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So, I finally did it, I went and brought a display cabinet for my 40k Armies yesterday.  I did quite a lot of research on what was the best choice, best value for money option, and after many months (seriously) I brought a 1800 x 900 x 450 commercial 6mm toughened glass display cabinet.  I got it from the very helpful guys are Absoe Business Equipment in West End, and it set me back $750.  It was unassembled and I had to use my Ute to get it home from (about 10 min drive from where I live)  It came in two packages and the largest one weighed about 100kgs… so yeah, it was a bit of a struggle getting it off the Ute by myself, but I managed and then set about assembling it.  Being commercial quality its built to last (a key reason why I chose it) all the fittings are robust and the base is seriously strong, with 4 castors on it too so it can be pushed around if I decided to relocate it.  The glass doors slide on ball bearing runners and also are lockable too.  So lets look at the pictures shall we?


The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comAll my models (less unpainted, which isnt many) fit only just, don’t know how many it is or how many points it all add up to, but its a lot.  Maybe someone could work it out if you get bored?

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Forge World Titans via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe God Machines.  You many not be aware, but where I live we’ve been getting some pretty extreme weather lately and as a result the Reavers Melta Cannon fell off.  I haven’t reattached it yet as I’m considering getting another Turbo Laser Blaster  for it.

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Imperial Guard 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comSo we have here most of Support Company (Snipers, DFSW, Anti-Armour & Mortars) Accompanied by a Leman Russ Tank Company, Baneblade and Macharius (I have both Turrets)

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Imperial Guard 2 via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe Light Infantry Company with Vendettas and the rest of Support Company (Recon & Pioneers)

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Carcharodons via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe good old Carcharodons

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Iron Hands 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comIron Hands with Drop Pods and Rhinos

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Iron Hands 2 via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe dreaded Hextad of The Ancients Apoc Formation, along with Landspeeders and Terminators (Who I use in Apoc as the Death-knell formation) and some Legion of the Damned

So thats it, man cave review done.  I’m pretty happy to see all the models all on display at one place at one time.

As an aside, I’ve been working on the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape boards over the past few days, so with any luck I should have an update on them shortly.

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Hello everyone,

This is a very quick post just to show you some pics of the first Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape board section that I’ve finished.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I had some mates over today for a bit of Boxing Day hobby action.  I hit up the Shattered Plaza pretty hard and worked like a daemon to get it completed.  I’m very pleased with how its turned out.  It has actually turned out better than I imagined, which has really gotten me excited about painting more of the sections.  Between waiting for sections of the Shattered Plaza to dry, I started working on the Primus Sector.  I’m aiming to get that competed tomorrow, which baring any unforeseen problems will happen.

So lets look at a few pics

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comForge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza 2 via www.thepaintingbunker.comForge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza 3 via www.thepaintingbunker.comForge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza 5 via www.thepaintingbunker.comForge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza 4 via www.thepaintingbunker.comSo as you can see, the board really has some character to it now.  I’m beginning to feel that once the project is finished its really going to look amazing and be a real pleasure to play on.  On a side note, myself and a good mate of mine who also has a blog called Forlorn Hope spent a few hours on Monday cutting out four of the Imperial Sector box sets in preparation for making the buildings that will adorn these incredible boards.  It was a massive project (cutting them out) and very daunting seeing sprues cut out and thinking of  the amount of work thats going to be needed to assemble and paint all the pieces.   Its epic.

Ok, tonight I’m assembling three Chimeras for my Imperial Guard.  I’ve been seriously inspired by the Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One, Second Edition Armoured Battle Group army list thats included in the book.  So I’m in the process of Mechanising my Imperial Guard light infantry Company.  Which is also going to be a massive project but the sooner I start the sooner I’ll finish.  I’m just going to work on a Platoon time though, so it won’t be too overwhelming.

Ok, thats it for now.


Hello everyone,

Well today I began preparing the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Boards for painting.  Before I go into what preparation I’ve done, let me just consolidate some of the concerns that I’ve had with these boards that I’d like to overcome before I commence painting them.  The first one is that they are hollow and although are made out of a material (I dont know what it is) that seems to be quite strong, I always like to make sure things are over engineered so that if they are put to the test there will be no doubt about their performance.  The other issue I want to attempt to overcome is the bowing on the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza foundation.

So this post is going to be in three sections.  The first part will deal effectively with what I did to strengthen the board sections, the second part will describe my approach to mitigating the bow in the Shattered Plaza foundation and finally, the last part of this post will detail my plans on how I’m going to approach painting these massive board sections.  So go grab a cuppa, get comfy and we’ll begin.

My plan to strengthen the board sections involves using an expandable foam to fill in the back of the board.  Thus giving it a solid back that means should pressure be applied to the top of the board (like someone leaning over it) the board wont flex and potentially crack.  So off I went to my local Barnes and picked up some expandable foam and a few other bits an pieces from a local hardward shop.  You can see what I’m going to use in the picture below.

