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Good afternoon everyone,

Over the Easter weekend I managed to conclude my preparations for a two day Epic Armageddon 40k competition I’m TO-ing at the end of April. ¬†If you cast your mind back to this time last year, I ran a similar event at BrisCon for Epic Armageddon 30k. ¬†After last years event, I concluded that if I ran another event at BrisCon, it would be for Epic 40k, rather than 30k. ¬†I reached this conclusion on the assumption that there is a bigger pool of players for Epic 40k than there is for 30k, so I would get more attendees. ¬†Turns out I was wrong. ¬†I’ve only managed to attract eight players for this years competition. ¬†While I’m a little disappointed with this number (I was hoping for 12), I am pleased with the enthusiasm of the players who are attending. ¬†I have players coming from the Northern Territory, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory (as well as Queensland…).

The players that are attending are in for a real treat. ¬†I’ve made up six new tables for battles to be fought over, and I’m also trying a new way to manage the event.

Lets talk about the latter first.  I did some enquires into different tournament management packages over the course of a month.  Some are very good, however none did exactly what I wanted them to do.  My criteria were:

  1. Needed to have a timer for each round that I can project onto a screen so players know how long is remaining
  2. Needed to have the ability to not only auto-generate the next round swiss style, but also produce a match up list that I can project onto a screen so players can see whom they are playing against, on what table and eliminated match-ups based on certain criteria (ie, from the same gaming group etc)
  3. Needed the ability for players to enter in their own game results that fed into the database to inform the next round, and ultimately the winner of the comp etc.
  4. It needed to be web based.
  5. It needed to be user friendly
  6. It needed to “understand” the victory conditions of Epic Armageddon and how 1st, 2nd and 3rd are determined.

Obviously this was a big ask. ¬†I’d often considered having such a platform built myself. ¬†However cost and my lack of programming ability always provided a major hurdle to such an undertaking.

Then I was told about Table Top TO¬†(TTT) from Lucas over at Epic AU (he’s a mad keen card gamer and TTT is used by these guys). ¬†Basically TTT is a generic web-based TO platform that can be customised to accommodate the various parameters of your game and tournament style. ¬†It ticked all of the boxes of the first five criteria. ¬†So, it did everything I wanted it to do, but it didn’t ‘understand’ how Epic comps were scored etc. ¬†Enthused, I contacted the admin and received a very prompt response from Dennis – the creator of TTT. ¬†Turns out that Dennis is not only a top bloke, enthusiastic gamer, but also a kick ass programer and very responsive to the idea of setting up an Epic Armageddon module for his TTT platform.

Over the course of about two days, and probably 6-10 email between us, we had developed the Epic Armageddon module for TTT. ¬†And what a splendid module it is! ¬†It is a totally paperless system that will calculate the results of each round and ensure that nothing is missed or no human errors result from double handling scores etc. ¬†A few of use have since ‘proved’ the EA module by running a factious¬†comp and it worked perfectly. ¬†Presently there are about 12 supported games, with many more to come. ¬†I intend on working out one for 28mm 30k once I have fully field tested it over the BrisCon weekend. ¬†Go check it out, you can see who is registered to play, and what lists they’re using. ¬†It’s a pretty impressive platform. ¬†So versatile.

Ok, now onto the boards. ¬†As you know, I like building scenery. ¬†However, I’ve also come to the conclusion that while scenery needs to look good, it also needs to be functional and transportable. ¬†I wanted to make some really nice Epic boards that were good for comps, but also good for just gaming with friends. ¬†One of the biggest issues with wargaming is the board itself. ¬†There are so many options now. ¬†Forge World tiles. Games Workshop tiles, Secret Weapon tiles, MDF painted boards, and of course mats.

