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This is just a quick post of the Blood Letters of Khorne I finished some time ago but because of a few things (crappy weather mostly) I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph them properly.  I did these to accompany my Blood Thirster, Greater Daemon of Khorne for when I feel like running my 30k World Eaters as Chaos Space Marines.  Over all I’m very pleased with how these models have turned out.  What I like most about them, apart from being plastic, is that they hark back to the original Slaves to Darkness Blood Letters from 1st edition 40k.  I never liked the pump up gym junkie looking Blood Letters that came out circa 3rd ed.  Its astonishing to think these are plastic as the detail and “organic” look to them is very impressive.
Blood Letters of Khorne 1

Blood Letters of Khorne 2

Blood Letters of Khorne 3

Blood Letters of Khorne 4Thanks for dropping in.  Comments welcome