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It’s finally done, a 6 x 4 playing surface to wage eternal war on.  After almost three months of painting and building and some more painting I’ve completed six of the Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape boards.  The last board of the six I needed to paint was a Primus Sector.  Although I still have one more Primus Sector and one more Shattered Plaza to go, I’m claiming this victory because now I can have a legitimate game of 40k on these boards.

I have to confess, I’m getting sick of painting scenery.  So in a way I’m glad that I’ve reached this mile stone right at the point where my threshold for making more scenery is about at its limit.  I’m now ready to take a short break and then begin working on my 30k World Eaters.

So lets talk Primus Sector for a minute, then we’ll have a look at it and then take a look at some photos of it and the completed board.  So the Primus Sector board is an unusual board in that its only one building.  Yes I know the Shattered Plaza is to, but it takes up most of the board, however the Primus Sector is just a lot of roads and then one large foundation more or less in the middle of the board piece.  The other unusual feature is that again, unlike all the other boards the foundation isn’t a square or rectangle.

I really want to for this piece take that feature into account, so you’ll see from the pictures that the building doesn’t have any right angles in the walls.  I also wanted to have proper roof line for this pieces too.  Unlike all the other buildings that have a roof/floor as a means of finishing off the building, I wanted this one to have a proper roof.  I think I may have been influenced by the old Forge World Anphelion Base (which is no longer available) when I made this.  I must admit it has been something I’ve been thinking about ever since a friend of mine revealed to me he has one, unpainted, basically unassembled and complete that he’s perhaps wanting me to paint…

I digress… So lets look at some pictures.  I took these this morning in a bit of a rush because it was about to start raining (where I live has had over half its yearly rain fall in the past two months) and I wasn’t sure when I’d get an opportunity next to take some photos, so the compositions aren’t red hot, but you’ll get the drift.

forge world realm of battle cityscape primus sector 1

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 2

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 3

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 4

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 5

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 6

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 7

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 8

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Primus Sector 9

I do intend on completing the last two boards however I’m not sure when the next update will be on this project.  I more or less see it now as being finished.  So thank you for taking this journey with me.  It’s been a pleasure having your company, words of encouragement and suggestions, I’ve had a really good time making this board, much more than I thought actually.  It’s been one of the most rewarding things hobby wise I’ve ever done.  I never thought I’d do scenery, but I can see now that it will enhance mine, and my opponents enjoyment of the game so much more by having an interesting, stimulating and challenging battle-space to play on.   Sadly its often an aspect of our hobby that is overlooked or marginalised and it’s my fervent hope that I’ve inspired one or two of you out there to step up and make some scenery that is on par with some of the magnificent armies I see both locally and on the interwebs.

I’d especially like make mention to Aaron over at Forlorn Hope who’s suggestions, ideas, constructive criticism and just general radness has been extremely helpful and inspiring during this project.  Cheers mate.

Speaking of Aaron, he and I will be shortly commencing the Death of Isstvan III Campaign described in the Forge World Horus Heresy Book one : Betrayal.  If anyone who lives locally and would like to participate with either a Traitor or Loyalist force message me.  The plan is to bring you battle reports of the six main Battle Missions, Blood Feud, Fire Tide, Shatter Strike, Onslaught, Dominion & Extermination and also the four Legendary Battles, Cometh The Red Angel, The Flight of Truth, Counter Thrust and The Death of Gods and Angels.  This is going to be EPIC and I can not wait to start getting enough (Loyalist) World Eaters together so the games can commence.

Apart from that, I plan on just having a few games of 40k on this board now its complete and I’m looking forward to seeing what its like to play on.

So… who wants a game?

John Sutton, Brisbane, Qld

Today is a good day.  I finished off the fifth Realm of Battle board of the eight that I started a little over two months ago.  This board has thus far been by far the most challenging I’ve completed.  Both technically and creatively.  I remember at one point thinking I’ve arrived at the place where my vision and my technical ability no longer over lap.  I kept going though, determined to push myself and see what I started through.  I’m glad I did preserver too  because the final piece is my most pleasing to date.

