Air Strip One – Finished!

Posted: March 10, 2014 in Air Strip One
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Well folks,

Here it is.  The last piece of scenery I’ll be building for some time.  So with out any further ado, behold!

Air Strip One -1

Air Strip One -2

Air Strip One -3

Air Strip One -4

Air Strip One -5

Air Strip One -6

Air Strip One -7

Table 5

So this board will be one of the table being used during the tournament I’m running.  For those of you that are interested, I’ve added a how to get to the venue page on the tournament website.  It’d be great to see a few of you come along.  You’re bound to see some pretty amazing armies.  If you can’t fear not!  I’ll be taking lots of photos and making a post on this blog about it in the following weeks.

Thanks for dropping in



  1. Mel says:

    Nothing short of awesome again John. I haven’t seen much of your work lately, was nice to come back from being away to more updates 🙂

  2. Looks great Sutto, are there plans to go to a 6×4 or 8×4 at all?

  3. Mangozac says:

    Words just don’t describe how awesome the final result looks! Seriously awesome!

    Will it be possible to visit the tournament just as a spectator to ogle the beautiful tables and armies on display?

  4. Charles Bryers says:

    Looks fantastic as always John! Wish I could make it to see the Tournament in person but am looking forward to the many pictures that will no doubt be taken. Just a heads up, the link above to the Tourny website has an extra “p” in it so isn’t connecting. At the moment my Pre-Heresy Iron Warriors are taking shape, paint has been put to model and the Sons of Olympia should be taking to the tabletop in no time.

  5. Oh yeah – this looks bad arse mate – you’ve got some sweet looking boards for your tourney. Cant wait to see them with some armies playing across them.

  6. DARREN K says:

    That’s really cool!

  7. 40kterminatus says:

    I love your work so much I`m now in my shed freezing my n###s off trying to create a board of a similar nature but failing badly. Keep up the good work while I crank the shed heater up.

  8. Miklu says:

    Found your blog today and absolutely loving the work!! The terrain in particular is phenomenal. Also really like the Space Sharks. Would be amazing if you could update a bunch of this tuff to your flickr account. Such a convenient way to admire quality work conveniently.

    Regards from,


  9. says:

    Where did you find the walls for the control bunker? Love the design, but can’t seem to find similar walls anywhere.. Have you made them you self and made molds of them?


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