My big move over the weekend unearthed some interesting finds…

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Ars Gratia Artis
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Hello everyone!

For the record, moving house is the pits. If it wasn’t for a bunch of good friends of mine helping me out I would have been smoked. So Jodi, Matt, Colin, Tom & Ben (who I doubt read this blog) a big thank you for your assistance last week and over the weekend moving.

I’m a bit of a hoarder (but haven’t always been) and during the move I found some pictures of minis I painted/build from wwwaaaaaayyyyy back in the day. Circa 95-97. I was really excited when I found the pictures (old 6″x4″ photos) because I thought I’d lost them. The pics are not amazing as I had no idea how to use a camera back then, nor how to photograph small items like a miniature. Who knows where the minis are now, but the pics are ok (all things considered). So let’s now sit back and take a trip down memory lane together. For some of you you’ll be nodding sagely at what your about to see having possibly painted these minis before, and for others you’ll be seeing minis that you have never set your eyes upon before… So here we go….

First up we have Horizon Models 1/5 scale vinyl Terminator. This was the second release of this kit and depicts the T800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I used to really love painting these kits and at one stage had about 10 or so of them. The quality is amazing and they made great show pieces.




As I said, the quality of the pics isn’t great, but. You get the general idea.

Next lets visit another Horizon kit. This time it’s Steel. It’s a great looking kit with some awesome detail




Now the next lot of minis some of you may remember. It was from the wargame Warzone released by Heart breaker games. Originally Warzone was an RPG, but Heart Breaker made it into a wargame and had some great success. Unfortunately their minis were not as good as their art work, but they improved somewhat over time. This game has some very interesting fluff and was a creditable threat to 40k when it first hit the scene. Ok, let’s look at some minis


This was a “Machanation” from the Cybertronic faction in Warzone. Cybertronic basically relied on AI technology to wage war. So all of there units bar a few were robots of some description.



And lastly this is a crew member for a piece if artillery that an enemy force used. I just liked the mini


Next up is a conversion I did of the old GW Assassin model. I never really liked its pose. As you can see its not very imaginative.


So those of you that remember the old “Codex Imperialis” book that was in the 2nd ed box set may remember this pic (later to also be the inspiration for a Mike McVey diorama)


So I converted the old assassin mini based in the pic and also decided to paint the head the same as the killer cyborgs head from the classic horror/sci-fi movie M.A.R.K. 13 I was young and impressionable and this was one bad ass cyborg.


Back in the day it was fashionable to give the assassin a vortex grenade, power fist and displaced field. Nasty

Ok, next cab off the rank is our old friend Abaddon. Not much to say here really. Still a bad ass mini after all these years. Jes Goodwin is the man.



Lastly is a piece of scenery I made out of a piece of cardboard tube and some plastic card.




Ok. That’s it for now. I just wanted to share these pics with all of you. Hope you enjoyed them. I’m still unpacking so I doubt I’ll have any post for you soon on the Titan. I am playing in Ork-toberfest this weekend so you’ll probable see some pics from that on FB

Comments always welcome


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