I also have to point out that I’ve been doing some work on my photography skills and had some tutoring from my friend and fellow Blogger Troy on using Photoshop.  I went and downloaded photoshop and this morning Troy spend several hours with me showing me some basic techniques to improve the quality of the pictures that I post on my blog.  You’ll notice that they look different, although not perfectly the way I’d like them its a new direction for me and I intend on working on this skill and honing it moving forward.  Go and have a look at Troy’s blog too, its still model building just a different genre to ours.  I am working on him though you’ll all be happy to hear.  Thanks again for your help on this Troy and being so generous with your time.

So lets get down to business,  I’ll put up some pictures and leave a few remarks under each one and walk you through what went on.  Also, take a good look at the working photos to see what I meant.  It may not look like much, but a lot of work went into these pieces and I think I jagged bits of it too.

forge-world-realm-of-battle-cityscape-generatorum-sector-1The overpass of doom and spiral stair case of despair…  As some of you will remember one of the first boards I did was of a giant crane that I purchased for $35!!! (can you believe it!) from Toys’r us.  Well, when I built that crane I had two of the centre sections left and I always planned on using them on one of the other boards.  With the last board of the industrial precinct about to commence I thought it would make sense to use it somewhere on it, and seeing as it looked a bit like a walk way, I thought it would be interesting having it spanning over the large double lane road that runs through the centre of this board.  I knew one of the ends of the walk way would run into a building, however I had to really put my thinking cap on to work out where the other end would go.

One of the first technical challenges I had to overcome was the heights.  One end that went into a building was more or less governed how high it was going to be, in this case, on the second story of a three story building.  What made it difficult though was the foundation that the building was resting on, it was just a random height, and the other side was at street level.  So the building on the other side, even if it was a GW plastic kit, would not match up height wise and the walk way would be un-level.


Enter the spiral stare case of despair.  Wow did this test me.  You can see in the working photos whats gone into it.  It was a real challenge.  But I have to say, it was an enjoyable one, at no time did I ever feel like throwing it against the wall and jumping on it.

Which is new for me.

The whole way I just would come up to another technical challenge and work out the solution…  I did do a fair few sketches too of this piece before I assembled it, I knew the height I needed it to be, then it was a case of just doing some math and a bit of straight forward planning and then following that plan.  However it was still challenging, and even with all my planning I wasn’t sure if it was going to go together when I finished it.  forge-world-realm-of-battle-cityscape-generatorum-sector-3


The final piece is the storage tank.  I really like this piece most of it is actually scratch built too.  It was great fun making it and looks awesome, remember when in doubt modelling add an Imperial Eagle, when in doubt painting add hazard stripes.  forge-world-realm-of-battle-cityscape-generatorum-sector-4


Love this shotforge-world-realm-of-battle-cityscape-generatorum-sector-6



So there you go.  I really hope you like the pieces and the new style of photos I’ve put up.  I’d be interested in hearing your comments too if you feel the urge to share your thoughts.

Until next time


So, four down now, four to go!  Half way mark, and oh boy am I feeling it…  It’s been a big job thus far.  This is the last of the two Concourse Sectors that I brought way back on 12 December 2012… It’s a little bit shocking for me to think that about two months ago these bad boys rocked up on my door step.  It’s been a bit of an obsession for me over the summer.

So far the boards that I’ve completed I’ve been very happy with, and this one is no exception.  This one is meant to be a Chaplaincy and some form of accommodation for the attendants of the Cathedral.  So I’ll let the pictures do the talking and make a few comments on each of the pictures to guide you through what I was thinking at the time, and as usual you can get more of an idea about the process from flicking through the working photos gallery at the bottom of this post.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 1

I really wanted the larger of the two buildings, the accommodation block, to have a very distinctive feature so I went back through a few photos of cathedrals etc and found that certain types of places of worship have domes on top, so I thought it’d look cool.  I also made the roof line overhand the building facade, sort of like an eve.  I did this to help break up the shape of the building (a rectangle) and to allow the addition of the buttresses (pic below)  I didn’t want the roof to have a barrier on it, like all the other buildings featured, however I did feel it needed something, so I added a small hand rail with the eagle heads as the posts.  I think it makes an interesting look and I’m very happy with how it turned out.  For those that are interested the dome is a toy soccer ball.  I chose it because it was 1.  The right size, 2.  It had and interesting diamond pattern over its surface as opposed to being just smooth, and 3. It didn’t have any other features embossed on it, like a manufactures mark, random shapes or whatever.

