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Hello fine people,

Well, I did this tonight in a vein attempt to have my a army ready for a tournament I’m playing in tomorrow… oh well…

Anyways, with the game now changed quite a bit from 5th ed, I figured that having one of these is a good investment…

I’m pretty sure this (with its cyclone that is about to be added) will ruin any flyers day pretty quickly.


such an awesome model.

I also tried (again in vein) to add a 5 man assault squad with power sword and two plasma pistols… this is how far I got…

One thing I really like about the Carcharodons is that they have bits of all the MK’s of armour in their squads.  It makes for an interesting looking army/unit

Ok, I’m off to get some sleep.





ok, just had to get that off my chest.

Hello fine people,

Well, its been an eventful weekend, if you dont “like” my Facebook page, you wouldnt have seen my adventures at Winter Warfest, held at the Enoggera Bowls club here in Brisbane.  It was the 3rd year this event had been run, and Michael Clarke and his other TO’s and sponsors did a superb job.  There were around 30ish gamers at the event and being a liscenced venue, everyone had a great time, the tournie had a really good vibe.  It was the last 5th ed tournie thats being held in Brisbane (to the best of my knowledge)

So go have a look at my FB page for some action shots of the 5 games I played.  The Carchardons played well, and I was really happy with how they did on the tabletop.  However, I do think I’ll incorporate a few minor improves, such as some long range fire power, which the lack of let me down on a few occasions.

So the results went like this

Game 1.  Sharks V Dave Kerrs Blood Angels – Major Victory to Dave.  Dave is a formidable opponent, and his painting skills are amazing too…  It was fun playing a game with two very nicely presented armies on the table top.

Game 2.  Sharks V Danny Whiteheads Salamanders – Major Victory to Me.  Danny has a really well painted and themed Salamanders Army.  He’s a very active member of the gaming community and makes a lot of contributions to WW40K and ADFWGA.  Check them both out and support their events if you’re able to.

Game 3.  Sharks V James Allans Space Wolves – Major Victory to Me.  James is new to the hobby, and although I annihilated his army, he played with good spirit.

Game 4. Sharks V Pattycake Carters Necrons – Minor Victory to Pattycake.  Patty Carter is a formidable opponent at the best of times, however even at half speed while suffering from a major hangover from the night before, his Necrons were a real handful.  I’m sure if he was more compos mentis, he would have flogged the shit out of my Sharks.

Game 5.  Sharks V Gareth Combes Necrons – Minor Victory to Me.  Gareth was a great opponent and played well.  He was a great opponent to have as my last one, great attitude and easy going.

Over all I placed 10th in the Tournament, with 137 point total.  (1st was 162)  But the award that I was really happy to get was Best Painted.  Michael tells me that it was a by a landslide too.  So thanks to everyone that voted.  It was great to receive such a great compliment from other gamers.

I also won two prizes as a part of winning Best Painted, donated by Winter Warfests sponsors.  Miniature Scenery & Scibor Miniatures.

The prize from Scibor, who by the way do some kick ass after market minis for 40k and parallel ranges to GW’s range of minis were these scenic bases.  They have a lot of character and are extremely well cast

The second prize was a paint organisation rack from Miniature Scenery (CNC Workshop)  Although I use a paint organiser already, I’ll still assemble this one as I’ve been a little curious as how it’ll work

So, thats it for me now.

Thanks for stopping in

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Hello fine people,

I’m about to fall asleep but I wanted to make this quick post before I did because I wont have a chance in the next few days (I dont think)

Welcome to my 1st finished model on my new page.  Hope you enjoy!

I’ll do a more thorough post in the next few days.  I wanted to get this mini finished for a tourny I’m playing in this weekend

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Hello fine people,

Did a bit of work on the LR this afternoon.  Thought I’d share it with you, its far from complete but its now starting to take shape and the picture will give you a good sense of the direction that I’m taking with it.  I’m eager to get this model painted so that I can move on and start work back on the second Titan which has been lingering way to long on my painting desk.  I did however pick up a piece that I’d been waiting for to complete the project this afternoon.  So we should see some progress on this shortly.

Ok, here is the WIP shot of the LR.  Hope you enjoy

Thanks for looking

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Two posts in one day!!!

I just had to share this with you.  I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself at the moment, I applied that vinyl Carcharadons stencil that I got from Maybe Jane earlier on in the week.  Heres the result.

Ok, so here is how I did it…

I firstly cut out the stencil so it would fit on the model in a position that I was happy with

I then removed the backing paper being careful not to remove the clear plastic cover and firmly applied the back of the stencil to the Landraider (the bit closest to the weapon mount)

I then hit the stencil with this heat gun, to help it better conform to the models contours

As you can see, the stencil became quite soft and pliable after it was warmed up a bit.

After getting the basic shape pressed into the stencil, I then carefully removed the clear plastic from the top of the stencil… I then warmed up the vinyl once again, and used a blunt pointed object to help the stencil conform to the contours of the Landraider.

I then masked it up a bit more to stop overspray getting on the tank

And this is the final result!  Really pleased with the outcome.

I then added a few more decals to the model to finish it off.  I’ll probably do some more work on this tomorrow.  I’m really motivated to see this Landraider painted.  I think its going to look fantastic.

Thanks for looking


Just a really quick post.  I picked this up today from Maybe Jane.

Its a stencil that I’ve had made because I want to add the chapter badge to the side of Tyberous’s Landraider.  In order to do that, I couldn’t use a decal, as the ones on the sheet from FW are not large enough.

This is roughly where I am going to place it on the side of the hull.  I’m really looking forward to see how this will turn out.

I’ve used Maybe Jane to make me stencils before that I’ve mentioned in a previous posts.  Here are some pictures to refresh your memory.  The whole process was really quick, I just emailed Tegan the picture of what I wanted a stencil made of and the quantity. It was ready really quickly and inexpensively, very professional, she’s very friendly, helpful and knows her stuff.  Check out her FB page

I am really pleased with these stencils they are going to add a lot of interest to the Landraider.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish up the prep stage by the weekend and get the painting started.

Thanks for looking


Cheers, John

is just a very quick update, I’ve now more or less finished the detailing of the Landraider, just a few minor fixes to make then its off to be undercoated.  Enjoy!