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This is the link to my 1st modelling diary at  I collected this army after I’d taken about a 4 yr hiatus from miniature painting and wargaming.  So when I designed the army and painted it, I didnt really have any contact with the wargaming or miniature painting community.  I had no paints, brushes, reference material or minis when I set out on this journey.

My aim was to reproduce in Warhammer 40,000 scale a light Infantry Company, (Brave Company in this instance).  So have 3 Infantry Platoons, a Platoon Head Quarters for each one, and a Company HQ.  In addition to this, I also wanted to have Support Company represented.  Well, the wary bits anyways.  So I made DFSW PL, Anti-Armour PL, Sniper PL, Pioneer PL, Recon PL & Mortar PL, along with CHQ.

Its a great army and a real joy to play with… its since grown in size considerable and is now well over 6000pts fully painted, with more to come.  You can see the evolution of this army uptil now at this link.  From now on though, all additions to this army will be on this site.