Garage Sale – Iron Hands, Titan Maniple & Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum)

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Hey Everyone,

Bet you weren’t expecting that!  Well, I’m moving house soon and re-assessing what I need and don’t need.  Although collecting these armies has been a real joy, its time to give them their marching orders and assign the to a new posting.  My plan is to put them on eBay, however a friend of mine suggest (very thoughtfully) to put them on my page first incase someone wants to buy either all of the Iron Hands, Titans or Guard.  You see, if I put them on eBay, I’ll be breaking them up.  The post code that they’ll be sent from is 4067, Australia.

So, whats on offer I hear you ask.  I’ll start with the easy one.  The Titans.

You get the Reaver and two Warhounds pictured.  If you want to see them being assembled and painted, click here and here. These Titans have been featured on Forge Worlds Facebook page (when it existed), in two magazines (national and international) that I know of and the Reaver and the Warhounds have also won awards in few painting competitions (local and state).  The internals of the Reaver and one of the Warhounds is painted too.

They’re pretty heavy and big, so if you live overseas, be prepared for a pretty hefty postage cost.  However if you’re game, so am I.

Please note that only offers over $2,000+P&H will be considered.  Expressions of interested can be made by messaging me though my Facebook page – click here

IMG_2635 Forge World Reaver Titan 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext up is the Iron Hands

It is important to note that if you buy this army complete, it’ll come with Battle Foam trays that suits everything listed below.  If you want to see this army being assembled and painted, click here and here

Heres what you get

  • 1 x Iron Father (GW metal Techmarine, the one without a helmet only available through the online store)
  • 1 x Tech Marine (modern one with the large servo arm contraception on his back)
  • 1 x Librarian in Power Armour with force sword
  • 4 x Tactical Squad – these all come with either a Drop Pod or Rhino (the Rhino has removable top doors to accept a Razorback turret) – The heavy weapon in the squad is magnatised and will take either a Multimelta or Missile Launcher, the special weapon is magnatised and will take either a meltagun or flamer
  • 1 x 10 man Devastator Squad – all with magnatised missile launchers
  • 1 x 10 man Assault Squad with jump packs – various Sergeant arm weapon options are magnatised
  • 5 x 5 man Terminator Squads – they all have their arms magnatised and come with thunder hammer and storm shields. The other magnatised arms allow for the usual storm bolter/power fist combo with cyclone missile launcher, heavy flamer and assualt cannon options too.  There are a few chain fists in there also.  Finally, there are enough lightening claws to make up two squads.
  • 1 x Vindicator
  • 3 x Landspeeder – these have all, yes all, weapon combinations magnitised.
  • 1 x Landraider redeemer
  • 4 x Dreadnoughts – all have magnatised standard armaments that come with the kit (twin lascannons, assault cannon, missile launcher and powerfist) and also a magnatised multimelta (from forge world)
  • 5 x Iron Clad Dreadnoughts – again, all weapon options, including hunter killer missiles, are magnatised
  • 1 x Forge World Iron clad with power fists (I used to use this a proxy for Bray arth’ ashmantle)
  • 6, yes 6 x Forge World Dreadnought Drop Pods – The Lucius Pattern ones.
  • 2 x Forge World Deathstorm drop pods (missile launcher variant)
  • 1 x Forge World Storm Eagle
  • Lots of random bits, including about 2-3 parks of the GW Iron Hands upgrade kits in white metal and just general random marine parts, some Forge World dreadnought twin autocannon arms and razor back turrets (all unpainted of course)
  • Enough Battle Foam trays to fit all this in

Please note that only offers over $3,200+P&H will be considered.  Expressions of interested can be made by messaging me though my Facebook page – click here

Iron Hands Stome Eagle 4 Iron Hands Stome Eagle 1

Last but not least, the Imperial Guard (Astra Militarum)

