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Just two very brief posts today.  A bit of Sunday morning epic scale Legion Astarte glory… So, as many of you know that follow this blog, I recently held a dedicated 6mm Epic Armageddon 30k competition.  As a part of this monumental undertaking (seriously, it was…) I also made up two ‘starter’ armies to help teach the basic set of rules to prospective players.  In both armies, the three basic types of units found in Epic Armageddon were present.  That is an Assault Unit, Direct Fire Unit, and an Indirect Fire Unit.  These armies are based loosely on the training scenario contained in the Epic Armageddon Tournament Pack rule book.  For those interested, you can follow this link and download counters to assist in game play, as well as a set of counters that you can print out onto some card that represent the units found in the training scenario.  That way you can print them out, then have a game using counters while you’re assembling an actual army.  One last link I thought I’d share, it’s this one.  You can download a PDF quick reference sheet that is quite handy to use for new players that are in the throws of a game and don’t want to go rifling through a rule book.

So the first army I did up was an Emperor’s Children list.  Please note, that these list are 1,000pts and are meant to conform to the so-called ‘mini-geddon‘ rules supplement.  I’ve added a little more to this list it since its original conception.  The 1,000pt list contains the following, based on the community list developed for the Horus Heresy supplement.

Tactical Detachment with Praetor Supreme Commander – (Assault Force)

Landraider Proteus – (Direct Fire)

Whirlwind formation – (Indirect Fire)

This list contains all of the ‘big muscle movements’ of the rule book, and will allow new players to get a solid understanding of the foundation epic rules set down, before moving on to more complicated aspects of the rules.  Don’t make the mistake I made, and had my first game that included air craft, orbital bombardments, space ships in orbit, plant falling units (drop pods) and air assaults.  Really stupid of me.  I would have been much better just easing myself into a few small games to get the swing of things, and then build from there.  Anyway….

I also painted up a set of objective markers for each list too.

Here is what I did up.
IMG_4078 IMG_4084

As you can see, I’ve since added some Terminators to the list too.

So jump onto the next post, to have a look at the second trainer army I’ve done up, the Death Guard.

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