My new Olympus E420 Digital SLR Camera

Posted: July 5, 2012 in Photography

Good afternoon fine people,

I got my first digital SLR camera today and I’m pretty wrapped with it.  I decided a little while ago that I wanted to get a “proper” camera to take photos of my minis after a good friend of mine allowed me to use his camera to take photos of my Iron Hands with his rather pricey SLR camera (hes a professional photographer).  After seeing the results using a decent camera and photographic knowledge I was hooked (but not on the price of getting a camera like his, well over $10,000)  So I started doing research on some of my favourite mini painters and what they use to photograph their minis.  Now, you have to understand, I knew nothing about taking photos or any of the technical aspects of taking photos, how light works, lenses etc etc etc.  So it took me a while to get my head around some of the terms (I still dont know WTF half the shit they are saying means when it comes to cameras)

Anyways, after a fair bit of research and well, more research I landed on the Olympus E420.  It seems to be a good compromise between features, value money and price.  I’m yet to try it out (still waiting for the battery to charge) but no doubt you’ll see some pics taken with it over the next few days and weeks.

My 1st project is to re-take photos of my Carcharadons, Imperial Guard and Titan for my galleries.  I’m particularly interested in getting better photos of my Guard Army, as I don’t have any good quality pics of them yet… just fragments…

The new camera…

an example of what can be done when you know what the fuck your doing

Ok, thats me for the time being.

Thanks from dropping in


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