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Well, today is a good day.

I’ve finally finished the Reaver Titan I started in September.  It’s been a massive project and I have to admit I’m grateful for the experience I gained from building the two Warhounds when I set out on this massive endeavour.  I pitty anyone who would attempt to build a Reaver without having first built a Warhound.  I thought the Warhounds were complicated, the Reaver makes them look like a lego man by comparison.  Anyways, I’ll cut to the pics so everyone can enjoy the massive!

Behold the God Machine!

Forge World Reaver Titan 1 via Forge World Reaver Titan 9 via Forge World Reaver Titan 8 via Forge World Reaver Titan 7 via Forge World Reaver Titan 6 via Forge World Reaver Titan 5 via Forge World Reaver Titan 4 via Forge World Reaver Titan 3 via Forge World Reaver Titan 2 via

I can’t wait til the final? book of the Forge World Horus Heresy book comes out that deals with the assault on the Imperial Palace on Terra.  The Fire Wasps take a big part in the defence.

Warhound Titan Finished!

Posted: July 22, 2012 in Titans
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Good Morning Fine People,

Well, late yesterday afternoon after a massive painting bender on Friday afternoon/night, and most of Saturday afternoon, I finished the 2nd Warhound Titan.  Ok enough chit chat, lets get to the pics…





Ok thats it.  Its been an epic journey and I’m now 2/3’s of the way there, with just a Reaver left to go.  Then my Titan painting days are over.  These projects are MASSIVE.  So many parts, and such complicated models.  But truly remarkable.

So being Mars pattern Titans, from the Fire Wasp Legion (Legio Ignatum) its only fitting to name them after two famous Warhound Titans from that Legion.  Jure Divenu (Devine Law) & Defensor Fidei (Defender of the Faith).  The inscription on Defensor Fidei’s lower leg is Dileas gu bas (Faithful unto Death).

I hope you enjoy the pics.  Its been a pleasure painting these two great models, as much as it has been at time a test of my patience.  But I am very pleased with how they have both come out, and the presence they will have on any battlefield I take them too.

Anyways, hope this has made your Sunday a little bit more enjoyable.

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Titan WIP – Update

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Titans
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Hello fine people,

A work in progress shot of the Titan.  This is the lower armour of the right leg.  I worked on the whole Titan today, but this is just the part which I thought I’d post up.  Providing something doesn’t come up on the weekend, I’ll be hitting the Titan pretty hard.  Hope you enjoy!

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Hello fine people,

Just a very quick update.  I have just about finished the crippled Eldar Wraithlord for the base of my 2nd Warhound Titan.  Here is a work in progress shot for you

I know that some of you might not know what I’m going on about here, so this is a pic to help contextualise whats going on

 So its starting to look pretty good.  I was a bit worried about how the Wraithlord would come out, particularly given how most Eldar’s paint schemes are typically portrayed.  However, I am quite pleased with how its ended up.  I’ve given myself til the 26th of July to get this Titan finished.  Personally I think I’ll piss it in, but we’ll see.

Ok, I’m off to bed, comments always welcome



This is the link to my 4th WargamerAU diary, Deus ex Machina (God Machine)  This is the smallest of the 40k scale Titans, and its still massive.  This is easily the most complicated resin model I’ve ever assembled and painted.  I made it even more difficult for myself because of the pose I wanted it to have.  I wanted it to be mid stride as if it was running.  I’ve never seen a Warhound or any other Imperial Titan for that matter in a running pose.  They are usually just standing there… pretty boring.

This was a seriously fun project though, I have to admit.  The final result is very pleasing too…  I liked it so much I’m painting another, and another class of Titan called a Reaver.  So keep a look out for it.

I’ve only used it once in a game, and it was heaps of fun.  It really owns the board, and as I said, its the smallest of the Titans, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the Reaver goes.