Iron Hands Rhinos – Finished

Posted: August 31, 2012 in Iron Hands
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yet another long term project finished.  Four Rhinos for my four Iron Hands Tactical Squads.  I’ve made the top doors removable and also painted the Razor Back mounting plate too.  So if in the future I want to run them as Razor Backs its no problems.

Hope you enjoy the pics.  I’m actually really happy with how these have turned out.  Theres something about Rhinos that I really like.

  1. Andreas Bergman says:

    Amazing work on those Rhinos!
    I’ve been watching your progress on WargamerAU with great interest.
    Your Iron Hands force is just breathtaking.
    I especially love the vehicles! 🙂
    Are these just primed black, weathered with boltgun metal and washed with graveyard earth and kommando khaki?
    However you do it, the results are stunning.

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