Having had quite a bit of experience with all of the above, I settled on mats. ¬†They’re versatile, durable, easy to transport, visually appealing, gently on miniatures and inexpensive. ¬†I settled on purchasing six Gamer Mat neoprene mats. ¬†As for the scenery, I used a variety of different kinds that I had been collecting over the past 12 months knowing that I wanted to build a few tables for Epic. ¬†One of the key critera for each table (believe it or not) was that the scenery component of the table must fit inside one of those under bed plastic storage boxes).

So lets take a look at them shall we?

This is the “Forgotten Realm” mat

Said storage box with table contents enclosed.

The trees are have magnets on the bottom to facilitate them being moved for more accurate placement of units.  The base is .55mm thick sheet metal with sand glued on and then painted.  

The “Highlands in War” mat

The “Tales of Mars” mat¬†

Finally, the “Winter Realm” mat

So, while there are only 8 players, there is plenty of different armies in attendance. ¬†We have Codex Marines, White Scars, Speed Freak Orks, Feral Orks, Biel-Tan Eldar, Necrons and Dark Eldar. ¬†So it’ll be a great looking turn out. ¬†If you happen to be in or around Windsor in Brisbane over the weekend 29-30 April, please drop in to my Epic Armageddon Comp, Advance to Contact

Until next time, thanks for dropping in.


Hey everyone,

So the 30k Epic Armageddon competition that I hosted at BrisCon 2016 has come and gone, and the day was a huge success.  In total 8 players attended, which is a great number considering the game has been OOP for around 10 yrs now, AND the era we gamed in (30k) was not contemplated by the game designers when the game was released.  The rules for the units are completely fan created.

So we had on the loyalist side, Emperors Children, Dark Angels, Ultramarines and Iron Warriors factions present.  On the Traitor side we had World Eaters, Alpha Legion, Emperors Children and Death Guard.  The Loyalist took the day, winning quite convincingly in the final round (it was actually neck and neck at the end of the second round).

The Alpha Legion won Best Painted, the Loyalist Emperors Children took out first place on battle points, followed by the World Eaters in second, and the Iron Warriors in third.  However, overall, the scene in Brisbane had a massive win.  I hope that this event will be a catalyst for more Epic scale 30k gaming into the future.

Michael and Tim, from the Eye of Horus podcast were in attendance, so no doubt in the coming weeks they’ll also be doing a feature on the event too. ¬†So go check them out to hear a more detailed break down of how events unfolded on the day.

As an aside, it was very pleasing to see the BrisCon format reinvigorated.  The venue was great, lots of room, plenty of tables, good on site facilities and lots of very high quality vendors and tournaments being played all coupled with a solid turnout of gamers and curious onlookers.  I anticipate in the coming years BrisCon will become a regularly booked event on the Brisbane (and dare I say, interstate) gaming calendar.

Ok, enough waffle, here are some pics

The first three are of the tables. ¬†You’ll notice that the tables are only 120cm x 90cm. ¬†I did this for two reasons. ¬†1. ¬†The epic scene is in its¬†nascent stage in Brisbane. ¬†So I wanted to keep the comp as simple as possible to allow the gamers to get a feel for the game mechanics. ¬†I also limited the type of units gamers could chose, and also the size of units too. ¬†This meant that the games only had to deal with the core rules of Epic Armageddon. ¬†2. ¬†I didn’t want to be making tones of scenery for this event. ¬†Prior to putting my hand up to run this event, I didn’t have any scenery, so all this was made for the comp.


A few action shots….

IMG_5350 IMG_5352 IMG_5354 IMG_5355 IMG_5356 IMG_5357 IMG_5358


Thanks for dropping in,

Until next time


Just a quick post to let you all know that BrisCon is back and I’ve put my hand up to run an Epic 30k one day tournament. ¬†BrisCon is held over the May day long weekend in Windsor, however the event I’ll be running is just limited to one day, the Sunday. ¬†It’ll be a 2000pt comp with a few limitations. ¬†You can download the players pack here.¬†Epic 30k 2016 BRISCON Players Pack

If you are interested, please contact me via the email address 30k BrisCon at gmail dot com (all one word).  Numbers are limited to 6 Traitors and 6 Loyalists.

