Warhound Titan Finished!

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Titans
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Good Morning Fine People,

Well, late yesterday afternoon after a massive painting bender on Friday afternoon/night, and most of Saturday afternoon, I finished the 2nd Warhound Titan.  Ok enough chit chat, lets get to the pics…





Ok thats it.  Its been an epic journey and I’m now 2/3’s of the way there, with just a Reaver left to go.  Then my Titan painting days are over.  These projects are MASSIVE.  So many parts, and such complicated models.  But truly remarkable.

So being Mars pattern Titans, from the Fire Wasp Legion (Legio Ignatum) its only fitting to name them after two famous Warhound Titans from that Legion.  Jure Divenu (Devine Law) & Defensor Fidei (Defender of the Faith).  The inscription on Defensor Fidei’s lower leg is Dileas gu bas (Faithful unto Death).

I hope you enjoy the pics.  Its been a pleasure painting these two great models, as much as it has been at time a test of my patience.  But I am very pleased with how they have both come out, and the presence they will have on any battlefield I take them too.

Anyways, hope this has made your Sunday a little bit more enjoyable.

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  1. Aaron Bailey says:

    They look stunning mate! The difference in the hazard stripes gives them a unified colour scheme but enough variation that they each have a unique character.

    Can’t wait for the reaver!

  2. OPR8OR says:

    Thanks bro! The Reaver is going to be a massive project

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