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Hey there everyone,

Just two very brief posts today. ¬†A bit of Sunday morning epic scale Legion Astarte glory… So, as many of you know that follow this blog, I recently held a dedicated 6mm Epic Armageddon 30k competition. ¬†As a part of this monumental undertaking (seriously, it was…) I also made up two ‘starter’ armies to help teach the basic set of rules to prospective players. ¬†In both armies, the three basic types of units found in Epic Armageddon were present. ¬†That is an Assault Unit, Direct Fire Unit, and an Indirect Fire Unit. ¬†These armies are based loosely on the training scenario contained in the Epic Armageddon Tournament Pack rule book. ¬†For those interested, you can follow this link and download counters to assist in game play, as well as a set of counters that you can print out onto some card that represent the units found in the training scenario. ¬†That way you can print them out, then have a game using counters while you’re assembling an actual army. ¬†One last link I thought I’d share, it’s this one. ¬†You can download a PDF quick reference sheet that is quite handy to use for new players that are in the throws of a game and don’t want to go rifling through a rule book.

So the second¬†army I did up was a Death Guard¬†list. ¬†Please note, that these list are 1,000pts and are meant to conform to the so-called ‘mini-geddon‘ rules supplement. ¬†I’ve added a little more to¬†this list¬†it since its original conception. ¬†The 1,000pt list contains the following, based on the community list developed for the Horus Heresy supplement.

Tactical Detachment with¬†Praetor and two Predators (tounge twister…) – Assault Force

Terminator Detachment – Direct Fire

Medusa Detachment – Indirect Fire

This list contains all of the ‘big muscle movements’ of the rule book, and will allow new players to get a solid understanding of the foundation epic rules set down, before moving on to more complicated aspects of the rules. ¬†Don’t make the mistake I made, and had my first game that included air craft, orbital bombardments, space ships in orbit, plant falling units (drop pods) and air assaults. ¬†Really stupid¬†of me. ¬†I would have been much better just easing myself into a few small games to get the swing of things, and then build from there. ¬†Anyway….

I also painted up a set of objective markers for each list too.

Here is what I did up.

IMG_4053 IMG_4057 IMG_4060 IMG_4063 IMG_4069

As you can see, I’ve since added some Terminators and some¬†Sicarians to the list too.

Thanks for dropping in