You can see what it looked like before I painted it in the working photos gallery at the bottom.  I’ve still got the other half, so perhaps It’ll feature in some other piece of scenery on anther board (yes, I’m already planning another board when I finished with this one….)
Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 5
Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 4

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 3

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 2

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 6

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 7

As with other multi story buildings I’ve made, this one is also broken up into its various floors to make gaming with it easier…. If you look closely you can see small posts.  These are in each corner and key into the upper floor to make the building more stable when assembled.  Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 8

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 9

One thing that I am really pleased with so far, but sadly you can not see, is the way the boards and buildings interrelate to one another.  The boards when all put together really are starting to look like a small city block, the different heights of the buildings, the features which distinguish them, the story they tell and the “conversations” they have with one another through the narrative I’m trying to create all enhance the effect and produce a result that is greater than the sum of its parts.

With just two more boards to do to give me a 6′ x 4′ playing surface so that a proper game can be played on them, I’m starting to get very excited and can now see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I have to admit though, I am now starting to want to paint some actual minis, however I’m just going to have to wait until I get the last few boards done.  I anticipate the pace of my updates is going to somewhat slow down come next week as my studies commence and it’ll be nose to the grind stone.  But we’ll see what happens.

Thats if for now, thanks for dropping in


Well, after getting back on my brief holiday over the weekend I got home with renewed vigour and enthusiasm to get my hobby on… and that I have.  Sometimes taking a break and total abstinence from hobby is the best thing to renew your interest.  So its now 3 down, 7 to go for the Realm of Battle boards.  Today I bring you the finished Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector.  As I’ve mentioned before I want these boards to tell a little story, not just be a disparate bunch of boards with buildings on them.   These two boards (I’ve got two if you remember) I see as the administration centres for the Shattered Cathedral.

This first one being the actual administration centre and a records storage depot or perhaps entrance to an underground archive…   With this building though I wanted it to be a line of sight blocker.  No windows, no damage or anything, just something that will clearly block LoS for 90% of the units that are used in 40k.

So enough with the yackaty yack, lets get to the pictures.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 1

Another possible use for the smaller of the two buildings is use it in a scenario where its an objective and at the end of the game the controlling player gets some sort of deployment or initiative advantage in a game that features Zone Mortalis… nice.  Perhaps another purpose is that its an Adeptus Arbites (and friendly local Inquisitor) squad house, the Cathedral precincts local police station.

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 2

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 3Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 4

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 5

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 6

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 7

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 8

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Concourse Sector 9

I made the second floor of the Administration Building and roof of the Archive detachable to make using them in a game easier.  As usual (now) below is a gallery of all the work in progress shots of this build that I take along the way.  Feel free to have a snoop around to see how I do business.

Thanks for dropping in, I’m really looking forward to the next finished post I’ll be brining you.  Its the second Concourse Sector and it features a Chaplaincy and Chaplaincy Accommodation….  I’m really excited about it, it looks amazing and its not even painted yet!

Ok,  thats it for me for now


Two down, six to go….

This scenery project has been by far my most ambitious, it’s also the most satisfying now its complete.  Now that I’ve finished it, I can also say its the most daunting project I’ve done.  On so many levels I struggled with this piece, the size of it, the complexity of it, the many different mediums involved in creating it, the planning required to build and paint it and the level of detail required to paint it all tested my patience more than once.

However the over all result and the presence it has have all been worth it.

