The Painting Bunker hosts Epic Scale 30k at BrisCon 2016 – 01 May

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Competitions, Net Epic, Scenery, Tournaments

Just a quick post to let you all know that BrisCon is back and I’ve put my hand up to run an Epic 30k one day tournament.  BrisCon is held over the May day long weekend in Windsor, however the event I’ll be running is just limited to one day, the Sunday.  It’ll be a 2000pt comp with a few limitations.  You can download the players pack here. Epic 30k 2016 BRISCON Players Pack

If you are interested, please contact me via the email address 30k BrisCon at gmail dot com (all one word).  Numbers are limited to 6 Traitors and 6 Loyalists.

I’m pretty excited about this comp and the resurrection of BrisCon, so drop by the BrisCon website and show your support.

Now to build some terrain… Luckily a good friend of mine has sent me a little something-something to help get things started….

Terrain Haul

I just had to throw in this picture, because it’s badass.

poster-horus-rising-largeThanks for dropping in


  1. Mardness says:

    Hey dude, just going through the players pack now.
    So are you sure you’re limiting to Legions and Titans only? I had a sweet Solar Auxilia in the works I would have loved to rock for the weekend

    • John Sutton says:

      Hey Mardness, its more that the rules haven’t been thoroughly play tested yet, so we decided to not give them a run in this tournament.
      Keeping it simple with just astartes and titans will mean that ppl are dealing with things that have a very venerable and familiar line of rules dating back to the 90’s. I hope this doesn’t prevent you supporting what is I’m sure, a great up-and-coming scene in Brisbane. Cheers, John

      • Chema Salgado says:

        Hi John. As I dont use fb, Would you mind to send me an email about how yo get miniatures? In Spain there is only ebay and it is not an easy way…
        Thanks a lot

  2. mardness says:

    Yeah, i can understand, though most of the units in the Solar Auxilia are actually similar to my Vraks army i was using during the weekend. Plus the superheavies are all existing in other guard lists. But it’s your tourney so your rules.

    Just not feeling my Dark Angels at the moment

  3. Ryan Kelly says:

    That stuff is hard to get. Jealous, right now, very jealous…

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