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Reaver Titan

Posted: September 20, 2012 in Titans
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Well, I had some great news yesterday.  My Reaver Titan arrived in the mail, and holy quick delivery batman it arrived in no time at all.  I ordered it last Thursday night and it arrived Wednesday afternoon.  Amazing.  Anyways, this is a seriously massive kit.  By far the biggest I’ve ever seen for a wargaming miniature.  Weighing in at a hefty 5.2kg, this bad boy is an amazing sight to see.

So I went with the Apoc missile launcher, the melta cannon and laser blaster weapon system load out.  As you can imagine I was pretty pumped to get a good look at it, however I didnt get home to late last night so I wasnt able to spend much time inspecting the pieces.  Did I mention there are shit loads of pieces?  Fuck me dead there are a shit tin of pieces!  Its astonishing.  So I took these photos last night just to illustrate the detail of the kit and the quality of the cast.  I’m very impressed.

The bag on the bottom left corner is the biggest and contains all of the leg parts.  By far the most complicated aspect of the model.

aaaahhhh we all know what that is, the very distinctive head of the Reaver.  This kit has an enormous amount of cleaning up to do.  Every piece, especially the larger pieces, have massive pour points attached to them.  I estimate that 1/4 of the weight of the box has gone  just in these pour points.

This is the Tech Priest crew member that dwells in the body of the model.  As usual Forge Worlds minis are correctly scaled, well cast and realistic.  It does have some extremely fine pieces tho and you must be careful not to loose them.

The instructions are much better than I expected and given the audience who’d buy this type of model, well laid out and thorough.

No shit


So today I went out and laid all the parts out to inspect them for any obvious casting errors and ensure that everything was present.  With such a large kit discovering that a part is missing could take many weeks or months if you are not thorough in the beginning.

 As I mentioned, the legs are by far the most complicated aspect of this model.  I was however pleased (and even more so after some further inspection) that the kit is quite posable.  I was concerned that I’d have to settle for a less than dynamic pose for this model as all the pictures I’ve ever seen of it project it as being quite ridged.  This isn’t the case, and in keeping with my other two Warhound Titans, I plan on making this kit in a rather dynamic pose too (as dynamic as you can get for a 470 tone walking city block)

Yep, the head.  I have to say at this point, I was disappointed that this kit unlike the Warhound, doesnt come with the option to have the crew in or out of the cockpit area.  Further to that, I was under the impression that the Titan came with foot crew as well.  I’ll have to order them next time.

 This is the body and its beautifully detailed.  I’ve got some great ideas (in my head anyways) of how I’m going to paint this area.  If what I’m thinking comes out the way I see it in my minds eye, its going to be the illest Reaver Titan around

This is the chassis that goes under the body carapace.  I was really impressed with the way the hip area works on this model.  Again, allaying my fears of it having only limited posing ability.

Cool little bits of detail that you can add on to the kit to personalise it more.  Interestingly, the Warhound has these extras too, however they are different moulds.

The 1st of the Reaver Titans weapon systems.  The Laser Blaster.  Nice

Again, much more impressed with this now that I’ve been able to see it unassembled and unpainted.  A lot more detail that I was expecting.

Last but not least, the Apoc missile launcher.  This is one solid piece of resin.  Insane.  It weighs a shit load.

Ok, so I am extremely pleased with this kit.  My level of enthusiasm  to work on it is very high and expect to see a lot of rapid development in the coming weeks.  I have Titans of War on this weekend so I wont be able to do much work on it, but come next week I’ll be hitting it hard.  Firstly cleaning it all up with my trusty Dremmel and then test fitting to get the pose right.  It looks like I’m going to have to paint it in lots of pieces to get the level of finish I want on the paint job.  Much like when I painted the Warhounds, however there is much more detail here and the level of complexity is far greater.

I hope you’re looking forward to this journey as much as I am, I’ve been thinking about out how I’m going to do this kit for some time and I have high expectations on how its going to look completed.