Basically the plan is to use a piece of MDF with 10-14 20mm holes drilled into it to cover the back of the board and held in place with clamps while the expandable foam is poured into the holes and allowed to do its thing.  Once the foam has set, I remove the MDF and poof! the board is now a solid piece of foam and unknown FW casting material…


Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comA few of the items above is the expandable foam (grows 5 X its volume) a 605 x 605mm piece of 9mm MDF, a 20mm drill bit, some paddle pop sticks for stirring, a few cups to mix in, a set of scales to get the quantities right and some Vaseline to apply to the side of the MDF that’s exposed to the foam so it won’t stick.  I did the math on how much foam I’d need to do one board (I just wanted to test one to determine weather or not I should do more in the future).  The math went like this.  1ml = 1cm2, so 60cm X 60cm (the size of the board) X 2cm (the approximate height of the board at the highest point) = 7200cm2 or 7.2L  From there, I divided it by 5 (the foam expands 5 times its starting mass).  This left me with about 1.45L.  So I got 2 x 1kg worth of foam mix to do the first board section.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 2 via

So I marked up the board and drilled 12-ish 20mm holes around the place.  These would act as both a pour location, and also a vent for the foam to expand into.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 3 via

This is a picture of the board with all its holes drilled into it.  If I had my time over, I would have put four more in it.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 4 via

Next I applied the vaseline to the board.  I used vaseline because its viscose enough not to be absorbed into the MDF, and also should hopefully prevent the foam sticking to the MDF, therefore allowing me to remove the board once the foam has set.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 5 via

I put a fairly liberal amount of vaseline on to the board to ensure I’d have no complications when it comes time to remove it


Before I went and actually poured the whole amount of the foam onto the board, I made up a small amount to test that the vaseline would actually stop it from adhering to the MDF.


Great success!  All going according to plan


So I clamped the MDF onto the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board ready to pour the foam.


I mixed the foam up in 6 x 200ml batches (both resin and catalysts).  The foam has a very short time between when its mixed and when it start to expand.  20 sec in fact.  So I had to be quick.  I did most of the pouring from the edges and worked my way into the middle.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 11 via

You can see in this picture that the foam is starting to expand out of the holes… my plan seems to be working.  After 15mins I removed the MDF board to find this…

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 12 via

A little bit disappointed with the results to be honest.  I see two problems.  The first is the amount of foam required to do this.  It would cost in excess of $500 to do all eight sections.  The other is the inconsistency of the result.  As you can see, in some areas its risen up to the backing board, but in other areas its not even covering the entire surface area.  Another small issue I encountered was the heat generated as a result of the curing process.  It did get me worried for a while there, but in the end it was all good.

I won’t be doing this for the other 7 sections because of the cost involved.  If it weren’t so expensive, I would as this board section now is very tough, I could easily drive a car over it and I doubt there would be any noticeable damage, seriously.  A great learn though, and I’m glad I went through with it as it’s given me some useful insights into other applications for this process.

Ok, onwards.  How to deal with the bow in the Shattered Plaza.

My remedy for this is quite simple really, stick a piece of 6mm MDF thats roughly the size of the Plaza foundation to the underside of the section so that the large, thin flat expanse has something to reinforce it from underneath therefore giving it greater rigidity.  So lets get started, below is what I used for this part of the project.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 13 via

You can see in the picture a pice of 300mm x 250mm x 6mm MDF, some “liquid nails” (this stuff is strong as!), and a chalking gun.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 14 via

All I did was simply apply a liberal amount of liquid nails to the MDF and placed it in the centre of the underside of the Plaza

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 15 via

I then placed a box on the MDF, so that when I inverted it, the board section would be suspended.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 16  via

Then when I turned it upside down, placed some weight on it so that a firm bond could be achieved.  Simple.  They say simple plans are often the best… well, this is testament to that adage.

So now that those two aspects of the preparation stage have been dealt with, lets look at actually painting this model.

My plan for painting the boards is going to be in 5 stages.

  • Preparation (undercoating etc)
  • Roads
  • Random details (Rhino, Rapier ect)
  • Building plinths (foundations)
  •  Tie in the details

Lets look at stage one, Preparation.  Now, as some of you may remember, I had a few problems with paint coming off my first attempt at painting a Forge World Realm of Battle board section.   I attributed this to my over enthusiasm at the time and not giving the board section a thorough wash, and using an inappropriate undercoat.  I wont make the same mistake twice.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 17 via

I started off by giving each piece a very thorough scrubbing with warm soapy water, rinse with pressurised water and then leaving it in the shade to dry.  I felt this was a bit was a major error I made last time.  Although I did wash my first board section, it was nowhere near as vigourous as this time around.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Board Preparation 18 via

Next, I gave every piece a good undercoat with this product.  Its actually an automotive paint, which is design to “key” a plastic surface so that the paint has something better to adhere to.  It was a little disconcerting using it, as it comes out clear, so I had to be very careful and really pay attention to what I was doing so I didn’t over spray or under-spray any areas.

So thats that, everything is now prepared and undercoated.  I plan on giving the second stage, the roads a good whack over weekend, so perhaps I’ll have a post by Sunday or Monday with some actual colour to show you.