I’m pretty excited about this comp and the resurrection of BrisCon, so drop by the BrisCon website and show your support.

Now to build some terrain… Luckily a good friend of mine has sent me a little something-something to help get things started….

Terrain Haul

I just had to throw in this picture, because it’s badass.

poster-horus-rising-largeThanks for dropping in


Good afternoon everyone,

Well, CanCon 2016 has been and gone, and what an event it has been. ¬†I have now attended three CanCon events over the years. ¬†Once in 1997 (yep, seriously), in 2013 and now in 2016. ¬†I can unequivocally¬†say that 2016 was by far the best I’ve seen, for many reasons. ¬†Allow me to explain.

Firstly, I was playing in a new type of tournament to what I usually play in. ¬†I’ve been playing 40k (now 30k as far as I’m concerned) for over 20yrs now, and I’ve not really dabbled into too many other systems. ¬†So to participate in a new system in a tournament setting was a new prospect for me. ¬†As I predicted, the event organiser was right on top of his game. ¬†Right from the players pack, to the terrain, to the trophies was all superb. ¬†Best of all though was all of the great gamers I met from all over Australia. ¬†Even Perth had a representation! ¬†As you all know, the person on the other side of the table during a game makes or breaks the whole experience. ¬†So playing in a system where all of the gamers were seasoned veterans made a big difference. ¬†It seems to be a feature of the Epic Armageddon system, that only real wargaming die-hards seem to play it. ¬†Which I like. ¬†You have to be committed to get involved, which requires character and experience (for example, you can’t just simply order an army online and off you go, amongst other things). ¬†Both of these qualities were abundant in all of the gamers that participated in the tournament, and let me tell you it makes such a difference. ¬†Speaking of which, I need to give a shout out to the wargaming club, Newcastle Legions. ¬†Almost half of the players were from this club (12-14) and they also brought a few tables worth of scenery. ¬†Every guy I met from this club was awesome, and I hope to make it to their flagship event, Castle Assault.

The second reason why CanCon was so good in 2016 was just the energy of the event.  There just seemed to be lots of people attending.  Both spectators and participants.  There were lots of great vendors in attendance too.  So it really made it worthwhile for me, because I could cruise around and see whats new, and how other systems do hobby.  Which often is a great source of ideas and inspiration.

So, how did I go? ¬†Well, I played in six games over the two days. ¬†I didn’t have very high expectations for my performance, as prior to attending the tournament, I’d play only 1 game of Epic Armageddon 40k. ¬†Here are the match ups for the six games, I took a generic Codex Marines list (Using models from my epic 30k World Eaters army).

Game 1 – Squats, yes Squats. ¬†Those tenacious little midgets live on in Epic Armageddon. ¬†It was an interesting game because there I’d never played a Squat army before (even in 28mm 40k) and the fan rules for them is (apparently) still under development. ¬†The biggest take-away from this game for me was just how my army operates and what you can and can’t get away with using them. ¬†While I didn’t win the game, I did learn a lot. ¬†Thankfully I didn’t encounter the Squats again during the tournament, they’re tough¬†little¬†guys.

Game 2 РSpace Marines.  I managed to win this game, mostly by fluke though.  It was good playing against another marine player, to see how they do business.

Game 3 – Eldar. ¬†Just like in 40k, Eldar in Epic Armageddon are tricky customers. ¬†I didn’t win, but I achieved a moral victory by killing his Phantom titan. ¬†Apparently this is quite difficult (it was!). ¬†Interestingly, my Whirlwinds did quite a bit of damage to it, which in itself is a miracle and significantly contributed to its demise. ¬†However, this was a truly fun game and I enjoyed every second of it.

