Posted: June 18, 2012 in Carcharodons
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Just a really quick post.  I picked this up today from Maybe Jane.

Its a stencil that I’ve had made because I want to add the chapter badge to the side of Tyberous’s Landraider.  In order to do that, I couldn’t use a decal, as the ones on the sheet from FW are not large enough.

This is roughly where I am going to place it on the side of the hull.  I’m really looking forward to see how this will turn out.

I’ve used Maybe Jane to make me stencils before that I’ve mentioned in a previous posts.  Here are some pictures to refresh your memory.  The whole process was really quick, I just emailed Tegan the picture of what I wanted a stencil made of and the quantity. It was ready really quickly and inexpensively, very professional, she’s very friendly, helpful and knows her stuff.  Check out her FB page

I am really pleased with these stencils they are going to add a lot of interest to the Landraider.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish up the prep stage by the weekend and get the painting started.

Thanks for looking


Cheers, John

  1. alejandrinus says:

    Hi John, first of all what a amazing armies youve got here, I followed your blogs in the wargamerau and really like the steps by steps series on your armies and Ive learn a lot whit them, son Thanks

    what material are the stencils? Are they vinyl or removabel vinyl? If so.. do you varnish the area before aply the stencil?

    • OPR8OR says:

      Hey Alejan, thanks for continuing to come and check out my progress. The stencils are made of removable vinyl, and yes, I do varnish before I apply them (better bond) I also use a heat gun on the lowest setting to soften the stencil so that it conforms to the contours of the model better.

  2. Steve Gusky says:

    Your shark stuff looks incredible!!!!
    I am not on Facebook , so how can I go about getting some stencils?
    Thanks again

    What was in your 1500 point list?

    See ya,

    • OPR8OR says:

      Hey Steve, thanks for the props

      The list has;

      Contemptor dreadnought (mm/pf)
      Contemptor dreadnought (mm/pf)

      Terminator sqd(L/C)
      Landraider redeemer (dedicated tpt)
      Tactical sqd (7)

      Heavy support
      Land raider redeemer

      As for getting stencils, just go to maybe James website, she’ll hook a brother up

      • Steve Gusky says:

        You da man!!!!!!!
        Cant wait to see more on your youtube channel!
        what colors(paints) did you use in your sharks ( or is there a link where you explained your techniques?!

        thanks again

  3. Luke says:

    AWESOME WORK!!! I would really like to know were you got your stencil made and would it be possible to get one?

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