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Hello everyone,

Today the newly released Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition arrived at my place.  I was pretty pumped to get it as its been a long time coming, since 6th Ed 40k came out, coupled with the age of a few of the other Imperial Armour publications available that have some pretty ancient rules, some of them dating back to 3rd Ed.  Can I say, this book doesn’t disappoint.

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume 1 Second Edition Cover

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition is divided into 9 sections.

  • Imperial Guard Armoured Vehicles
  • Imperial Guard Super-heavy Vehicles
  • Imperial Guard Artillery
  • Imperial Guard Support Vehicles
  • Munitions of the Imperium
  • Imperial Guard Armoured Battle Group List
  • Imperial Guard Tank Aces
  • Imperial Guard Camouflage & Vehicle Markings
  • Apocalypse Rules Appendix

First up is the Imperial Guard Armoured Vehicles.  This has all the usual vehicles you’d expect to see, and some that we haven’t heard of for some time.  So all of the Leman Russ Battle Tank variants are detailed, along with some fantastic background information and the usual high quality photoshopped pictures we’ve come to expect from Forge World publications.  There are also several pages dedicated to each Leman Russ variants paint schemes, which is a nice touch if you’re struggling to decided what you want your tanks to look like.

Some of the other, more obscure Imperial Guard tanks which have been brought up to speed is the Destroyer Tank Hunter, Centaur Carrier & Salamander recon tank.

Next up is the Super-heavy section.  There is nothing really new here if you’ve been getting the Imperial Armour – Apocalypse updates recently published.  However this does consolidate them all into one book and has some awesome reference material contained within.

The Imperial Guard Artillery section is interesting.  It has everything you’d expect to see such as the Ordnance Batteries (Basilisk, Griffon ect) however it also has the new Sabre Gun Platforms, Heavy Mortar & Quad launcher (the old Thud Gun).

I found the Imperial Guard Support Vehicles section full of some long forgotten vehicles and some updates on a few increasingly popular vehicles such as the Hades Breaching Drill.  I liked the new rules for the Atlas Recovery Tank & Trojan Support Vehicle.  The Atlas basically allows an Enginseer to do two repairs in a turn (with re-rolls) and the Trojan is a transport option for an Enginseer with his Servitor body guard.  It also gives one tank within proximity the Preferred Enemy (everyone) special rule.

Munitions of the Imperium is just a fluff section with some interesting cut away pictures of the different Battle Cannon rounds on offer.

Imperial Guard armoured Battle Group Army List.  Wow!  Its been too long that this Army List has been absent from 40k.  Its back, and back with a vengeance.  I don’t know were to start with this, as there is so much goodness in this army list its difficult to just start, but lets start at the top.  HQ.

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume 1 Second Edition Armoured Battle Group

There are several HQ choices available, depending on how you’d like to shape your army list.  So you can have a Leman Russ Battle Tank (of any variant) an Armoured Fist Company Commander, or a Salamander recon vehicle.  Some interesting features of this section include specific orders for the Leman Russ tank commander, and a new Warlord trait table too.  One other thing which is interesting is that you can give special ammunition to the Leman Russ tank commander.  Some of them are pretty nasty indeed…

The Elites section doesn’t have anything too new.  We have the Commissar Tank, Destroyer tank squadrons, but now you can have an Atlas, deep striking Storm Troopers (in a Chimera) and Tech-Priest.  A Tech-Priest, in a Trojan supported by an Atlas is a massive force multiplier and adds some serious survivability to your tanks.

Troops.  Yep, Leman Russ tank squadrons, and Siege tank squadrons can take and hold objectives now.  Try moving 3 Leman Russ’s off that objective…  Tough.  There are the usual Armoured Fist Squads and Veteran Armoured Fist squads, and interestingly the Sergeant can only take a Power Sword.  Chimeras get a good going over too.  You can now take Auto Cannons in the turrets or twin linked heavy bolters.  Ouch.

Fast attack is pretty straight forward, with Sentinels, Vendetta’s & Vultures at your disposal.  Only one squadron of the flyers is available though.  New additions to this section include the Tauros.

Finally Heavy support.  You get all the usual ordnance tanks, but now you can take Armoured Fist Heavy Weapons Squads mounted in a Chimera (missile launchers can take flak missiles)  There are also Cyclops available as well as the Thunderbolt, Lightning & Avenger.

Overall, this army list was worth the price of the book alone.  Its thorough, well laid out and caters for many different army builds depending on your collection or theme.  Being a pretty serious Imperial Guard player, I’m eager to roll out my tanks and kick some ass with them.  Nice.

The final three sections of Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition deals with getting the Tank Ace’s special characters brought into line with 6th Ed, along with the Apocalypse rule sections.  The Camouflage & Vehicle Markings section is a nice addition and similar to the one in the First Edition of this book.

Forge World Imperial Armour Volume One – Second Edition is a great addition to your Imperial Armour library and well worth the investment.  If all I got out of it was the army list, I would have been happy, but the background material, pictures and reference material all make it a solid addition.

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John Sutton, Brisbane, Qld