Forge World Anphelion Base project pt4

Posted: February 3, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Welcome back to another Anphelion Base update.  Things are getting pretty serious now!  The models been cleaned and assembled (years of therapy ahead over that one).  It’s been based and undercoated, then the interior was painted.  Its now time to mask the interior and begin to paint the exterior.

First up, masking


The photos of this stage will be fairly self explanatory, so I’ll dispense with the commentary







A pretty light on post.  I didn’t want to spend too much time describing what is essentially sticking tape to a model then spraying it.  However what I will say is that the model isn’t going to be brown.  This is the undercoat.  I’ll be using the hairspray technique as one of the weathering stages of this model.  But that will be in the next post…

Until then, thanks for dropping in


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  2. Nice one mate. I’ve always been a bit leary of masking – the one time I tried I was impatient and ended up getting bleed through where I hadn’t applied it well enough.

    Look forward to your take on the chipping effect – I saw Roman do it over at Massive Voodoo a while back when he was testing the AK Interactive chipping fluid. Again its a technique I haven’ had enough practice with to feel confident in. I think it will look good onsomething like this though.

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