Finished Carcharodons Landraider

Posted: July 12, 2012 in Carcharodons
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Hello fine people,

I’m about to fall asleep but I wanted to make this quick post before I did because I wont have a chance in the next few days (I dont think)

Welcome to my 1st finished model on my new page.  Hope you enjoy!

I’ll do a more thorough post in the next few days.  I wanted to get this mini finished for a tourny I’m playing in this weekend

Comments always welcome


  1. Rictus says:

    Looking awesome. Not sure it was intentional but I love how it looks like the flamestrom cannon (?) in the sponsons cast a shark shaped shadow on the hull.

    Look forward to the follow up post on it.

  2. OPR8OR says:

    Hey rictus, that’s actuay a stencil of the chapter badge I air brushed onto the hull. If you look throgh some of the older posts you’ll see how I did ir

  3. Rictus says:

    Yeah i saw you do the stencil for the Shark, but in the first picture the angle of the shot and the angle of the cannon in the sponson matches up with the shark stencil, giving the impression of it casting and actual shark shaped shadow…ok, it is probably just me that sees it but it amused me…

  4. Garry sinclair says:

    Awesome paint job , love the carcharadons myself & am just starting out trying to paint these guys -so fingers crossed they look half as good as yours 👍

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