Carcharodons Pre-Heresy Landraider update

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Carcharodons
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Hey All,  this is just a really quick update.  Ok, the pictures…

So this is the edging that I mentioned in my last post.  I’ve got to gap fill it, then put the rivets in after that.  I’m really happy with how its coming along.  The actual kit though is seriously crap.  It’ll need a lot of work to get it looking ok, which is a bit disappointing, especially considering they took down for sale because they were having problems with the mould

This is what I used to apply the edge

ok, thats it for now


  1. Sheep says:

    Looking good buddy, the only thing I’m not sure about is the book on the ramp, the carcharodons don’t strike me as a very superstitious or subject to relic worship, they seem more practical to me.

  2. Aaron Bailey says:

    Looking sick bro, the banding will come up a teat when painted, the only tng I’m not so sure about is that book.
    The Cagharodons don’t strike me as particularly religious or subject to relic worship as other dress wearing chapters, like the black Templars or Dark Angels and their progeny.

    • Aaron Bailey says:

      Didn’t think the first one posted, sorry for cutting your page with my drivel 😉

    • OPR8OR says:

      I see where you coming from with the book comment. Being Tyberous personal Landraider, I see the book more of a record of his victories etc, rather than passages from say the R.G’s Codex or some other religiously significant artefact belong to the chapter.

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