Reaver Titan WIP

Posted: September 23, 2012 in Uncategorized

Did some work on the Reaver over the weekend between playing in Titans of War and trying to get a few other things done.  So Friday I spent most of the afternoon cleaning the kit.  It was a massive job and one I wouldn’t recommend if you don’t own a dremmel with cutting wheel, a good quality dust mask and dust extractor.  It took me about 3hrs of cutting, grinding, sanding, slicing, drilling, heating, cooling and filing to get the kit cleaned up.  It was epic.  I’d pitty the fool who tries to clean this kit if they only have a saw, clippers and a hobby knife.

So the next step was to start working on how I wanted it to be posed, although I wont be getting to the legs for some time, as I’m going to be painting the interior first.  For me getting the pose of this Titan right is really important.  Just to get it right in my mind and to give me something to look forward to as I know the interior is going to be a long tedious road.

As I know that this is going to be a seriously top heavy kit, I cut about 15 of these 2mm spring steal rods to insert into the kit at all the important joints to help make the it strong.  I’ll also drill shallow 2mm holes in the male and female connectors of each joint as well so that the expoxy resin that I’ll use to assemble the kit with will be able to grip into the holes to provide mechanical rigidity as well.

I then set about getting the pose sorted out.  One thing thats really important is to get the centre of gravity right.  Which is keeping the bulk of its weight over the centre of the kit.  Basically you know if you’ve done this right is if the kit stays up without any support. This photo shows the Titan held together with on the steal pins keeping it together.

As you can see, this is a seriously big kit.  Hopefully this can give you an idea of how I want it to look.  It’ll be pointing its left hand weapon system (right hand side of the pic) at a target while the other arms weapon system will be relaxed.

So next stage was to start working on getting the interior ready for paint.  I must have spent about 2hrs checking the way this rather complicated piece of the kit went together.  Test fitting the various components together to ensure that when its all painted it will go together hassle free.  This was actually a lot more complicated that it seemed at the start.  Many of the components had to have very minor trimming done and also the odd bit of heat gun action to ensure a smooth fit.  So after finally getting through this, I got everything ready for under coating and painting…

I then started to get all the base colours sorted out and thats about as far as I got

Next up well be developing the details and painting the servitors.  Then it’ll be cutting in a few areas with shading and then applying oils and start weathering…

Ok, thats it.  I aim to do some more work on it this week but we’ll see how we go

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