Those of you who have been following me for some time know how massive this force is.  It’s gigantic.  Again, everything listed comes with enough Battle Foam trays to fit it all in.  Click here to see details of it being built.   Here goes…

Please note that only offers over $5,500+P&H will be considered.  Expressions of interested can be made by messaging me though my Facebook page – click here

  • Please note, that ALL, yes ALL the infantry listed below have the Forge World Respirator upgarde kit attached (helmet and back pack upgrade)  ALL OF THEM….
  • 2 x Company Command squads with custom master of ordnance, fleet and astropath plus 2 x melta guns in each squad
  • 3 x wounded guardsman objectives
  • 3 x Ministorum Priests (with Eviscerator)
  • 3 x Commissar’s
  • 9 x 10 man Infantry Squads (two squads have radios and the sergeants have power weapons)
  • 3 x Platoon HQ’s – each has a radio operator
  • 3 x Mortar squads (thats 9 bases of mortars)
  • 3 x Heavy Bolter Squads (thats 9 bases of heavy bolters)
  • 3 x Missile Launcher Squads (thats 9 bases of missile launchers)
  • 1 x Auto Cannon Squad (3 bases of auto cannons)
  • 3 x Special Weapon squads with Sniper Rifles (18 guys in total) – think sniper sections
  • 3 X Special Weapon squads with flamers and demo charges (18 guys in total) – think assault pioneers
  • 10 x Armoured Sentinel’s with Auto Cannons (yep, 10)
  • 7 x Leman Russ – All have magnatised sponsons and weapons
  • 3 x Leman Russ vanquishers – All have magnatised sponsons and weapons
  • 4 x Valkyrie/Vendetta – All have the Forge World Vendetta upgrade kits that are magnatised and the standard Valkyrie weapon load out magnatised
  • 1 x Baneblade super heavy tank
  • 1 x Forge World Macharius Vanquisher – this tank also comes with the turret that makes up the Vulcan variant
  • 1 x Chimera
  • 3 x Chimera (part painted)
  • 1 x Forge World Medusa (part painted)
  • 1 x Forge World Manticore (part painted)
  • 9 x Forge World Guard with melta guns (unpainted)
  • 1 x Lord Castallan Creed (unpainted)
  • 1 x Colonel ‘Iron Hand’ Straken (unpainted)
  • 1 x Vindicare Assassin (unpainted)

IMG_2038IMG_0525 IMG_0806 IMG_0812 IMG_1123 IMG_1140 IMG_1147 IMG_0988 IMG_0994 IMG_1987 IMG_1990Now, as I mentioned, if you’re keen, message me though my Facebook page – click here

I accept that the market for these armies is pretty small at these price points, however it would be nice to sell them whole, rather than breaking them up on eBay.  Hence this is my first port of call.  They all represent excellent value for money, as I’m only looking to recover the cost of the models, no time allowed for painting.  Also, please share this post on whatever other pages you visit.  Like I said, it’d really like these armies to go whole.

On a different topic, I have been painting.  Lots and lots of World Eaters as a matter of fact.  So hopefully you’ll see some posts on them soon.  However with Uni, moving house and end of semester exams (plus a trip to New York for a month at the end of the year coming up) I’m pretty flat strap.

Thanks for dropping in,

John Sutton.

  1. Such a shame you have to part with them mate, I remember when I first got onto your work most of these were WIP.

  2. Shane says:

    Is there any chance that before you sell these there could be a huge battle report? I love how you painted these and I would be over joyed if this happened! Also I am in love with your landraider, I’m painting a black one myself and I was curious if you had any tips for painting black armor without an airbrush and the weathering you did? I watched the videos you made but it seems that the landraider has significantly more weathering than the landspeeder. Thank you!

    • John Sutton says:

      hey mate, painting black is tricky, and a lot of what I do is just from experience. Suffice to say, that when you paint black, it isn’t really black. It’s lots shades of back etc. As for a battle report, i did do one with my iron hands v world eaters. did you see that?

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