Carcharodon Mortis Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought

Posted: July 28, 2012 in Carcharodons, Uncategorized
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Hello fine people,

Well, I did this tonight in a vein attempt to have my a army ready for a tournament I’m playing in tomorrow… oh well…

Anyways, with the game now changed quite a bit from 5th ed, I figured that having one of these is a good investment…

I’m pretty sure this (with its cyclone that is about to be added) will ruin any flyers day pretty quickly.


such an awesome model.

I also tried (again in vein) to add a 5 man assault squad with power sword and two plasma pistols… this is how far I got…

One thing I really like about the Carcharodons is that they have bits of all the MK’s of armour in their squads.  It makes for an interesting looking army/unit

Ok, I’m off to get some sleep.



  1. […] Carcharodon Mortis Pattern Contemptor Dreadnought […]

  2. Sithdevil says:

    Nice paint job Dreadnought it looks awesome and congrats on third place 😉

  3. Andrew King says:

    Fantastic painting. I’ve always liked the Space Sharks/Carcharadons and your painting really does them justice. I’ll be keeping an eye on this blog.


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