Reaver Titan WIP

Posted: October 1, 2012 in Titans
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Hello everyone,

Its been a long weekend here and I’ve spent the last two days working on the Titan. I wanted to get as much as I can in this weekend, as next weekend I’m moving house and I still don’t know if I’ll be able to do as much painting as I’d like to in the new place as its not as big as my current one. Whatever, so I hit it pretty hard this weekend and made a pretty big dent in it until I ran out of Iayden Darksun and tried to get the new GW substitute and its a very poor match, so I’ve had to use the bro network to try and find a replacement, and until it arrives, there will be no more painting. Sad face.

As I spent most of Sunday (8am til about 11pm) painting and building, and most of Monday morning working on the Reaver, this is going to be a pretty big post, so go grab a coffee or something….

Ok to the pics!

First up I had to get the interior finished before I could move onto any other area of the build. The interior of this kit is pretty amazing, so much detail. Sadly though, a lot of it is obscured from view. However its still important to me that attention is paid to it as its worth doing. So I began with under coating all the areas that were going to form the interior structure of the kit (previous post)

Then I started adding weathering to the kit. As most of these machines are ancient (particularly from this legion) I went pretty heavy on the weathering techniques.

Next was assembling the body of the Reaver. This was going to be a massive job that needed to be done right. So I used a lot of clamps and drilling holes in the parts for the glue to grab. Note I used epoxy resin to glue this kit together, not super glue

To get the right bond with the parts for this build, I had to use clamps to hold the parts together while the resin was setting. This involved glueing one part together at a time. Very slow process, however it yields the best results as each part has been clamped together while the resin sets, creating a very firm bond.

Gluing the main bulkhead into the main body.

attaching the weapon system “controls” to the main body

attaching the reactor and other weapon control panel into place

Finally, adding the final part of the main body…

I think at this stage I’ll put this post up and have a part two cos this one is getting a bit out of hand and there is still a long way to go. In the next part I begin masking up all of the interior sections and then begin assembling the legs and begin painting. So until my next post, thanks for looking.

Comments welcome


  1. Jez says:

    Looking good John, I’ll have a poke around and see if I’ve got any left over iyandan darksun.

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