Game 4 – Tyranids. ¬†I made a silly tactical error early on in the game that meant I had an uphill battle on my hands all the way. ¬†Had I not been so bellicose in my first turn, I’m confident I would have had a strong victory. ¬†I did manage to turn it around (through some exceptional luck on my behalf, and some exceptional bad luck on my opponents behalf) so it wasn’t a complete pasting, but a loss non-the-less.

Game 5 – Necrons. ¬†Again, this is one of those armies that just like in 40k 28mm, they’re tricky to deal with. ¬†I got totally hammered in this game due to not recognising that the army was a one trick pony, but oh what a trick it is. ¬†Had I deployed with more foresight and understood a little more about how these guys operate, things would have turned out differently. ¬†In the end, it was a pretty frustrating game.

Game 6 РSpace Marines.  This was a Salamanders army (not the one I painted) and was very similar to mine (in terms of composition).  By this stage of the tournament I had a few tricks up my sleeve. I managed to get the initiative early on in the game and seriously compromised his core command unit.  Win to me.

The up side was I did win best painted.  To be honest, this came as somewhat of a surprise.  There were several extremely well painted armies present (in my opinion), most notably an Eldar army.  So I was pretty honoured to get this accolade.

Here are some photos of the tables and the armies.

Epic Armageddon - Table 1 Epic Armageddon - Table 2 Epic Armageddon - Table 3 Epic Armageddon - Table 4

Love this table, which is an homage to the Imperial Airbase “Typha-IV” as presented in Imperial Armour Model Masterclass Vol. 1. (if you don’t have it, you should. ¬†It’s a must have for all model wargaming hobby enthusiasts).¬†¬†Epic Armageddon - Table 5 Epic Armageddon - Table 6 Epic Armageddon - Table 7 Epic Armageddon - Table 8

As you can see, all of the terrain was first class.  Super impressed.

Epic Armageddon - Chaos Space Marines Epic Armageddon - Eldar 1 Epic Armageddon - Eldar 2 Epic Armageddon - Size Comparison

The old GW Warhound Titan, compared to the 6mm version of the Forge World Warhound. ¬†Interestingly, I’ve seen a similar comparison between the old Armour Cast Warhound and the 28mm Forge World Warhound. ¬† The size difference is comparable there too. ¬†¬†Epic Armageddon - Game against TyranidsThe World Eaters desperately defend the township from being overrun by the Tyranids in game 4. ¬†I did managed to turn the tide around (pardon the pun) but it was too little too late. ¬†All I can say is Land Speeders in Epic Armageddon are the bomb!
Epic Armageddon - Titan Maniple There were a few Titan Legion armies present.  

Epic Armageddon - AoP Epic Armageddon - AoP


Epic Armageddon - World Eaters

This is my World Eaters that ended up taking out best painted. ¬†I like the composition of the army, I doubt I’d change anything. ¬†However now I’m a little wiser I¬†would certainly do things tactically a lot differently.

So thats it for this wash up. ¬†My holidays are rapidly coming to an end, and I have many unfinished projects on my bench. ¬†I’ll be away next week for work, so I won’t be able to get any painting done. ¬†However, when I return home next Friday, I’m going to use the following weekend to attack whats left. ¬†We’ll see how we go. ¬†I’ve also been invited as a guest on a¬†friend of mines podcast. ¬†You’ve probably heard of it, The Eye of Horus. ¬†The shows host, Tim & Michael are two great guys, and in the unlikely event you’ve not listed to their podcast, go and download a few episodes now. ¬†They’re knowledge of the various GW gaming universes (WHFB, AoS, 40k and 30k) is encyclopedic! ¬†They recently attended ACT of Heresy, which was run in Canberra over the same weekend as CanCon. ¬†I had too much time pressure to visit it (I did lend them my new ZM board though!) and by all accounts it was a resounding success, and has set a new bench mark for wargaming tournaments in Australia. ¬†There is an impressive photo gallery of the event here and here.

