My 3rd Wargamer AU Diary, The Carcharodons Space Marine Chapter

Posted: June 12, 2012 in Carcharodons, Wargamer AU
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Here is the link to my Carcharadons Space Marine Chapter diary on Wargamer AU.  I started this army after I read the Badab War Imperial Armour books published by Forge World.  The two books basically detail the events of a Space Marine civil war that broke out early in the 32nd millennium between several Space Marine Chapters.  All together there were about 15-20 chapters involved.

The Carcharadons arrived shortly after hostilities had well and truly gotten underway.  The arrived from a region of space that no one thought was explored by the Imperium, and neither side really knew which side they were on.  Even when they did declare allegiance to the Loyalist, the leader of the Loyalist was very sceptical of their motives.

What I like about this chapter is that they are a space bourn chapter that has been in isolation for so long doing their own thing that the Imperium has “moved on”, to the point that the dialect of Imperial Gothic they speak is out dated, and much of their equipment is very old even by Imperial standards.  The Carcharadons are a throw back to times passed in the Imperium.

This army was originally designed to be 1500pts.  It too has since grown, and now has a tactical squad, and shortly another landraider will be added.

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