Lets look at the pictures then I’ll explain how I painted the white / marble effect as I’ve had a few questions on how I did it, and I’m pleased to say its pretty easy.  But first to the pics…

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 1 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 2 via


Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 3 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 4 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 5 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 6 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 7 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 8 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 9 via www.thepaintingbunker.comI really like this picture

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 10 via

Forge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 11 via www.thepaintingbunker.comForge World Realm of Battle Cityscape Shattered Plaza Cathedral Finished 12 via


So there you go.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing this come to life.  The next board(s) I’m going to complete will be the two which have featured in these photos, and they are the Concourse Sectors.  I’m doing these as I seem them as the Administration centres of the Cathedral, all those Imperial Administrators need somewhere to administrate the Imperium from…

Anyways, how I painted the white on the Shattered Plaza, Honoured Imperium Statues and the Cathedral…

1.  Black Undercoat

2.  Citadel Codex Grey (or new range equivalent)

3.  Highlight Codex Grey with white (I used a touch of grey in mine)

4.  Add chipping using favourite chipping technique

5.  Cut in shaded areas with a watered down brown ink

6.  Seal using a gloss or semi gloss clear

7.  Make an oil wash containing a mixture of brown oil paint, white oil paint and brown weathering powder ( should look like muddy water, and have the same consistency)

8.  Using the wash, apply to recesses of model

9.  Make a mixture of brown and black paint to apply to severely battle damaged areas (like where large parts of the building are missing)

10.  Seal with a matt varnish

There are probably a few other steps you can add in to suit your own visual tastes, however this is broadly what I did to achieve the effect.  Hope that answers a few questions.

Ok, thats it for me for a few days now, I’m going to Canberra over the Australia Day long weekend to play in arguably the largest and longest running 40k comp in Australia, CanCon (it now has many other systems running too)  So if you’re playing or attending come and say g’day its great being able to put faces to names I see on my FB page.  It’s been many years since I played at CanCon, in fact the last time was well over 10 yrs ago when I took out first place for under 21’s… eeeerrrr (2nd ed era)  Looking at some of the names of players attending, the calibre will be very high with 30 of the top 100 players in Australia attending (there are 130ish players in total playing in 40k)

There will no doubt be tones of pics and a comprehensive post CanCon debrief up the following week.

Until next time, bye for now.



Hello everyone,

As many of you know, FW recently released the 1st book in the Horus Heresy series : Betrayal. Like many, it’s really captured my imagination and the models that FW have released to date are nothing short of exceptional. Aside from the models the actual book has really raised the bar on so many levels for a FW publication. It’s well written, thorough, beautifully presented and the accompanying stand alone rules set and campaign are nothing short of amazing.

Over the past few months I have been steadily reading through this epic tome and every time I’ve found myself thinking of what I could paint next. World Eaters seems interesting with their amazing Primarch model or do I do a Death Guard army? But one thing keeps bothering me and has done for some time. I have these really great looking Imperial Armies that I’ve been collecting for several years now, however I don’t really have a gaming table that is up to the standard that they are painted to.

I have to admit, the thought of building and painting a gaming table isn’t a new one to me. However painting other armies and models has just been a higher priority. Additionally, the table that I’ve always wanted to create has been difficult for me to visualise and justify the cost, let alone the complexity involved in creating it. The table that I’ve always wanted to do is a ruined Imperial city. But done properly, not just a bunch of disparate ruined buildings chucked onto a 6″x4″ board with a few craters and other debris thrown on for effect. I wanted my board to have city streets, cat walks, ruined buildings and even city precincts. The thought of creating this had been quite overwhelming. Until recently.

As some of you know, my armies on parade entry featured a FW board section. I was thoroughly impressed with this section. It had great levels of detail and could provide some great narrative opportunities if I wanted to incorporate it into a regular game. So I knew that the FW gaming board sections were good quality and had many opportunities for gaming with. Then when I saw the newly released realm of battle cityscape sectors I couldn’t stop myself from thinking of some of the possibilities that were available, but still the thought of painting another army was strong.

What I really like about the board sections is that they have “foundations” for you to put your own buildings on and also feature streets etc to give the boards context when arranged together. In addition to that, each board is a mini precinct within itself. So arranged together they can tell an interesting narrative.