Until next time, take care


Well everybody, thank you for your votes. ¬†Its been a very interesting competition to be honest, however from the very beginning there has been one army which lead almost the entire way. ¬†On a personal note, I’m very pleased with the result of the peoples choice award. I think this army not only is painted to a very high standard, but it also captures and typifies the character of a Legiones¬†Astartes force at this points cost in the 30k universe.

Although I’m not going to reveal the full results of the poll, I will make a few comments. ¬†Firstly, the winning¬†army lead from the very beginning and ultimately received 32% of all the votes cast (well into 3 figures too) ¬†There was only one other serious contender to the winner and they received 24% of the total votes cast. ¬†The result fell away dramatically from there with all the other armies only getting a small fraction of the remaining votes spread more or less evenly amongst them.

So, as voted by you, the winner is…

Army #4 РLoyalist Imperial Fists.  Here are a few more pictures of the army for everyone to enjoy.

Army 4a2 Army 41 Winner34 Winner55 Winner76



Please feel free to leave a comment congratulating the owner of this army for his fine effort and also winning a FREE ticket to the next Emperors Legions event.

As for the next event, I did mention that I many announce the date for the next one. ¬†However I’m still working a few details out so I can not make that announcement at this stage. ¬†Organising tournaments is a massive job!

Thanks for dropping in



Hello everyone!

Its been ages since my last post and I’ve been anxiously wanting to put this post up for some time. ¬†However due to life etc I’ve not had the time.

Let me assure you, it’ll be well worth your wait. ¬†You’re all in for a very special treat today, the wash up of my 30k Horus Heresy comp that I ran at the beginning of March. ¬†The Emperors Legions.

So a little bit of back ground. ¬†I’ve wanted to run a comp for quite some time, however for many reasons I haven’t. ¬†Mostly due to terrain. ¬†Also, the main reason is I want to run an event. ¬†As some of you reading this know, I’ve been playing 40k since 1st ed, waaaaayyyy back in the late 80’s, early 90’s. ¬†Let me assure you when I say I’ve been to my fair share of comps. ¬†I’ve seen it all, ‘con’ style comps, shop comps, stand alone comps, the list goes one. ¬†Well one runs, and one that had plenty of room for improvement.

The one thing that I’ve always wanted though, is for a comp that also includes the hobby and fluff side of what we do. ¬†Also one that caters for just guys wanting to get together and just enjoy the hobby, meeting new players and enjoying themselves. ¬†The ‘comp’ side of things is really just an after thought. ¬†I wanted the event to be really high quality. ¬†An event where the scenery was 1st class, same with the venue, everyones armies were well painted and effort had been put into creating them. ¬†I also wanted to create a bit of back ground to the event too and the games that would be fought. ¬†‘Forging¬†a narrative’ if you will…

So thats what I did.  It took a lot of effort, let me tell you.  But the first time you try something new it generally does.

The basic format of the event that I programmed was

Two teams (traitors v loyalists), 5, 1000pt games of 30k. ¬†2 in the morning, 3 in the afternoon. ¬†The event was held in a hotel on the south side of Brisbane, the event was fully catered, with lots of prizes (I’ll get to that later) and at the end of the games, there was a 30k triva night.

The first step I took was set up a website for the event.  This doubled as the ticket purchasing portal, terrain brief host (more on that later) and registration and players pack location.  I did this because of my aim to make this event to distinguish it from other competition style tournaments available.  It was a massive learning experience making it, and in the unlikely event that Jen is reading this, thanks again for showing me the ropes on doing this.

My next thank you goes to the 10 brave and courageous¬†¬†souls that parted with $139AUD of their hard earned to come along to a wargaming event format that had never been tried or tested before (that I’m aware of anyway).

Thanks guys, it was very humbling that you all had that belief in me and without your support the day would never have happened.  Below is a pic of those handsome devils who came along and from all accounts, had a great day.


