter) preparation and having a plan are essential.  In terms of preparation ensure that the model is going to fit together properly, be sturdy and have no gaps etc.  In terms of a plan, how is it going to be painted?, whats the base going to look like?, are you going to paint it in pieces or as an assembled model?  Many of these questions need to be considered and answered clearly before you embark on a project.

For this model, I actually plan on using it in my upcoming World Eaters army for when I feel like running them as CSM, so it seems appropriate to have a Greater Daemon and also a few Blood Letters for good measure.

Apart from that, preparation is the next aspect to be considered.  Being such a massive model (its huge) I want to ensure that I’m not relying on simply super glue to keep the model together nor the simple joints that Forge World have created for the model.  Having strong bonds along key stress points is an important consideration with models like this.

Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 1





So for all of the main joints on this kit, which are the left hip, both wrist joints, hips and wings, I have used 2mm spring steel to add that extra degree of support that I know I’ll be grateful for after I’ve used that bad ass in a few games.  Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 2

No to rely totally on the strength of the steel, I also like to drill additional “key” holes.  What this does is allows the epoxy resin that I use to bond the pieces together to seep into the holes and assist with strengthening the mechanical bond of the pieces.  Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 3

For this model I’m actually magnetising it to its base.  Why you ask?  Well its for two reasons, the first is to facilitate with painting and the second is a secret that you’ll just have to wait and see.  One aspect of this model that I’m not entirely happy with is the models attention to something thats in its immediate foreground.  Its so stooped over that its almost looking at its feet.  As I’ve mentioned before, I suspect but don’t know for certain that this model was sculpted to be posed with Hector Rex.  Hence why its appears to have its attention focused on something about man sized more or less at its feet.  I wanted to overcome this to a degree so that someone looking at the model can get a better look at the detail of the models front.  So I used cork floor tiles to “jack up” the front left foot, while keeping the back foot at normal base level.  It’s just a subtle thing, but as you’ll see it makes a massive difference in how the model now interacts with its audience.
Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 4

Just getting the pose right.  Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 5

So detail of the base.  I want it to look like a hellish battle field.  Only the most nightmarish of battle fields would enable a daemon of this stature be summoned.  Note the crushed Space MarineForgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 6

A better view of the base.  I used a lot of different materials on this base, cork floor tiles, train set ballast, skulls and ceramic bricks from Secret Weapon Miniatures and as you’ll see in other pictures, Forge World brass etched barbed wire and an Imperial Eagle.

Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 7

When it comes to glueing this pieces together I like to use small cramps to ensure that a strong bond it made.  Its a bit of an involved process but the results speak for themselves.Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 8

Yeah, complicated.  Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 9

Some of the base detail, almost complete.Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 10

Just another detail shot.Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 11

The base now with added barbed wire and the Greater Daemon stepping on a damaged Imperial EagleForgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 12

A clearing image of the finished baseForgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 13

This shot was taken just prior to undercoating.  As I mentioned there were a few pieces missing from the model so I had to make a few molds of those pieces today and then cast them up, if you look very closely you can see where they are as they’re white resin.  Forgeworld Greater Daemon of Khorn WIP 14Ok, thats me for the time being.  Hope you enjoyed this WIP post.  I think I might make it a bit more of a habit in the future.

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