So after a lot if thinking and consideration, looking up reference material online and drawing inspiration from some of the amazing cities created in the 6th ed rule book I went online and ordered 2 of the 4 tile packs and a few boxes of the GW ruined imperial sectors that have become available again. Fortunately for me I used mostly price money to buy the plastic GW kits.



With any luck the boards will arrive before Xmas however I’m not holding my breath, I can imagine that is a pretty busy time of year for FW.

My plan is to create 2 x 4″x4″ city boards for smaller games and one themed 6″x4″ board for larger battles and obviously a 8″x4″ board for something a bit different.

I’ve got some really good ideas on how I’m going to approach this, with a massive cathedral and city square as the feature of the the 6″x4″ board, with a commerce district and small manufacturing precinct featured also.

I can’t wait to get started on this project and wish the board sections had arrived already so I can start building! This is going to be an interesting modelling project and I feel it’s really going to stretch me as a modeller which I’m looking forward to. Plus it’ll be great to finally have a great looking gaming table to play on with my armies and some of the amazingly painted armies my mates have.

Ok, that’s me for now. Thanks for dropping in


Hello everyone!

For the record, moving house is the pits. If it wasn’t for a bunch of good friends of mine helping me out I would have been smoked. So Jodi, Matt, Colin, Tom & Ben (who I doubt read this blog) a big thank you for your assistance last week and over the weekend moving.

I’m a bit of a hoarder (but haven’t always been) and during the move I found some pictures of minis I painted/build from wwwaaaaaayyyyy back in the day. Circa 95-97. I was really excited when I found the pictures (old 6″x4″ photos) because I thought I’d lost them. The pics are not amazing as I had no idea how to use a camera back then, nor how to photograph small items like a miniature. Who knows where the minis are now, but the pics are ok (all things considered). So let’s now sit back and take a trip down memory lane together. For some of you you’ll be nodding sagely at what your about to see having possibly painted these minis before, and for others you’ll be seeing minis that you have never set your eyes upon before… So here we go….

First up we have Horizon Models 1/5 scale vinyl Terminator. This was the second release of this kit and depicts the T800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger. I used to really love painting these kits and at one stage had about 10 or so of them. The quality is amazing and they made great show pieces.




As I said, the quality of the pics isn’t great, but. You get the general idea.

Next lets visit another Horizon kit. This time it’s Steel. It’s a great looking kit with some awesome detail




Now the next lot of minis some of you may remember. It was from the wargame Warzone released by Heart breaker games. Originally Warzone was an RPG, but Heart Breaker made it into a wargame and had some great success. Unfortunately their minis were not as good as their art work, but they improved somewhat over time. This game has some very interesting fluff and was a creditable threat to 40k when it first hit the scene. Ok, let’s look at some minis


This was a “Machanation” from the Cybertronic faction in Warzone. Cybertronic basically relied on AI technology to wage war. So all of there units bar a few were robots of some description.



And lastly this is a crew member for a piece if artillery that an enemy force used. I just liked the mini


Next up is a conversion I did of the old GW Assassin model. I never really liked its pose. As you can see its not very imaginative.


So those of you that remember the old “Codex Imperialis” book that was in the 2nd ed box set may remember this pic (later to also be the inspiration for a Mike McVey diorama)


So I converted the old assassin mini based in the pic and also decided to paint the head the same as the killer cyborgs head from the classic horror/sci-fi movie M.A.R.K. 13 I was young and impressionable and this was one bad ass cyborg.


Back in the day it was fashionable to give the assassin a vortex grenade, power fist and displaced field. Nasty

Ok, next cab off the rank is our old friend Abaddon. Not much to say here really. Still a bad ass mini after all these years. Jes Goodwin is the man.



Lastly is a piece of scenery I made out of a piece of cardboard tube and some plastic card.




Ok. That’s it for now. I just wanted to share these pics with all of you. Hope you enjoyed them. I’m still unpacking so I doubt I’ll have any post for you soon on the Titan. I am playing in Ork-toberfest this weekend so you’ll probable see some pics from that on FB

Comments always welcome