As a thank you to everyone that came, I made (free of charge) a set of 30k Objective markers that were exclusive to the event.

Something that I wanted to try out for the attendees was to actually send them terrain briefs on the tables they’d be playing on. ¬†I thought this would be an interesting twist on the usual format and also enabled me to incorporate rules that you wouldn’t normally see in a game (especially a tournament) due to the players just not having time to consider them before their game. ¬†This just meant that the attendees would have exposure to more scope in the nature of the terrain they’d be playing over, rather than just the usual ruins, or hills and craters etc. ¬†Yes its more complicated, however they had the time to consider how their army would best perform over the terrain etc.

For the five weeks leading upto the event, each Monday the attendees received an email with a link to the next terrain brief.  Below are the 5 tables that got used, along with a (now declassified) link to the brief.


Table # 1 Industrial Sector #8

Table 11

Table #2 Industrial Sector #2Table 22


Table #3 Abandoned Adeptus Mechanicus Research Station 
Table 33

Table #4 Adeptus Mechanicus Underground LaboratoryTable 44

Table #5 Air Strip OneTable 55


The big day arrives. ¬†I’m as nervous as ten nervous things. ¬†So below are some photos of the set up and the play.

photo 106

The medals for ‘Lord of War'(Overall first place), ‘Magos Reductor’ (Best Painted Army), ‘High Remembrancer’ (Best Army List Presentation) and ‘The Mournival’ (The winning team of the trivia comp)photo 207

The calm before the stomp.  All the tables and admin areas set up and ready to go
photo 308 photo 409 photo 510

Play under wayphoto 611

At the last minute I also had (donated) the five etched glass mugs that went to the winning team.  They were kindly donated by Dragonfly Engravingphoto 712

Ok, so the moment you’ve all been waiting for. ¬†The pics of the day. ¬†Brace yourselves.

Gaming 501 Gaming 813 Gaming 914 Gaming 1010 Gaming 1111 Gaming 1212 Gaming41 Gaming102 Gaming203Gaming304

In case you cant tell the calibre of the armies present was exceptional. ¬†The best I’ve ever scene at a tournament actually. ¬†Here are the photos of each army, plus your opportunity to cast your ‘peoples choice’ vote

Army #1 – Traitor Mechanicus

Army 101

Army #2 РLoyalist Blood Angels Army 202

Army #3 – Traitor Death Guard
Army 303

Army #4 – Loyalist Imperial Fists

Army 4a05

Army #5 РTraitor Sons of Horus Army 506

Army #6 – Loyalist Iron HandsArmy 607

Army #7 – Loyalist Dark Angels
Army 708

Army #8 РTraitor Emperors Children Army 809

Army #9 РLoyalist Mechanicus Michael Keep army small15

You’ll notice that the 10th army is missing. ¬†Thats because at the last minute I had a cancellation. ¬†In the spirit of the event thought, the attendee who canceled donated their ticked. ¬†Big respect to John M. ¬† So the 10th player got to use my World Eaters. ¬†You’ve all seen enough pics of them so I’ve spared you more…

Have you’re say on who you think has the best painted army. ¬†I’ll announce the winner of the pole on Monday the 14th of April. The owner of the army will be notified and they’ll receive their next ticket to The Emperors Legions FREE. ¬†So get voting!

So overall, the day was a huge success and everyone had a great time. ¬†One or two players may have over indulged at the bar after the event (Danny I’m looking at you) however everyone had a great time and lots of good times were had.

So the results!

The Lord of War – M. Keep (Loyalist Mechanicus) – taking home a badass Fell Blade kit

Magos Reductor – M. Cantrell (Loyalist Imperial Fists) – taking home a Spartan kit

High Remembrancer – T. Coupland (Traitor Mechanicus) – taking home a Sicaran battle tank kit

The Mournival – The Loyalists – all taking home the Legion Praetors models

Battle competition winners ¬†(hadn’t thought of a cool name) – The Traitors


Where to from now? ¬†Well I plan on running this event again. ¬†Not sure when though. ¬†The format next time will be a doubles event with two teams of six players, two players to a team. ¬†Three games and 2500pts over one or two FOC’s. ¬†I may announce the date of the next event when I announce the winner of the peoples choice prize.

