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So yesterday I had the bright idea to do a video post for a change… 12hrs later I had over an hr of edited footage and only half a clue on how to actually post it… so at about 1am this morning I gave up and went to bed… close to an answer but my caffeine addled, sleep deprived brain couldn’t quite put the last few pieces together… until now!

So I’ve now created a YouTube channel called… you guess it ThePaintingBunker 

This idea came from 3 Land Speeders I brought last week when I won Armies on Parade.  I thought that making a set of tutorials on everything from preparation, magnetisation, sub-assemblies, preparing for undercoating, undercoating, decals, weathering and other topics could be covered with this build and may help some modellers out there navigate their way through these process a bit more successfully.

So I spent most of last night stumbling through the editing process and trying to upload these first 5 tutorials.  It was an interesting experience.   Because I don’t have a self hosted site, to see the tutorial you’ll just have to go to my YouTube Channel and watch them from there, if I get enough views and positive feedback on the video and feel that its worth the expense to self host, I’ll make the upgrade then so you’ll be able to watch them from my page. I hope you enjoy the tutorials I have made and find it helpful.  I’m just going through uploading the other 4 so they’ll be featured in other posts shortly.



yet another long term project finished.  Four Rhinos for my four Iron Hands Tactical Squads.  I’ve made the top doors removable and also painted the Razor Back mounting plate too.  So if in the future I want to run them as Razor Backs its no problems.

Hope you enjoy the pics.  I’m actually really happy with how these have turned out.  Theres something about Rhinos that I really like.

Finished off a few projects this week… here is another… The Iron Hands Land Raider Redeemer

I am especially pleased with the scrip on the front of the tank.  It came up a lot better that I thought it would.



Hello fine people, well, I had a major jolt of inspiration this afternoon and went on a bit of a painting bender.  Did some work on the Titan (but I’m keeping that a secret) and some work on the Iron Hands Rhinos and Landraider.  Hope you enjoy the pics!

I made a very light wash of a few different colours (I cant remember atm) and used Tamiya X20A thiner to thin it down so it went over very lightly.  I used a heat gun to dry it quickly, and then cut in around panel lines and rivets with an undiluted version of the wash.  Finally,  I used the airbrush to create the dusty look towards the rear of the hull.  I used a large flat bush to get the streak lines in the wash too, before applying the heat gun.  The heat gun just caused the thinner (alcohol based) to dry very quickly and retain the streak lines.

Thanks for looking… been a pretty awesome day!

Comments always welcome



Just a quick update with a few pics… Enjoy

Hey there, just a quick post on some progress on 4 Rhinos and a Landraider I’m painting for my Iron Hands.  So, the pics

This one is of the mask that I made for the top doors for the Rhino… it is to display the tactical squad markings.  I first made a template out of plasticard, then used it to cut out four arrows.  I then fixed these to the top of the doors, and airbrushed white on.

what it looked like finished…

I then did a bit of modulation with a light grey on the hull, and applied the decals.  That milky discolouration you can see is just the clear coat that I put over the decal to bond it to the mini better.  Once the mini is complete it helps make the decal look like a stencil.



This is the link for my Iron Hands painting diary.  This was my second diary, and my aim for this army was to create a Space Marine force that is capable of total drop pod deployment.  This was a bit of an experiment for me because I often see Space Marine armies built along “conventional” lines.  ie, mechanised.  However you very rarely see a Marine army depicted for wargaming in the way that Marines most often fight, and are set up to fight.  That is drop pod deployment.

As I have an interest in Infantry intense armies, this one has 4 tactical squads in it, supported by 4 Dreadnoughts, all in drop pods. For the Dreadnoughts, I chose to use the Forge World Dreadnought drop pod mini.  This was before I know the rules for it, I just didnt want to have my Dreadnoughts deploying in the standard infantry pod.  I’m glad I selected the FW models, because the rules for them are fantastic too!

Again, this army has now grown, and has several more Dreadnoughts, Terminators and more infantry added.  I am currently adding some Rhinos and Landraiders for Transport so they can be a bit more “Conventional”…