The Emperors Legion Peoples Choice Award goes to…..

Posted: April 14, 2014 in Competitions

Well everybody, thank you for your votes.  Its been a very interesting competition to be honest, however from the very beginning there has been one army which lead almost the entire way.  On a personal note, I’m very pleased with the result of the peoples choice award. I think this army not only is painted to a very high standard, but it also captures and typifies the character of a Legiones Astartes force at this points cost in the 30k universe.

Although I’m not going to reveal the full results of the poll, I will make a few comments.  Firstly, the winning army lead from the very beginning and ultimately received 32% of all the votes cast (well into 3 figures too)  There was only one other serious contender to the winner and they received 24% of the total votes cast.  The result fell away dramatically from there with all the other armies only getting a small fraction of the remaining votes spread more or less evenly amongst them.

So, as voted by you, the winner is…

Army #4 – Loyalist Imperial Fists.  Here are a few more pictures of the army for everyone to enjoy.

Army 4a2 Army 41 Winner34 Winner55 Winner76



Please feel free to leave a comment congratulating the owner of this army for his fine effort and also winning a FREE ticket to the next Emperors Legions event.

As for the next event, I did mention that I many announce the date for the next one.  However I’m still working a few details out so I can not make that announcement at this stage.  Organising tournaments is a massive job!

Thanks for dropping in


  1. Cat Boots says:

    dats the army I voted for, FOUR MORE YEARS!!!!

  2. Congratulations Harry, a very fine army that you you have painted and well deserved. You so should post up pics of the army that got 24% of the vote as well. I’m sure the owner would be really happy if you did.

  3. gnoks says:

    Well deserved!

  4. Randall says:

    wow, looks like that would have been a great day, all the armies looked amazing, which one is suttons!!!!!!

  5. Bush Craft says:

    Wherefore art though, Painting Bunker…?

  6. Liam Harrison says:

    Wowzers, how on earth was that absolutely glorious yellow achieved? Just what I’m looking for for my own Fists.

  7. bonecruncha says:

    Stunning force, man! Love the contrast between the white armoured Apothecary and the rich yellows on the marines.

    Colour me impressed!


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