The Xth Legion – Iron Hands – The Flesh is Weak

Posted: April 5, 2016 in Horus Heresy, Iron Hands

Good morning all,

Heres a project I’ve been working on over the Easter Holiday break.  It’s about 4,000pts worth of 30k Iron Hands.  I’ve still got Ferrus to go, and quite a substantial amount of Mechanicum too.  This is just the first tranche to get the ball rolling.  It was a real pleasure to paint.  Black, as you all know, is a tricky ‘colour’ (it’s actually a shade) to paint.  To make a black army look good is very difficult.  I tried a few different techniques on this army to help overcome some of the obstacles faced by painting a black army.

You’ll notice that I’ve used the new Forge World Iron Hands decal sheet.  I have to say, I am a little disappointed by it.  There are a few pros, but also a few cons too.  Let me explain.  The main pro, is that, unlike the older FW decal sheets, each decal is printed on its own piece of clear film.  So no more spending hrs cutting around 50 shoulder pad markings.  Oh, the time I’ve spend doing that.  Another pro is the totally awesome Clan markings.  There are some really nice ones on this sheet.  So thats it for the pros.  A few of the cons.  There are not enough Clan markings to do anymore that 15 or so marines.  So that means, with a force this size, I would have needed to buy about 3-4 sheets if I wanted to do a whole army from the same clan.  The other con is the lack of the roman numeral “X”.  One thing I really love about 30k modelling, is festooning the marines and their vehicles with their legion number designation.  It just looks hard as fuck.  There are no Xs” on this decal sheet.  Also, the new style ‘graphic’ decals look childish to me.  I used them, and they look ok, and some had some cool shit on it (an inverted pentagram) but overall, not that impressed.  I preferred the old decal sheet….

Ok, the models, behold!


ThugIMG_3932 IMG_3933 IMG_3934 IMG_3935Really like the new Spartan.  Having the tracks cast on to the hull makes SUCH a massive difference when painting and assembling.
IMG_3937 IMG_3938 IMG_3939 IMG_3940 IMG_3941

So as many of you know, the hull is based on the plastic Baneblade kit.  The instructions that accompany the Fellblade are basically useless.  This kit is a real prick to assemble.  Looks fucking cool though!  Tough as nails too…

I bought a Glaive turret off eBay so I could make two tanks with the one chassis.  IMG_3943 IMG_3944 IMG_3945 IMG_3947 IMG_3948 IMG_3949 IMG_3950 IMG_3951 IMG_3952 IMG_3953

Probably my favourite models from the FW Iron Hands range.  These guys look like Special Forces about about go and kick down a door or something.  They’re covered in bits of kit and just look like they’re ready for business.  I want to get more.IMG_3954 IMG_3956

Husta la vista….IMG_3957 IMG_3958  These guys are magnetised so that they can take a variety of support weapon choices.


Thats it for the time being.  Back to study now.  See you all for the post Emperor’s Legions Epic Scale 30k Comp I’m supporting at BrisCon on 01 May.  If you’re thinking of coming, please head over now a pick up your tickets.

Thanks for dropping in


  1. Rictus says:

    Awesome, just awesome.

  2. Very impressive. Can I ask what paint scheme you used ? It seems to be a combination of black,metallic silver and a blue hint ?

  3. Wudugast says:

    Outstanding stuff – that rust is superbly done. Really like the text along the hulls of the tanks as well – a very nice touch.

  4. Pete S/ SP says:

    Great work- its a really impressive collection.



  5. Drake Seta says:

    Very nice. Love the Fellblade especially. Good to see the whole force too!

  6. John Sutton says:

    Wow! Now I’m blushing… Well, if the truth is told, the feeling is mutual. Thanks again for dropping in.

    I wish I had more time for hobby these days….

  7. Felix says:

    Outstanding work! The army looks great, and you made the black very interesting. Do you think, you`ll be doing a tut on how you do the black and rust effects? I would love to pick your brain about it.
    Also excited to see some Zone Mortalis in the future, ZM is such a blast to play.

  8. Azazel says:

    Great work here – the weathering and use of grey-as-black create a very effective impression and look for these models. Much nicer than the traditional “grey edge highlight” that is used by GW’s studio look. Did you apply them via airbrush?

  9. Rich Kitchen says:

    So zenithal painting for the grey? I like it. Still a big fan of your 40k Iron Hands.

  10. Wow dude, wow! I’m so glad I came for a zoomed in look. Holy shit these look badass. Love the weathering on the tanks and all the feature glowy blue bits. Top notch stuff, John!

  11. Arran Faithfull says:

    The army is as good irl as it is in the pics. There is even more models than this. I’ve seen it first hand.

  12. […] a fan of the embossed shoulder armour produced by GW and later FW, however after adding them to the Iron Hands    I gained a new appreciation for the contribution these upgrades make to the aesthetic and theme […]

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