Iron Hands transports update

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Iron Hands
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Hey there, just a quick post on some progress on 4 Rhinos and a Landraider I’m painting for my Iron Hands.  So, the pics

This one is of the mask that I made for the top doors for the Rhino… it is to display the tactical squad markings.  I first made a template out of plasticard, then used it to cut out four arrows.  I then fixed these to the top of the doors, and airbrushed white on.

what it looked like finished…

I then did a bit of modulation with a light grey on the hull, and applied the decals.  That milky discolouration you can see is just the clear coat that I put over the decal to bond it to the mini better.  Once the mini is complete it helps make the decal look like a stencil.




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