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So I want to build a new army for use in both games of Horus Heresy and games of 40k.  Seeing as there are similar structural aspects to the Horus Heresy 30k list and new CSM 40k list, I thought it would be easy to make them cross compatible with few modifications.  As most tournaments and social games are now 1850 points I am basing the list around this points cost.

I’m aiming to create a reasonably competitive CSM 40k army list and I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the army composition and whether you think it could be improved with regards to its competitiveness, playability  and flexibility against different opponents.  There are a few limitations on the CSM 40k army list selection however.  Obviously I’m wanting to create a 30k army list with this too, so units like Hell Drakes, Defiler’s, Forgefiends etc can not be used in this army list as they would be inconsistent with the theme/look of the army I’m wanting to achieve.

Why World Eaters? They’re bad ass.

So lets go through the army list, remembering that I’ll be using Horus Heresy era miniatures to built it with


Kharn (As himself using a converted 30k model)

Daemon Prince with Mark of Khorn & Axe of Blind Fury (Angron)


20 x Khorne Berzerkers with Icon of Wrath, Melta Bomb (Kharn allows these guys to be troops and gives them hatred)

5 x CSM with melta gun

10 x CSM with 2 x melta guns (bolt guns)

10 x CSM with 2 x melta guns (bolt guns)

Fast Attack

3 x CSM Bikes with 2 x melta guns

3 x CSM Bikes with 2 x melta guns

Heavy Support

5 x Havocs with 2 x auto cannons, 2 x missile launchers with flak missiles

5 x Havocs with 2 x auto cannons, 2 x missile launchers with flak missiles



Aegis defence line with Quad Gun

1850 points exactly 

So the general scheme of manoeuvre is that the Aegis, Havocs, Vindicator and the 5 man CSM squad manning the quad gun will castle up on some decisive terrain in my deployment zone with the bikes and CSM squads on each flank and the Berzerkers, with Kharn & Angron positioned to advance and decisively engage the targetable centre of gravity of the enemy army.  The 10 man CSM squads will move to secure objectives and support the Berzerkers advance and assault if needed.  Kharn, Angron & the Berzerkers will be my main effort.

To provide cover fire for the Berzerkers advance the havocs, quad gun and Vindicator will engage and suppress enemy units at maximum range that pose a threat to the advancing Berzerkers, while the bikes turbo boost with their melta guns onto enemy armour or other high value targets to pose a creditable threat in the next turn should they not be dealt with thus restricting enemy armour freedom of movement and target selection.  Enemy Flyers will have their freedom of movement restricted by the Quad gun and flak missile launchers within the havoc squads.

So I’m keen to get any constructive feedback on this army list compression.  Any considered suggestions would be appreciated, I know there are a lot of pretty serious players out there who have a lot of experience in this department.


John Sutton, Brisbane, Qld

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is Alan Bligh discussing the new Horus Heresy book being released by Forge World at UK Games Day on the 23rd of September.

Here are some shots I grabbed of the post







Can’t wait for this

If there are any of the people from the UK going to GD and can get me a copy of this you can have my first born AND I’ll dance at your wedding.

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