Well thats it folks, hope you’ve made it this far. ¬†Thanks for dropping in. ¬†It’s always a pleasure.

John Sutton

So, that time of the year has rolled around again where I’ve made the epic journey upto Townsville for the annual ADFWGA fund raiser. ¬†Do you remember last years post?

I’ve not really participated in that many tournaments in 2013, in fact, I’ve not even played that many games. ¬†I’m more about 30k or social playing 40k these days. ¬†However, the ADFWGA put on a great show, and its for a very good cause. ¬†This year the 40k tournament was 1750pts and I took my Iron Hands. ¬†I didn’t use the new mini dex however.

I also ran the painting workshop, which this year was focused on batch painting.  I believe we raised $500.  Also, one of the guys who attended won an airbrush set up in the raffle at the end of the comp!

So I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

ADFWGA donation

So all the models and paint for the painting tutorial were generously donated by Battle station Ipswich.  Roughly about $700 worth.  Extremely generous


The painting workshop in full swing. ¬†There were many skill levels and painting backgrounds represented. ¬†Everyone learned some new skills and had a good time. ¬†It was a seriously long day though. ¬†I was exhausted! Having only gotten back from my trip to Europe 3 day prior didn’t help either… Next year I’ll stick to painting sides of tanks!



The calm before the storm.  One thing I really like about the ADFWGA comps is how well they are organised.  They are by far and away the bench mark for tournaments in Australia.  No other events even come close to touching these comps.  IMG_329104

The scenery is always very high quality too. ¬†The tables have a great admin area on them to put your army, books etc. ¬†They even have a table to follow so you dont forget any pre-game admin, like warlord traits etc. ¬†Very helpful, especially for people like me who don’t play that often anymore…


As usual, the armies are all really interesting and high quality. ¬†This one was one of the more interesting ones. ¬†Its and Eldar Exodite army. ¬†Tones of converting and custom work were put into this army to get it looking right. ¬†Not only that, but the paint job was excellent too. ¬†Sadly the owner didn’t manage to get it finished in time, so they were ineligible for a prize etc. ¬†Pity. ¬†Pardon my crappy iPhone photos.

IMG_329406 IMG_329507 IMG_329608


This was an army I actually played against. ¬†I was really impressed with the paint job. ¬†It was well thought out and skilfully executed. ¬†I was genuinely shocked that it didn’t get a better painting score, or even a place for that matter.

Lots of nice blending and freehand work. ¬†But yeah, Eldar. ¬†My least favourite army to play against…IMG_329810 IMG_329911 IMG_330012

So overall I came 6th. ¬†Which I was seriously surprised at. ¬†I only won two games, and drew the other three. ¬†My army list was just a very basic marine one. ¬†I did however have A LOT of stand off fire power. ¬†Which worked quite well actually, however I didn’t really have anything that could deliver the killing blow. ¬†No heavy hitters that could get up into the enemies grill.

The Iron Hands also got second place for the painting comp too. ¬†Which again, seriously surprised me. ¬†The Iron Hands are quite an old army now, and I’ve come along way technically and creatively since I first painted them. ¬†So to get that sort of score was pretty overwhelming. ¬†I wish I’d actually taken the World Eaters and played them as CSM. ¬†But I just didn’t have the time to paint what I wanted… And my Iron Hands army is MASSIVE, so lots of different choices available to me.

So overall the weekend was a great success.  The ADFWGA raised over $12,000 for Soldier on and many good games were had.  A big improvement on last years efforts, raising $10,000.

Next stop, the ANZAC Cup in April