The Painting Bunker is BACK!

Posted: October 28, 2012 in Titans
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Hello Everyone!

Well, its been a while since my last post… It’s been a bit of an epic journey for me lately.  As you may know I moved house, had a few demanding weeks socially and had my birthday, which was epic! (if you have the means I highly recommend the Surfers Paradise Hilton)

This weekend was the 1st weekend I’ve actually had to do with as I please and to be honest with the move and a few other things, I’d really lost my painting mojo.  However it returned with a vengeance yesterday afternoon and I’ve been on an epic painting bender ever since.  So strap yourself in for some hardcore O.G. ungreased man dolly ACTION!

So my focus has been firmly on the Reaver Titan.  I am actually aiming to have this bad boy finished in time for an 8000pt Apoc tourney at the end of November.  Up until yesterday I thought it was just a pipe dream, however after the weekends progress I am feeling confident that I may just reach that ambitious goal.  We’ll see.  I also have to paint several other things including… ahem… a Thunderhawk Gunship too… but hey, if you don’t aim high and all that….  Then I have the ADFWGA championships up in Townsville in early December too, which I’ll be taking my badest of badass Imperial Guard (seems appropriate) which I need to paint a Hydra, Manticore and several single minis for the army list I’ve prepared.  So I’ve got a lot of painting ahead of me in the next month so we’ll see if my painting mojo can stick around.  Lucky for me I got a coffee machine for my birthday, so I’m sure this will help….

So to the pics….

This post is really about masking of the Reaver in preparation to get all the iron work ready.  Being such a massive model, this has been a very time consuming process and also very masking tape consuming process too!  I’ve used the Tamiya 12mm tape on the Reaver as on the two warhounds I used 19mm, and I thought the 12mm would be a nice contrast for this model.

As you can see, there are lots of hazard stripes on this kit.  It was a huge job just getting this far.  Next came cutting in the black

Also after I cut the black in I added a slight highlight along the seem line.  This looks quite effective once the masking tape is removed.  Once this was done I had to mask all it up, as well as all the red that is on the model too.  This was epic

I also added all the pistons and hoses onto tooth picks ready for undercoating too.


Everything is now ready for undercoating.  I’ll knock that over tomorrow after work and if I’m really inspired get a start on the iron work too.  I expect to have quite a few posts coming up in the next few weeks.  Lets hope I can get everything painted I am too.  Its a big job, and painting all the gold trimming on the carapace is a HUGE job.  Probably the most time consuming aspect of the Titan, oh and the Imperial Eagle crest that is on the main carapace of this Titan.  So yeah, quite a bit to do.

BTW, the Thunderhawk has been ordered and I expect it in the next two weeks or so.  I am reasonably confident about getting this kit painted in time as I dont plan on painting the interior.  So it’s basically going to be a massive black model.  However I could be a little too ambitious as almost every person I’ve ever spoken to about this kit and every blog I’ve ever followed about this kit tells me that the assembly is a muther fucker.   So I may yet have to yet alter my apoc list.

Ok, thats me, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post.

See you all soon


  1. Matthew Lye says:

    I just finished doing a thunderhawk for that comp… id say your going to be hard pressed. The kit usually comes missing a part or two, has a hell of alot of pieces, and most of the big ones are warped and require alot of work, and greenstuffing to get them to fit together seamlessly.

    Hit me up this week on DRN and ill give you a full run down, and bring the model in if you want.

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