Reaver WIP – kinda

Posted: October 30, 2012 in Titans

Hey everyone,

This post is coming to from my iPhone which should be interesting, if not brief cos typing on this tiny key pad blows.

So I really gave a lot of thought as to weather or not to put this post up as I was hoping that what it’s going to be about would have been about a great success, however it’s more about an idea I had for the Titan that didn’t work out so I’ve decided to abandon it. Sad face.

However after have a long chat with a mate of mine on Skype last night he urged me to post it so that maybe others can learn from my learn or possibly inspire someone to achieve a good result and advance the hobby.

So the idea is relatively simple. It involves stencils and adding some interest to the large flat areas of the Reavers carapace. Some of you may remember an Iron Hands Landraider I didn’t a few months ago where I added some scripting to the front of the hull? Well this is basically what I wanted to do for the Reaver, however instead of having the scripting in white, use the air brush to just create a monochromatic outline if the words instead. So that it would be a bit more subtle.

Problems began for this idea when I spoke to my stencil person about the idea. There was a big technical challenge that the letters couldn’t be made as small as I wanted them, around 2mm high. Instead the smallest they could be made was around 5mm. I decided to go ahead anyway as I thought it’d be worth experimenting as the possible upside of the result would far out weigh the downside of it not appearing exactly as it did in my minds eye.

The second technical challenge I faced, which I knew about was the stencil film taking paint off when I removed it. I had a similar problem with my digi cam on the Carcharodons display board. I thought I’d learnt enough from that experience to overcome this challenge. I gave the kit a very thorough washing before assembly and used a special Tamiya undercoat that is meant to bond with the resin before applying the black undercoat. I felt confident that these measures would overcome the lack of “low tac” that the stencil material has. The stencil film is not meant to be easily removed so its not low tac like most modeling masking tapes.

So lets look at some pics of how it all panned out.


Here is the stencil cut to size ready for application.


A rough application of the stencil. I used a heat gun to the stencil better conform to the contours of the carapace.


The stencil applied and trimmed. Ready for air brushing.


I begin outlining the stencil. All good so far.


I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself at this stage. And despite the size of the letters I’m willing to make a concession as the effect will look awesome.


And yeah. Very disappointed at this stage. The thought of this happening to the main areas of the carapace was too much to bear so I abandoned the idea. Back to the drawing board…. I feel that the size of the letters and the lifting of the base colour meant that I just wasn’t prepared to persevere with this idea.

I’ll give it another attempt in the future however for the time being I’m going to give it a rest.

On a brighter note. I got the Reaver and Manticore undercoat end yesterday and plan to apply their various base colours this afternoon.

Thanks for stopping in


  1. Jez says:

    It sucks that it ended that way mate its a wicked idea

  2. Nevyen says:

    One thing could be to apply and not sure if you did this or not- but apply a matt varnish to the paint and let it dry before applying the stencil- it could offer that extra protection from the tac and allot less adhesion from the stencil.

  3. Mark says:

    John my money is on the hot glue gun causing the problem. I’m not sure how much you had to heat it, but if you’re able to heat the stencil enough to make it conform then it’s likely it is causing the adhesive to bind with the paint. Aint no undercoat gonna keep that from happening.

    I’ve had some success with “high tack” tape by sticking it to something else first (usually my forearm)(no, not the hairy side).

    And finally, +1 to what the chap above posted about a sealing coat first. Go nuts with a lacquer like dullcote.

    Sorry to read about the damage mate. The pain is very familiar to me!


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