So, I finally did it, I went and brought a display cabinet for my 40k Armies yesterday.  I did quite a lot of research on what was the best choice, best value for money option, and after many months (seriously) I brought a 1800 x 900 x 450 commercial 6mm toughened glass display cabinet.  I got it from the very helpful guys are Absoe Business Equipment in West End, and it set me back $750.  It was unassembled and I had to use my Ute to get it home from (about 10 min drive from where I live)  It came in two packages and the largest one weighed about 100kgs… so yeah, it was a bit of a struggle getting it off the Ute by myself, but I managed and then set about assembling it.  Being commercial quality its built to last (a key reason why I chose it) all the fittings are robust and the base is seriously strong, with 4 castors on it too so it can be pushed around if I decided to relocate it.  The glass doors slide on ball bearing runners and also are lockable too.  So lets look at the pictures shall we?


The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comAll my models (less unpainted, which isnt many) fit only just, don’t know how many it is or how many points it all add up to, but its a lot.  Maybe someone could work it out if you get bored?

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Forge World Titans via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe God Machines.  You many not be aware, but where I live we’ve been getting some pretty extreme weather lately and as a result the Reavers Melta Cannon fell off.  I haven’t reattached it yet as I’m considering getting another Turbo Laser Blaster  for it.

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Imperial Guard 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comSo we have here most of Support Company (Snipers, DFSW, Anti-Armour & Mortars) Accompanied by a Leman Russ Tank Company, Baneblade and Macharius (I have both Turrets)

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Imperial Guard 2 via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe Light Infantry Company with Vendettas and the rest of Support Company (Recon & Pioneers)

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Carcharodons via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe good old Carcharodons

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Iron Hands 1 via www.thepaintingbunker.comIron Hands with Drop Pods and Rhinos

The Painting Bunker Dispaly Cabinet Iron Hands 2 via www.thepaintingbunker.comThe dreaded Hextad of The Ancients Apoc Formation, along with Landspeeders and Terminators (Who I use in Apoc as the Death-knell formation) and some Legion of the Damned

So thats it, man cave review done.  I’m pretty happy to see all the models all on display at one place at one time.

As an aside, I’ve been working on the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape boards over the past few days, so with any luck I should have an update on them shortly.

Thanks for dropping in









  1. Ty says:

    Very nice mate…… is lacking one item however.

    Needs more cowbell.

  2. Mangozac says:

    That’s not a bad price! I was looking for something similar (although not quite as wide) last year but came up short. In the end I just bought a timber display cabinet.

    But since it’s already full you’re going to need another one as soon as you paint anything more!

    • Yeah, I was a bit surprise/disappointed that I filled it up completely. And your right, when I start on my next painting project, my Horus Heresy World Eaters I’ll just have to buy another cabinet… It looks great though, very happy

  3. Paul Thomas says:

    Outstanding, something I’d really like to have too, but I just spent 400 dollars on battle foam so they travel safe :o)

  4. Mark says:

    Wow. That case is great! It’s awesome to see all your work there together. Great collection John.


  5. Looks awesome John. Maybe I should get something like that for my cars

  6. Carl Woodrow says:

    John, you have the same number of Drop Pods as me … only mine are in ‘Epic’ scale. Nutter! Now that’s a proper cabinet that is. Bet that puts a smile on your face every time you glance at it. Top job.

    • Thanks Carl, its really pleasing to see all the models on display like that, quite the collection. When they are all boxed up you forget how many you have… I’ve got a serious plastic crack addiction

  7. […] up for display as well as some of my other models, including my Titans and a few others pieces from my collection.  So if you are able to drop in on the Saturday or Sunday and have a look it would be great to […]

  8. will wright says:

    Your titan posts are really helping me with my build.I am also doing the firewasps.
    Any chance you have/can make a pdf with the jagged danger stripe?
    Your cabinet is awe inspiring,I really need to get my stuff displayed like that.

  9. Stephen says:

    Good god thats an amazing apocalypse army, great paint job too (especially the titans) the sort I can only dream of owning. Great cabinet too.

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