WIP – Display Board

Posted: August 14, 2012 in Carcharodons

Hello fine people

Two post in two days!

This is just a quick one on the display board…. I wanted to do something a bit different and “experimental” so I’ve had a go at reproducing digicam on the bunker/barricade aspects of this piece. I intend on heavily weathering it to reflect it age, but the photos below should give you a good impression of where its going…

This is what I used to base the digicam off of.


Once again I had to look to Maybe Jane to help make the stencils, and as usual Tegan was very helpful and prompt.

Here are some progress pics






As you can probably see I wasn’t as thorough as I should have been cleaning the board and as a result some of the paint came off when I removed the stencil, however I actually think its added to the overall effect, which is a bonus!

So that’s it for me now, comments welcome as usual


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