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Hello fine people, well, I had a major jolt of inspiration this afternoon and went on a bit of a painting bender.  Did some work on the Titan (but I’m keeping that a secret) and some work on the Iron Hands Rhinos and Landraider.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

I made a very light wash of a few different colours (I cant remember atm) and used Tamiya X20A thiner to thin it down so it went over very lightly.  I used a heat gun to dry it quickly, and then cut in around panel lines and rivets with an undiluted version of the wash.  Finally,  I used the airbrush to create the dusty look towards the rear of the hull.  I used a large flat bush to get the streak lines in the wash too, before applying the heat gun.  The heat gun just caused the thinner (alcohol based) to dry very quickly and retain the streak lines.

Thanks for looking… been a pretty awesome day!

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Two posts in one day!!!

I just had to share this with you.  I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment, I applied that vinyl Carcharadons stencil that I got from Maybe Jane earlier on in the week.  Heres the result.

Ok, so here is how I did it…

I firstly cut out the stencil so it would fit on the model in a position that I was happy with

I then removed the backing paper being careful not to remove the clear plastic cover and firmly applied the back of the stencil to the Landraider (the bit closest to the weapon mount)

I then hit the stencil with this heat gun, to help it better conform to the models contours

As you can see, the stencil became quite soft and pliable after it was warmed up a bit.

After getting the basic shape pressed into the stencil, I then carefully removed the clear plastic from the top of the stencil… I then warmed up the vinyl once again, and used a blunt pointed object to help the stencil conform to the contours of the Landraider.

I then masked it up a bit more to stop overspray getting on the tank

And this is the final result!  Really pleased with the outcome.

I then added a few more decals to the model to finish it off.  I’ll probably do some more work on this tomorrow.  I’m really motivated to see this Landraider painted.  I think its going to look fantastic.

Thanks for looking


Just a quick update with a few pics… Enjoy